Jun 13, 2020

One Hour Hot Dog Buns

One Hour Hot Dog Buns There’s something about summer and hot dogs. ☀️ Summer officially starts a week from today but the sun’s shining so it’s hot dog time in my house. You haven’t lived until you have a hot dog in a fresh, homemade bun. You’ll spoil yourself forever and never have to suffer through those homemade ones where the ingredient list is longer that your quarantined bangs.

I make these soft buns using my white bread recipe, the one with the egg – it’s an easy one-rise recipe that you can make in an hour. The sheen comes from brushing the buns with a beaten egg wash just before baking. Freshness makes all the difference so if you don’t eat these yummy buns right away, I suggest slicing and freezing them for the next time. They freeze really well.

We don’t eat hot dogs very often but when we do, they are always on a homemade bun. My husband likes to add only spicy brown mustard but I like yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, and sauteed onions. 🌭 What ever way you like your hot dog, it will be so much better on a homemade bun. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

4 Comments on "One Hour Hot Dog Buns"

  1. Jana Hudson

    Loved the recipe simple and easy to go by

  2. Shannonx2

    I made this for lunch and they are a definite keeper.
    Delicious, perfect size for jumbo weiners
    Everyone loved them and asked to make again.
    Our family thanks you for this fantastic recipe.

  3. Heather S.

    Dear Jenny,
    You are amazing. Your personality comes through as so competent but so non judgmental . I’m glad I found you ,and probably never would have if not for this plague lockdown! I’m probably old enough to be you mother and have loved to cook and bake my whole adult life. Your simple, no nonsense , no “mystique” style is so wonderfully clear and full of the joy we all need to feel more of in these times we are all struggling through.
    Thank you !!❣️❣️? heather
    Ps : I can’t believe your no knead bread ! How the hell did it take this long to get it down to a 4 hour process??! Amazing !

  4. Dalila G.

    Good morning Ms. Jenny! ?
    I can’t wait to make your hot dog bun recipe.
    Nothing better than homemade breads & buns!
    I have to tell you that your wheat buns came out sooo good!
    I made some grilled brats and kielbasas and used your recipe for the wheat buns. They were a hit with hubby and myself, thank you!!
    You must let us know how your “bang-cutting” adventure turned out…??‍♀️?
    Have a beautiful day! ?

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