No Knead (NO DUTCH OVEN) Bread

No Knead (NO DUTCH OVEN) Bread

No Knead/No Dutch Oven Bread

For anyone without a Dutch oven or finds them too heavy to lift, this recipe is for you. Aerate your flour before measuring! (For the overnight method, simply switch to COOL water and let the dough rest overnight on the counter top for 8 to 24 hours). - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 4 hours, 10 minutes

Makes: One loaf

No Knead/No Dutch Oven Bread


  • 3 cups bread flour - all purpose works too (360 g)
  • 1/4 teaspoon (1 g) yeast (active dry or instant)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups hot water, not boiling - up to 130° F (354 mL)
  • (about 2-4 Tablespoons extra flour for shaping)


  1. Combine flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl. Stir in water until it’s well combined.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for 3 hours.
  3. After 3 hours dough will become puffy and dotted with bubbles. Transfer it to a well-floured surface and sprinkle dough with a little flour. Using a scraper fold dough over 10-12 times & shape into a rough ball.
  4. Place on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet (not wax paper) and cover with a towel. Let stand on counter top for 35 minutes.
  5. Meantime place a disposable 6-cup muffin pan or other small pan in the oven, making sure there is room for the baking pan - if not place the small pan on a lower rack. Preheat oven to 450° F.
  6. After a 35-minute rest, the dough will puff up a little. Place it in the oven and carefully pour 3/4 cup of very hot or boiling water into 3 or 4 muffin cups or small pan. Close oven door immediately and bake for 30 minutes.
  7. For a darker, crispier crust, remove loaf & parchment from pan and place directly on the oven rack (on the parchment paper). Bake for 5-10 more minutes.

Note: For more details on this recipe, click here.

304 Comments on "No Knead (NO DUTCH OVEN) Bread"

  1. Catherine

    wouldn’t it be easier to put the pan with tap temperature water into the hot oven and let it heat up while the oven is preheating?

    • Amanda

      You won’t get as much steam that way, but you could do that. You could also just skip the water altogether. You’ll just get less crust when you have less steam. But you’re going to have somewhat less crust when you don’t use a Dutch oven and you’re going to have less anyways because it’s a home oven and not a bakery oven… so it’s all relative anyways haha.

  2. Lisa

    If using a pizza stone, do I let it heat up in the oven for the 35 minutes while I’m
    Heating the water…. Before I put the dough in?

    • Anita

      Hi. When you preheat your oven you must have your stone in there too. You might crack your stone if you put it in that very hot oven. Do as with your Dutch oven method. Put it in a cold oven and then turn on your heat.

  3. Steve

    I am planning on making mini loaves to take to nursing homes with some Jam, I will be making 50+ loaves, are there any adjustments I need to make in the recipe for a large batch?

  4. Clayton L

    Jenny I love your no knead bread. I was looking through for more recipes and I ran across your new knead Ciabatta bread. It looks like the instructions are the same except for the Dutch oven part. How does ciabatta manage somehow to taste differently from regular bread? What’s the difference between the two?

  5. Cathy T

    Do you have a recipe for sourdough bread that you could share. I love your recipes.

    Happy Thanksgiving do you and your family.
    Cathy T

  6. Cathy T

    To have a recipe for sourdough bread that you could share. I love your recipes.

    Happy Thanksgiving do you and your family.
    Cathy T

  7. Terri

    I made this recipe with all purpose flour. It didn’t work, but then I found your facts section and my water was too hot. Oops! I have another rising now. I’m determined! Thank you Jenny!

    • Russel

      I feel kinda stupid when I do things like this. Then I remind myself that; the only people who don’t make mistakes are those who don’t do anything.

      My latest bonehead thing in the kitchen was using the wrong pan to make banana bread. I used a round pan instead of a loaf pan. What was I thinking? (I was thinking corn bread!) Well, it turned out OK, but it baked in 1/2 the normal time. Hmmmmm.

      Story: Many years ago, I was teaching myself how to program computers. I arived at the conclusion that the more mistakes I could make in one hour, the faster I would learn not to do that. LOL!

      It’s just my thought, but part of learning to bake is the ability to recover from mistakes. Ever forget the salt? Ever forget the salt twice? Never again. (grin)

  8. Karen

    Hi Jenny, i have been making almost.the same recipe except i found it needed 2 tsp of salt rather than one and using luke warm. I have also found it needed 24 hours or more to rise. I will try this method because my husband eats almost the entitre loaf the morning after its cooked so a two day process is not good.

  9. Susan

    Can I double the recipe and just use one large bowl, Or is it better to use a separate bowl for each loaf?

    • Russel

      Doubling the recipe does not double the number of bowls and utensils I need to clean afterwards and I only heat the oven once. So I’m all about doubling these days.

      The exception is a new recipe for somthing that I have never tried before. In that case, I make the exception and try to follow the recipe exactly before using any add-in’s.

      Also, for a new recipe, I first give it a sanity test. For example; does the amount of yeast, sugar, flour, etc. look similar in proportion to other recipes? If it doesn’t pass the sanity test, I move on to some other recipe.

  10. Larry

    Can i use a glass bowl instead of a dutch oven?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Kristi B

      I always use one of my round, glass casserole dishes when I make this bread and haven’t had any problems.

      • Mary Ann

        .What is the diameter and depth of your casserole dish. This is a great tip, thanks.

        Mary Ann

  11. Natalie

    After making your no knead breads for years with a Dutch oven, I decided to try this method. It’s so much easier, but doesn’t stay as crusty as with the Dutch oven. Still fabulous though! Now I will have to use barbells for my arm excercises! 🤣
    Ahhh, Le Creuset….they last longer than you can lift them!

