Nov 7, 2020

Quick & Easy Pumpkin Bars

Quick & Easy Pumpkin BarsTry to eat just one of these light and delicious bars! They seem to melt in your mouth. This is a quick recipe that uses less sugar than most and even less butter and cream cheese in the frosting. There’s only one ounce of cream cheese and one tablespoon of butter in the frosting.

I can never seem to get the top smooth but it doesn’t matter since they’re frosted anyway. Plus, you can always frost them upside down. My oil of choice for baking is avocado oil but they’re not all the same. Look for one that is light colored and flavorless. (see my brand under “Products I Use”). I line my pan with foil for easy cleanup and I frost these bars right in the pan.

Some days I crave pumpkin pie but don’t want to work that hard. These fragrant bars are the next best thing. (My husband calls them pumpkin brownies – sounds like a ploy for me to put in some chocolate chips ? – maybe next time.)  Click here for the recipe  – Jenny Jones

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2 Comments on "Quick & Easy Pumpkin Bars"

  1. Joseph V Coniglio

    Thank you for everything Jenny. You have been an inspiration and I am so happy to read your recipes et al and watch your fun, kind videos. You are a treasure. I am certain you have brought a great deal of joy “to the masses in cheap sunglasses” (zztop) —Cheers, Joe BIG FAN!

  2. Rebecca

    I did the overnight method for the artisan bread. I cooked it just the way you suggest, in my Dutch oven.
    It looks and smells AWESOME, except, the bottom of the bread is so tough I can hardly cut through it.
    What do I need to do to correct this and use the complete loaf.
    Thanks for the fun videos you do, it’s a BIG PLUS for the stay home people during this pandemic.

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