Jun 1, 2019

No Dutch Oven / No Knead Bread

No Dutch Oven No Knead BreadFor anyone who does not have a Dutch oven but wants an easy way to make crusty homemade bread with no kneading and almost no work at all, look what I just made on a baking sheet! It was so easy and the loaf was crusty and delicious.

A Dutch oven with a lid creates steam inside the pot, which produces that crispy crust so I create steam inside the oven by placing a small 5 by 9-inch pan in the oven while it’s preheating. Then when I place the bread in to bake, I pour some boiling water into the little hot pan and whoosh – steam goes all over the place. I close the oven door right away to keep the steam inside and let it bake.

Anyone can make this easy no knead bread on a baking sheet. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

11 Comments on "No Dutch Oven / No Knead Bread"

  1. Frank

    Jut no knead, no Dutch oven recipe does not mention a pan for baking the bread in. Assume it’s needed. U may wish to add this to ur recipe.

  2. Diana

    Can i use gluten free flour instead?

  3. Jim

    The advantage of the D Oven is you contain the spread of dough and make a taller bread which is more conducive for toast unless you don’t mind the inconsistency.
    I am going to experiment with a doubled recipe in two conventional bread pans.

  4. nick b

    Can we use conventional oven to bake the bread

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I always use a conventional, not convection (fan-forced) oven.

  5. Tracy

    Hi.I made this recipe and the crust was perfect but the inside was very doughy and I returned it to the oven for an extra 20 mins and it helped but not fully.What did I do wrong?

  6. Dave

    Make sure you use a METAL pan, NOT glass, or it will explode when you add the water!

  7. Glenda

    I love the sesame bread sticks, but do you a have a recipe for just sesame sticks. I have made two batches and neither tasted very good. We love them as a snack, but would love to know how to make them. Please help!
    Thank you

  8. Happy consumer

    Easy following instructions,wonderful results, very clean to our eyes on how to follow and success w/ any of your supper delicious dishes. Is my first time in your channel and left me w/ a special need now to try all those delicious entrees you so gentle share w/ all of us, to have a better food al our tables and better health all together. Thank you so much to bring to this channel your energy and infinity culinary experience to all of us. Regard. Alma.

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