  12. Terry~

    Made this for the first time yesterday. It is amazing. I added Kalamata olives into the foods. So tasty and easy. Will be making this again. Thank you.

  13. Sara

    Hello, It takes 45/50 min for my oven to heat up is it ok to let the dough rise for that long? Or does it have to be 35 min? Thanks!

  14. Cheryl

    This recipe is wonderful!! I made a loaf yesterday and found the recipe to be easy and the bread was delicious!! Thank you Jenny for another wonderful recipe.

  15. Raz

    This bread is so tasty, and I have made it several times. However, it is never formed in a “ball”, more like a wettish, loose, spreading blob of dough on bake sheet.
    And the result is a flattish type of bread.
    It is also quite moist inside (almost a touch doughy) despite baking it for an extra ten minutes or more right on the oven rack.
    Just wondering if anyone else has this same experience, or is this just how this bread shld be? Appreciate any comments or suggestions. This happens no matter whether I bake same day or rest it overnight. Thanks!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

      • Jennifer

        You added waaay too much water then. You just need enough for it to come together. Should be wet or dry. Add a little at a time next time. Should be perfect.

    • Antoinette

      I’m afraid mine spread quite a bit also in spite of weighing the ingredients. I won’t be so precious next time. Should have followed my gut but I’ll follow a recipe to the T the first time.

  16. Larry

    Dziękuję pani za ten przepis. Ten chleb jest bardzo smaczny!

  17. Janice

    Thank you for this really great recipe!! Just the thought of baking bread used to intimidate me. This is so easy and it comes out perfect every time. I’ve used both instant yeast and recently found a Sourdough Instant yeast! I used the Sourdough yeast to bake your No Knead bread and I added chopped fresh rosemary and garlic…..OMGOODNESS!!! Delicious and Beautiful!!! Thank you again!

    • Mary

      Hi Janice, I just bought instant sourdough yeast. I was wondering how much of it you used in this bread recipe. Aren’t Jenny’s recipes great!

  18. Cath

    Thanks for all the fantastic recipes Jenny! I have your no/knead/no dutch oven bread on the go right now. I have made it several times and it has become our favourite crusty loaf. When I can get the big airy holes in my bread like your photo then I will know that I have excelled at the recipe.Cheers!

  19. Linda G

    Fantastically easy recipe. I make bread all the time but have started relying on this for its ease and versatility! I make long loaves, rolls, you name it. SO wonderful, so easy, SO much less mess!!!

  20. Vincent

    This Bread recipe is magical! I use it for everything. So fun to make, and eat☆☆

    Tanks, Jenny, for this beautiful bread recipe!


  21. BettyAnn

    Thank you for this recipe. It’s so easy and delicious!

  22. David

    First time trying this recipe, as I have made bread before but never achieved a nice crust and airy inside like your pics. I followed your recipe, and mine just came out of the oven and looks fabulous. Can’t wait to taste it.

    Thanks for this easy to follow recipe! Would love to see some variations, like multigrain, or everything toppings, etc.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have several variations here under “Breads.”

  23. Marie Ann

    Hi Jenny. I love the 4 hour ciabatta bread. Can I use the faster recipe for No Knead and use the muffin tin in the oven method for super fast ciabatta?

  24. NadiYah

    Wow! I was so impressed with myself…and with this recipe! This was my very first time making homemade bread without a bread machine! It was simple and it turned out perfect! I used all purpose flour and active dry yeast. Next time I will experiment with 1/2 whole wheat flour. Thank you for this recipe!

    • Natalie

      I abandoned my bread machine long ago when I found Jenny’s no knead recipes….so much easier! I often switch up the flours for these, eg 2c. white, 1 cup whole wheat, or 12 grain, or any other, as long as it has gluten. Sometimes I add extra seeds or dried herbs, sometimes extra sugar (or honey in the water) and dried fruit or citrus zest. Honey whole wheat (2 c white, 1 c ww is a favourite!
      And I often put plain yogurt or some lemon juice in my water to give it a “sourdough” taste!

      • Russel

        Like you, I abandoned bread machines ages ago. I found them much to limiting to my liking. I am now limited only by chemistry, physics and my imagination. LOL!

        I try to bake about 2 to 3 times a week. Usually two different yeast breads and a quick bread. The quick bread is a treat since we no longer buy bread or snack foods at the store. Now I have more money to spend on kitchen tools! Yea, for that!

        Tip: Want to get to know your neighbors better? Gift them a loaf of your fresh home made bread and watch the look on their face. Keep it simple. Most kids seem to like white bread as opposed to whole wheat. Even the most basic loaf of home made bread beats the pants off store bought bread.

        I wrap my bread in parchment paper and tie it up with jute twine. It presents well!

  25. Elaina G

    I’m having difficulty getting the bread to brown—it stays doughy white even tho it’s baked inside. Any suggestions?

  26. Elliott

    I have been making your “No Knead (No Dutch Oven) Bread” for 7 or 8 months. Now I have started making Sourdough Bread with the No Knead recipe, substituting a half cup of my homemade sourdough starter for the yeast. So far it has turned out fine with a gentle sourdough taste!!! Thank you, Elliott M.

    • Lynda

      Thank you Elliot, your comment was what I came on here to find! I wanted to use sourdough starter instead of instant yeast and wondered if anyone had done it. Now I need to look through the comments and see if anyone did sourdough starter AND mixed dough with cheese! I’m going to try it but am undecided which step to add the grated cheese when using sourdough starter instead of instant yeast in the recipe.

