Oct 26, 2018

One Pan Spaghetti with Beets

Spaghetti With BeetsLook at this beautiful spaghetti! It’s not just beautiful but it’s delicious and healthy too, full of brain boosting beets. And wait until you see how easy this pasta dish is. Everything cooks in one pan. No draining the spaghetti and no extra pots to wash. I am loving my new one-pan and one-pot recipes and this one makes a dramatic presentation. (anyone thinking Christmas?)

The ingredients are so simple: garlic, beets, spaghetti, and Parmesan cheese. You’ll need a pan at least 8 inches across so the spaghetti can fit, but you still have to break the spaghetti in half. These days, whenever I saut√© garlic, I add it before the oil gets hot. This way there is no chance it can burn and the garlic flavor infuses the oil as well.

Beets are red… very red. Do not wear white clothing when handling beets and remember they can also stain white or wood utensils. I use the big holes on a box grater like this to shred the beets:Beets are full of fiber and nutrients and are good for lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, supporting brain health, and they have anti-cancer properties. So besides the stunning presentation, there are may reasons to make this easy and healthy side dish. Keep in mind it’s important to stir the spaghetti well and often so it doesn’t stick.¬† Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

6 Comments on "One Pan Spaghetti with Beets"


    As soon as i see your name Jenny i can hardly wait to read what you are teaching us now. Always yum & easy ! We know you are a a busy bee but please keep remembering us ?

  2. Tatiana

    I love you Jenny! Your personality, your creativity, your recipes and demonstration of how to prepare – I enjoy all of it. Thank you for sharing it with us and for your time! Looking forward fo more from you. <3

  3. RUTH

    iam thankful for your green tea video i shared with family and friends thank you for caring to share healthy things with us where and what type of green tea tastes best ? i heard green tea is also good for our gums in our mouth haha.

  4. Mauimae

    Are the beets peeled (skins removed) before shredding?
    Thanks for all you do for us. Always fun n helpful info from you!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      They are peeled and I added that to the recipe, so thanks for asking.

  5. Karin

    Very creative Jenny. Its a must try for me and going to take your idea and also try it with butternut squash.


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