Aug 14, 2016

Remember Tapioca Pudding?

Recipe for Homemade Tapiolca Pudding

Light and fluffy tapioca pudding was my favorite dessert growing up. I still make it today and it’s so easy to make.  Classic old fashioned tapioca pudding is plain, flavored only with vanilla but I have also made a butterscotch version as well as chocolate and coconut. But plain old vanilla childhood tapioca is still the best. Thank goodness they still sell Minute Tapioca in the red box.


It’s easy to forget but you should shake the box before measuring. I actually keep my tapioca in a jar so I just stir it before measuring. Tapioca is naturally fat free and sodium free. I make my pudding with low fat 1% milk and it’s a very light dessert. I hope this takes you back to your childhood too. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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2 Comments on "Remember Tapioca Pudding?"

  1. Evelyn Jepson

    Not in Canada…I bought a soft-pac, version…same thing only in a resealable soft pack. Looked all over for the red box, but they said the soft-pac was all it comes in now, in Canada.

  2. Jeanne

    Thanks Jenny for reminding me. My mom always made tapioca for us as kids and it was so good. Of course it just had the vanilla, but then things weren’t so diverse or as diverse as they are now. Some things just need to be “old fashioned” and this is one.

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