  27. Unicorn

    Hi Jenny I am a great fan of yours as I love to cook! I will try my hand on baking this bread. Could I add garlic or olives before I bake it? Would it change the time?
    Take care & keep on sending these wonderful cooking & baking ideas,

  28. Teresa

    This recipe is my no fail go to for all my breads. I’ve added 3/4 cup each of cranberries and pistachios–home run! 3/4 cup chopped Kalamata olives and 1 tsp dry rosemary –awesome. And it”s fabulous subbing 1/2 cup of rye flour for the same amount of bread flour and 1 tsp caraway seeds. I’ll never buy bread again.

    • Lynn

      Oooh. Sounds so good. I’m going to try it. So far, I’m having good luck with this recipe. I have it on it’s last rest right now, and it seemed a little more dense as I did my last folding. We’ll see how it turns out.

    • Russel

      My wife and I are what you might call senior citizens. I take advantage of baking bread by including things that add nutritional value to the bread.

      Not all of these go in every bake, but to give you an idea of my list of possible add-ins; chia seeds, hemp hearts, sunflower seeds, whey, nutritional yeast, flax meal, bran, nuts, different flours like soy, oat, quinoa, rye, and of course nuts and berries. Prior to me baking, we never ate most of these.

      Tip: My wife and I have almost completely elilminated processed food from our diet. (Processed defined as removing nutrition or adding preservatives, etc.) Both of us are losing about 0.5 pounds a week without counting calories and just mindful eating. My wife loves it! I later found this approach backed up by a couple studies. So we now eat better, more nutritious food and are able lose some weight at the same time. We do not go hungry or starve ourselves or even think about calories. Yes, we even still eat chocolate, just not in unlimited amounts. Easy peasy! This approach seems sustanable for us and with little or no effort on our part. We never intended this approach for weight loss. My focus was on better health, the weight loss is just a bonus. But I’ll take it.

      Good health is expensive to buy if you don’t have it.

  29. Kathleen

    I have made this a few times and it comes out just like the dutch oven except I am more comfortable with the weight of the pan. You saved my life. I make your bread at least once a week. Thank you for such great recipes.

  30. Eileen

    I have made this bread five times and every single time it has been perfect. It is also the perfect size for my family. The time and care you put into developing your recipes is truly appreciated. I hate waste and your recipes have yielded great results! Thank you Jenny!

  31. d4v1d

    What makes this website stand out is its no-nonsense approach. And such approach, when followed, makes cooking more fun (less fussy) with great results. Like this one!

  32. Linda

    The problem with this bread is being able to stop eating it. I’ve made bread for over 50 years, and this is so easy any beginner could make it. So good.

  33. Jin

    Hi Jenny I have used this recipe a few times with the overnight / room temperature water option and we all love it! I want to know what change I can make to make it less dense with bigger holes? If you refer to the picture in this exact recipe, it shows the kind of density and size of holes that I am looking for. Mine right now are very good, very even throughout, similar to the picture you showed in the no-knead recipe. Any suggestion? Thank you and take care!

    • Nicky

      For the holey, artisan bread texture, I used a splash more than 1 1/2 cups water in the mix, allowed the dough to sit overnight, then instead of kneading the next day as instructed, I just carefully plopped the bubbly mass directly onto a piece of flour dusted parchment (placed on a cookie sheet) patted the blob w/ some more flour on top, then baked (no kneading or folding whatsoever). I baked it at 450 F until golden. The result was the most magnificent loaf I ever made! It had the texture of an English muffin inside, and toasted like a dream! I hope that helps.

      • paula

        WOW! Thank you so much….will try that next!!

      • Peggy

        Do you leave out overnight or put in refrigerator?

      • Debbie

        Thank you for this comment and observation…I love the artisan breads with the big holes, our favorite. I have made breads in the past and they are always dense..thanks again for the tip!

    • Cristina

      I let the bread rise for 30 minutes in the pan it bakes in.

  34. Brenda

    Made bread yesterday a last minute thought and it came out and wonderfully. I decided to add some herbs from my garden basil ,thye ,marjoram,rosemary at the point of shaping. Adding them in the beginning with the dry mixture would be a good option also.

  35. ole cooker

    Hello Jen.
    I tried to make the dutch oven no knead bread today and alas the dough was dry and crumbly and I followed your recipe exactly/ Help!!

    • Brenda

      How disappointing sorry that happened .I would check your yeast to see if it is good and the only other thing I can think of is the water was not hot enough. Use a thermometer to check your water temperature.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please check the FAQs for a solution.

  36. Lucy

    I’ve made this several times. My husband says it tastes better than the $8 artisan loaves we buy from the farmers market. I am a horrible novice baker and it has turned out beautifully all 3 times! Heed my advice when I say: do not use a glass Pyrex as the steaming dish. I poured hot water in there last time and it exploded. Seems like common sense, but it just happened to be the closest baking dish within reach. Overall, excellent recipe!

    • Karen

      Glass Pyrex .can be used BUT put it in filled with water while your preheating the oven allowing it to come up to temperature slowly.
      I hope everything and everyone was ok with the explosion… ?

      • Katherine

        Also, know that there are two versions of Pyrex glass, before and after Corning sold them in the mid-nineties. Different capabilities of dealing with heat and cold and sudden changes.

    • Caroline

      Glass baking dishes or Pyrex cannot be heated to over 400* degrees or they can break, crack or explode. Never heat casserole dishes or glass pans over 400*

  37. Eleanor

    “Made” this bread today. After 30 minutes in the oven with the water, I took it out. The crust was nice and golden. After it cooled, I sliced a little bit off the end and it became clear it was not cooked. I stuck it back in the oven, again with the water, for another 20 minutes. After this, I removed it from the oven and cut the entire loaf in half. It was still essentially raw. Then, I removed the water bath from the oven, thinking that the moisture was preventing it from baking somehow. After another 20 minutes (under tinfoil, because the crust was getting quite hard), I cut a slice off from the inner side of the half, only to reveal that the inside of the half was still raw! I have no idea what happened, as I followed the directions explicitly, and I am pretty disappointed.

    • Kevin

      Hi Eleanor,

      It’s not easy to overcook crusted breads. As you experienced, undercooking is comparatively very easy. You can bake it until the crust is a dark brown; your loaf will resemble a russet potato but the inside will still be moist and tender.

      * * *Warning: I’m a scientist and the following is a nerdy explanation of why you want steam when baking bread * * *

      When a substance changes phases—such as water evaporating into steam or steam condensing into water—energy is either absorbed or released. It takes energy for liquid water molecules to break free of the liquid as water vapor—this is how your body cools itself by sweating; the evaporation takes energy from your body in the form of heat, thus lowering your body temperature. When water vapor/steam condenses into liquid water, the molecules *release* energy as heat, thus increasing the temperature of the object on which they are condensing. Because of this, steam has a *much* higher rate of heat transfer than air (or even water) at the same temperature. This is why steam burns are much worse than hot water burns, and why humid climates feel hotter than arid climates. If you have one, I recommend putting a cast iron skillet or pan off to one side on the bottom rack while the oven is preheating. Get a small 100% cotton (the 100% cotton bit is critical—synthetics and blends will melt and make an enormous, smelly mess) and soak it with water, then wrap 4 – 6 ice cubes inside the wet towel. Right after you put the bread in to bake, place the wet towel with ice cubes inside on the cast iron skillet, taking care not to drip on the oven window, then quickly close the door to prevent steam from escaping. This will produce steam consistently as the bread bakes, which will help ensure your bread cooks all the way and that it has a nice chewy crust.

      • Muriel Spierings

        This is a great suggestion, Kevin. Using an iron skillet would feel safer for me than how dealing with water other ways.

    • Linda

      Cutting any hot bread right out of the oven looks doughy. It needs to rest at least 30 minutes to finish cooking and slice better. I never was able to convince my husband of that. I was lucky if he waited 10 minutes. The end of the loaf always looked awful.

  38. Deb

    Would it be possible to double the non knead bread to make a larger loaf? I would think it take longer to back but anything else or would you advice against it. Thanks.
    We live on a 28ft sailboat in the Caribbean and are working on becoming self sustaining. Love your website and have been following you for years.

    • rainbow

      i’ve doubled it and it was delicious just the way the recipe is. it was a hit!

  39. Susie Q

    This no knead…no dutch oven method. I feel very stupid asking this. Do I put the disposable tin while it is preheating then put the boiling water into the pan. Or do I put the water into the pan after it preheats? I hope I explained that right.

    • Sandy

      Hi! I put the empty pan for the water in the oven after the oven was preheated , then carefully added the boiling water when I put the bread in. I think it would work either way. If you add water to a pan when you start to preheat it, there would be less chance of burning yourself. Thanks for the thought! I’m going to try it that way next time!

  40. Joy

    I added a bit of rosemary and some Parmesan cheese to the dry mixture and it was delicious. Thanks to my sister for the suggestion and getting me to love baking bread!

  41. Lynn Lambert

    Well, I usually make the dutch oven recipe. I know it is the same but I am in my Motorhome for the summer. I decided to try this recipe and use my Traeger Grill. So far it has worked well, and used a Pizza stone in the oven to place the bread on with parchment paper. The outside looked a bit like a huge baing powder biscuit! Today I will try it with my dutch oven in the Traeger. Just do not know if I can get it to brown, it is a bit hard in the grill.

  42. Sue

    My very first boule and I am thrilled with it. Thank you!

  43. Shari Leventhal

    My 13-year-old son’s been baking knead breads and wasn’t up for baking yesterday. I’m lazy and wanted a quick fix for me to make. We were amazed at how delicious this came out!

  44. Victoria

    Please do not use DISPOSABLE anything! Irresponsible in these times to create added unneccary waste in our lands and oceans. Its time to be responsible for our future. Surely you can come up with something else that does not have one use and then thrown out.
    Thank you.

    • Tina

      First of all just because I used a disposable aluminum pan to bake this bread does not mean that I threw it away. I plan on reusing it as often as I can. Second, keep your snarky remarks to yourself.

      • Nina

        Good for you girl!!
        I use “disposable” baking pans over and over. Those little tin foil wonders are good for SO many things. there are a lot of things branded as disposable that really can be used over and over. So I agree people need not be waging their finger in anyone’s face til they REALLY know how you are using so called disposables.

        • Tina

          Thank you , Nina.

          • Yvonne

            I use disposal tin cook wear over and over! I generally use the small tin pie plates in my toaster over for making my baked potatoes etc…some people should not assume that disposable cook ware means only use once!!

      • Cooker

        Drama at the bottom of a bread recipe. I think it’s time to get a hobby or somthing.


      Hey why don’t you come up with something. I agree but it sounds like you are adept at multi-useful items. so have at it..we could all use your input.
      Jenny came up with a wonderful time saving recipe so now it’s your turn to put your clever ability where your…etc.
      Just a suggestion.

    • Whit

      I feel like the intention here is to stand up for our earth and that is a good intention, however, I’m sure you can find a much better use for that energy than scolding strangers on the internet.

  45. Tina

    I made this yesterday. It was easy but you do need ALOT of extra flour when you shape it into a rough ball. I used a disposable aluminum lasagna pan with an upside down cookie sheet on top. I removed the cookie sheet after the 30 minutes and cooked it for 15 more minutes to get a nice color. It is a crisp, crusty bread. You don’t need a Dutch oven.

    • erik

      Thsnks Tina. That was a great idea. We don’t have a dutch oven pot either and really don’t want to goto Walmart right now for that with the stay at home deal going on.

  46. Becca

    First time ever making bread. I used this recipe and it turned out wonderful! My only issue was the bread was underbaked at 30 minutes…I have a new oven so it’s hard to tell when it’s actually preheated! I just stuck the loaf back in at 350 for another 20 minutes and it was excellent. Thanks for posting!

  47. Joey

    What if we have no parchment paper?

  48. Kristen

    Just to confirm: does “aerate flour before measuring” just mean to sift it?

  49. Tina

    Love this recipe. I followed your recipe exactly as directed.
    Used a foil pie pan with water next to cookie sheet the bread was on.
    The crust came out perfect, texture perfect.
    Thank you so much.

  50. Copernicus

    Just found you on line and tried both whole wheat and regular flour and must say both were great. I have never baked bread before and really surprised myself thanks to you. I have put the dough in the oven only with with the oven light on; it seems to speed up the process. Any suggestions?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Just a note: No knead breads do not call for heat during their resting time. They should be left to rest at room temperature.

      • Elliott

        Hi Jenny; Room temperature at my home during the Winter is >55F with the heat on!!! I use the oven light on to rise my bread to about 70F, works fine for me. Thanks so much for the recipes, I use a lot of them and read your book!!!

  51. Valerie

    I recently made your no Knead bread & am delighted with the result. My question is this, is there a time during the process that I can stop and leave it over night?.. and come back and finish it the next day… maybe after the 3 hours resting..? I want to help some peole in my community and fresh warm bread is what I would like to share with them. Thanks for your help.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the note in the recipe about the overnight method.

  52. Lilian


    The instant or dry active yeast are impossible to find anymore. can you use be refrigerated cake yeast and if so how do we alter the recipe to accommodate this. I’m running low on my yeast.

    Thank you very much.

    • Charla

      Lilian, I’m sorry you can’t find instant yeast. I just found Jenny Can Cook and went to buy yeast for some of her recipes. I found it at Safeway grocery store and also a large package of packets of the instant yeast at Sam’s Club. I hope this helps.

  53. viVere

    Delicious and easy bread!
    About the cup vs grams, I have one cup marked as 235ml and other cup as 250ml, so the gramaj will vary, I always work with the cup=238ml which weights about 145gr, so the 3cups is aproximativ 435grams of flour and never got a bad bread ever!

  54. Carolyn

    Jenny, you are the best cook! So creative and masterful. I made the Dutch oven no knead bread and it was wonderful! My kids and grand kids want it all the time. You make women feel great when they can turn out a home baked, cooked, roasted or other delicious something to make their families happy. Especially during this time.
    Thank you!

  55. Alexis


    Just made your no knead bread in my CAST IRON DUTCH OVEN, 5 qt . AMAZING, THANK YOU!!!!


    2- CAN I ALSO USE A 7 QT LE CRUSET DUTCH OVEN to make the above recipe?

    Thank you for such entertaining videos! They make me smile. I have shared your recipes with many people. All have raved about how great they are.

    Have a great Mother’s Day!


  56. Lisa Lee

    I am so excited to make this No Knead bread. It is awaiting its 3 hours. I have a Le Creuset 9 quart dutch oven but it has the black phenolic knob. Has anyone dared to use in a 450 degree oven without damage to the knob? I thought it was 375 degree max for LC black knobs!! thanks.

    • PeggyD

      Yes! I use my LeCreuset cast iron dutch oven with the black knob and it has not melted yet!

    • Solonge

      Lisa Lee, if you are worried about the knob on your Dutch oven, here’s a quick inexpensive trick. Simply go to your local hardware store and buy a metal drawer pull and switch knobs. Take the lid with you in case you have get a different sized screw. No worries!

  57. Isabel

    Hi Jenny,
    The first loaves that I made using bread flour were perfect. Right now, I cannot obtain any bread flour and have been using regular all purpose flour. The bread tastes the same but the loaves do not rise as much. Any suggestions as to what I am doing incorrectly?

  58. Daphne

    You don’t need the cupcake tin or the water to do this without a dutch oven. You can put your dough in a cake pan, a loaf pan, on a baking sheet naked (cover until last 10 minutes of baking). I’ve also made it in a lasagna pan, an aluminum foil cake pan I found in the back of my cabinet, and a sheet of foil placed on my oven rails.


  59. ErinJ

    My dough is much too wet after rising. Can I add flour and let it rest again without worry that it will become too dense?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, you can but also check the FAQs for a solution next time.

  60. Dj

    I love this recipe but im confused. I took a screen shot on 4/17 and it says 390g of flour but now the recipe says 360g. Help! Ive been doing 390g since making this bread every week since January but when I was sending this link to a friend, i noticed it says 360g now.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m sorry about this. I had no experience with metric measurements and never expected international visitors when I first started. I did the best I could with metric but so many people told me I was wrong, I changed it. Most recipe sites say one cup is 120 g so I changed it to that. I wish I had never tried in the first place. Please tell your friend what worked for you and explain that I changed it to what’s commonly used. It’s been very frustrating. I apologize for the confusion.

      • Dj

        No probs! They actually both seem to work in all honesty haha! I was high making it so I thought I was seeing things lol! I love this recipe and have been making it weekly for 5 months now! I appreciate your hard work.

      • John

        3 cups of flour weighs 384 grams.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          And this is why I wish I had never tried to help. ?

          • Donna Champagne O'Keefe

            3 cups of aerated flour works for me! Love this recipe and it’s husband approved. It’s my go to bread recipe, now. Looking forward to sharing it more with friends and family!

          • Anon.E.Mouse

            Different flours weigh different amounts per the same volume. King Arthur says one thing about their flour, then someone else will weigh out volumes of other flours and say a “cup” of flour weighs something else. I would not sweat a few grams difference. When my grandmother made biscuits she just grabbed a few handfuls of this and that without measuring anything, and I literally mean anything, at all. And she made the best darn biscuits in the Carolinas. I kid you not.

        • Daphne

          I’ve never weighed the flour, I just measure 3 cups and do a half-assed knife across the top of each cup. I aerate beforehand IF I REMEMBER. Recipe works every. single. time. And forget the water in the oven business, it’s not necessary.

          • Nicky

            Same here :)! I don’t weigh the flour, don’t put water in the oven anymore, don’t even “shape” the dough, nor do I cover it at all during baking. I just plop the bubbly overnight dough mass on a cookie sheet and bake till it sounds like a hollow drum when tapped. Best and laziest loaf ever!

          • Nicky

            Same here :)! I don’t weigh the flour, don’t put water in the oven anymore, don’t even “shape” the dough, nor do I cover it at all during baking. Best and laziest loaf ever!

        • Peggi Siegel

          One cannot state correctly exactly how much 3 cups of flour weighs: it depends on how you put the flour in the cup. If you packed it or spooned it in, it would weigh out differently. That is precisely why baking by weight is more exacting.

    • Elliott

      Try using a coffee cup or a soup can to measure flower and water with. This recipe is by volume, NOT weight!!!

  61. Patty

    Hi Jenny, With all my extra free time , I thought I would try to bake some bread again….it’s been years! I tried this recipe a few weeks back as I don’t have a dutch oven and I love it! I am now baking my 3rd loaf as I am typing this!! Delicious bread and it makes delicious toast smothered in jam. Very easy recipe thats simple to follow! Thanks from another fellow Canadian!

  62. Confused

    The Video shows heating the Dutch oven prior to placing dough in it
    The written recipe does not mention this step!
    BTW: oven heated stoneware with cover works well also

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This recipe does NOT use a Dutch oven so there is no pot to preheat, but you do preheat a small pan in the oven for adding hot water later. There is no video for this recipe.

  63. Mary c

    Just made the no knead bread on baking sheet. Dough is runny. No way this will form to a ball. I aerated the flour and measured exactly. A big runny mess, spread out flat on parchment paper. Disappointed for sure

  64. Jackie

    By far the best bread for dipping and enjoying your favorite cheeses!!

  65. Lorraine

    Hi Jenny….I just came across your website. This bread recipe really sounds great! Just one question before I make this. Can I make individual square shaped rolls instead of a loaf of bread? I would roll out the dough then cut in squares. Hope this isn’t a stupid question. Thank you in advance. Lorraine

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t think you’ll be able to roll this wet dough but you can try my No Knead Crusty Rolls recipe.

  66. Beverly

    Can you use self rising flour for this recipe?

  67. Jacqueline Van Gorden

    I have a big gob of goo and not a nice bread dough. Flour and water make paste and that is exactly what I have. I will keep adding flour because there is no way this is going to shape into a ball. So far, I have added a cup of flour. I used 2 C organic AP flour + 1 C Bread flour; now 3C organic +1C Bread I am not a novice bread maker by any means. Let’s say a prayer.

    • Sil

      So how did it turn out? I haven’t tried this recipe but from other recipes, I found out that when Jenny uses scraper, it means to expect the dough to be sticky and you really need something to help you scrape the dough! I don’t have scraper but I use my big, old & dull chopper knife as scraper which works great!

  68. Virginia

    This bread came out AMAZING!!!! So easy to make, and such a delicious taste. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful recipes, love your videos too. ❤️❤️❤️

  69. Lisa

    We love this bread as is or with olives! This is simply a wonderful loaf of bread! Thanks, Jenny!

  70. Florida Girl

    Fabulous bread and so easy. Baked my first loaf 2 weeks ago. Now our family is asking for more this weekend. Thanks Jenny!

  71. Elyse

    Thank you SO much for this excellent recipe!!!

  72. Illona Salvato

    Epic fail!’

    • Peggi Siegel

      The problem is you. The recipe is perfect ?
      Try again

  73. Von

    Hey, Jenny! In your written recipe you say to put a muffin tin or small pan with hot water to steam the bread but in your video you don’t do say it steams in the Dutch oven. Don’t want to do the water thing! What say ye?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      There is no video for this recipe. Any other of my bread videos do not apply to this recipe.

  74. Carmen

    This bread recipe is amazing! I have never baked my own bread and the first loaf turned out SO nice that I’ve made one every day! Thank you for sharing ?

  75. Willow

    This recipe has been crazy making for me. I have tried it five times thinking I must be doing something wrong. I have weighed ingredients, used a thermometer, baked with a dutch oven, not baked with a dutch oven, used 3 hour and over night process, cool and hot water. How can the easiest recipe in the world not work for me? I have nothing left but to blame it on the yeast 🙁 #quarantinefail #firstworldproblems

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • bobby

      Probably the yeast- especially if it doesn’t get bigger over time

    • Robert V.

      It must be the yeast. I’ve never baked a thing in my life. Followed the recipe and it turned out perfect the first time and many times subsequent.
      Give it another shot, if I can do it, anybody can!
      Good luck, happy eating.

  76. Maggie

    This was my second attempt at no-knead bread and this recipe is fantastic. I tried it in the toaster oven and it was too small and the top burned. I cut that off and the bread is super tasty.

  77. Lindsey

    This morning I’m making my 2nd loaf of your bread in my little loaf pan. My son and I devoured the last loaf. He loved the cinnamon sugar toast I made with it and I thoroughly enjoyed it several ways (chicken salad sandwich was my favorite)

    This was incredibly easy to make and delicious!

    Thanks Jenny!!

  78. Lindegard

    Great recipe! I haven’t made bread in more than 30 years, and NEVER had luck with whole wheat. But my loaf turned out perfect. I used a blend of whole wheat and almond flour because that was all that was left at the supermarket. Next time, I’ll try unbleached white. Thank you!

  79. Sarah

    This was my first time making bread!! The first time I tried this my dough did not get bubbly or rise at all. I decided to try again. This time I left it for 24 hours and it got bubbly and rose! I was so happy. I baked it and it came out PERFECT. It was so delicious my boyfriend couldn’t stop eating it. Super pleased. Thank you!

  80. Jeff

    tried the recipes with and without the Dutch oven… why does this recipe use a WHOLE lot less yeast than the recipe in the Dutch oven. 1/4 tsp vs. 2 tsp ?.? But every other measure is the same. Is this correct? 1/4 tsp doesn’t seem like near enough. Thanks!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      All of my no knead recipes are correct as written. If something doesn’t turn out I can try to help.

      • Elliott

        Hi Jenny;
        My house is cool (55f) in Winter because of the high cost of electric heat. Just found a good way to PROOF my bread in my electric oven, I turn on the oven light that will keep a warm temperature to raise my dough!!! Got a loaf in there right now!!! Cheers, Elliott

    • Cindy

      Jeff, the 1/4 tsp yeast is correct. Try this. You’ll be amazed. Just follow the directions.

  81. Janice

    Well Jenny…mine didn’t turn out quite like yours! I used whole wheat and realized it would be denser, but it was somewhat gooey inside. I used a pyrex cooking pot w/lid. Is there an adjustment in the recipe for whole wheat? I still ate it…but I’ll eat just about anything.
    Help! What did I do wrong?

  82. Joanie

    Hi Jenny. I have 4 sisters and 3 of us made the bread last week. We all had success and everyone loved it. Now I’ve been challenged to make the bunny buns.. Wish me.luck! Who knew physically separating could be so fun.

  83. Nancy

    What is the best way to store this delicious bread so it maintains its crisp crust?

    • Marie C

      You can’t..but what I do is after it cools, I take a piece to eat, but then slice the bread into sandwich size pieces or small chunks to have with a cup of coffee/tea. I then freeze all on a baking sheet covered w/ parchment paper. I then zip all in a large zip bag & return to freezer. When I want 1 or 2, I put them in a toaster over for about 3-5 min and they live again, crusty, ready to be buttered and eaten. Works every time. Hope this helps.

      • Angel

        I remembered my brother in laws mom baked bread into her 90’s and she wrapped her bread in a clean dish towel. I tried it and liked the results

  84. Judy

    Can I add raisins and cinnamon ? If so how much and would you a sugar. Brown or white. Thanks.

    • Kit Kat

      Jenny, can I change your bread recipe made on a cookie sheet and not in a Dutch Oven (I don’t have one) to make it into Cinnamon Bread? I’ve used your bread recipes several times, and they are teriffic,especially when I used seasonings like Italian seasonings, Basil, Oregano, Anise seeds and so on. It was delious and it could be eaten alone. Thank a bunch!

    • Anne

      You can add anything you like to enhance the flavor! Nuts, oatmeal, granola, everything bagel, Italian seasonings, cheese etc.
      I also make a sweet bread by adding 2 eggs and I tbl +sugar…,cinn, raisins etc!
      Have fun!

  85. Karen Marie

    This delicious and easy to make bread reminds me of the 12 hour Artisan bread one pays 8$ for. I made my no knead bread in a large cast iron skillet.

  86. Linda

    Hello, I’m wondering what kind of pan did you use? A regular loaf pan??

  87. Cami

    My first bread loaf outside of a bread machine and I’m ecstatic!!!
    Don’t have a Dutch Oven so I used a round Corelle casserole dish, worked great!
    Forgot to take it out of the parchment paper for the last ten minutes but it didn’t make any difference, it came out BEAUTIFUL and tastes great and the crust is just the right amount of crunchy.
    Thank you Jenny, all your information, videos, and helpful tips made my first bread loaf a breeze!!! <3 <3

  88. Francisca

    Thank you for your answer much appreciated ?

  89. Francisca

    Followed recipe only to discover I had no parchment paper what can I use?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can put the dough into the Dutch oven without the parchment paper. Just pick it up with a scraper and your hand and put it in. For easier handling you can use a floured dish towel and let the dough fall into the pot from the towel (hoping it doesn’t stick). Do not use wax paper!

  90. Kimberley

    This is the most awesome recipe. Thank you. I am prepping the dough for the rolls now….and have just shared your recipe with a friend.


  91. Kiki

    Can I make this bread with a lower

    • Phoebe

      Can l double this recipe? Do l double all the ingredients?

  92. Dj

    I LOVE this recipe. I was looking for a way to make a loaf without a Dutch oven and came across this. Ive been now making 1 to 2 loaves a week for about 2 months now haha the bf loves this bread and so has everyone I’ve shared it with. THANK YOU!

  93. Theresa

    This was my first loaf of bread ever and it was perfect. I used the cold water overnight method. It was Crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. I want to make one every week now! Thank you Jenny!

  94. Maegan

    I’ve never made bread before and I’m at a loss for acceptable pans to bake in or if it really matters for this recipe? Any help would be appreciated

    • Maribel

      You can used a Cookie sheet but flour the bottom so it won’t stick

  95. Paula

    Can I use fresh yeast? If so , how many grams?

  96. Cel

    This recipe was so easy. I made the overnight version. I couldn’t believe how it more than doubled in size. Baked a fresh loaf for breakfast, and the family raved about it. I will be making this frequently. Thanks for the great recipe!

  97. Brenda, St. Thomas On Canada

    We tried this bread and matching bun recipe and have never ever been so impressed with any recipe. I have made this now about 4 times. Brilliant!
    The buns are basically the same recipe, and are our new hamburger buns. I make cuts for 4 instead of 8 for larger buns.
    Your YouTube videos crack us up. First time my husband saw one he wouldn’t stop laughing.
    I am your new fan and subscriber, and will be trying every recipe you have.
    Thanks Jenny! Please keep the recipes coming.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m glad to hear it.
      London, On, Canada.

    • Heather Vance

      I completely agree with Brenda. My husband and I love your videos! They are awesome and make us laugh! Thank you!

  98. Mary Elizabeth

    I want to use whole wheat flour, what is the conversion from white flour to whole wheat flower?

  99. Kimberly

    I never made bread for fear of yeast. Somehow watching you make bread gave me the confidence to try. Your directions are so clear and being able to watch you as the process evolved, was great. I remember seeing you on television years ago and you are just as sweet now as you were then.
    I have made your bread in one form or another for a month now, every weekend. That is all my family wants.
    I thank you and look forward to branching out to your other recipes.

  100. Joanie

    I could not find this answered in your FAQ.RE your “No Knead (NO DUTCH OVEN) Bread.” If I use 1.5 cups AP flour and 1.5 cups white whole wheat bread flour, would I need to adjust the amount of water? Would it help to add a tsp. of vital wheat gluten? Any other changes to your recipe if I partly use w.w. flour? Thank you

  101. Nancy

    I was wondering if I could bake it on a baking stone like you would use for pizza. Any changes if I use a baking stone?

  102. Sharon Sopczynski

    Well I am just now putting ingredients together I had questions but it doesn’t look like any answers to others questions where do I go to get an answers .

  103. Dorothy

    Hi Jenny

    Thank you so much for your recipe which is a life saver to me. Tried the first time and it was dense. This morning tried again and it is a little dense.

    What did I do wrong, can you kindly let me know where I go wrong

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs.

      • Lisa Touchstone

        Jenny for questions about your No Knead Bread , there is No Need for you to answer them – you just need a Jenny double..

        • Lisa Touchstone

          Actual there’s no need even for a double you since the FAQs had answers for every question I had about the bread. I used your meatloaf revipe and my husband raved about it and said ” That’s the best meatloaf I’ve ever had – I mean it. Wow, honey, your meatloaf is always great, but you got the winner here. I hope you wrote down what all you put in it.” And I said “Oh I did, sure did….I told him it was your recipe and when I told him about the bread he said that anything you have a recipe for, I should use it. Thank you for making cooking so much more enjoyable knowing if I use your recipes whatever it is, is gonna be delicious.

  104. Anne

    Hi Jenny, My parchment paper says 425° maximum temp. Can I use foil? Live in tiny town and they had a cheap brand. Thanks

    • Vera Moore

      Reynolds Parchment Paper says the same thing; max temp 425. I would use foil or just dust your baking sheet with corn meal.

  105. vyk krozbi

    I have a convection-only oven and following your recipe exactly resulted in a loaf that was almost burnt on top and uncooked on the bottom. Any suggestions as to how to remedy this?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes. Reduce the temperature by 25°F. It’s standard protocol to reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees when using a convection (fan-forced) oven.

  106. Anne Massey

    Loved the Dutch Oven Bread! Attended a Christmas party over the weekend, and brought a loaf as a hostess gift. Delish! It’s very artisan in texture, and was perfect for dipping in the herbed olive oil. Looking forward to making more, and experimenting with adding herbs, maybe cheese … who knows! It was easy, inexpensive, and the perfect size for single-lady me. Thank you!!

  107. GMc

    Stumbled upon your site. Tried several recipes. All turned out well. Sitting here with dough that did not double in size after 3 hrs. It did look like yours with all the air bubbles. Used new yeast that I haven’t had issues with before. Tried putting in 450 oven 30 mins and never cooked. Have 2 others waiting to go in oven and hate throwing it all out. Will try one more loaf and see if it works. ?

  108. joanne

    I love the way you cook Jenny, I’m sure I have made everything that you have on YouTube. I have told all my family and friends about you, and they love you too. Oh and your so fun, and funny. Thanks Jenny xoxo

  109. Carla Mancuso/ co Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate

    When I make this bread with my students in baking class, we place the dough on parchment and then onto a sheet pan. We then invert a stainless steel bowl, big enough to accommodate the loaf, over the bread and bake at 450 F for 30 minutes, remove the bowl and bake for another 10-15 minutes. Works great!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for this great tip.??

    • Gaby from Long Island NY

      Wow!!!! Thanks for the tip. I don’t have a Dutch oven so this is an excellent tip. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sonnee Fox

      Oh thanks Carla! My Dutch oven lid won’t go in the oven to that temp. I found your reply about the inverted bowl can’t wait to try this, does it matter if the bowl is metal or glass? Thanks so much!

  110. LT

    This is the first time i’ve tried making bread and it was great! Recipe was easy to follow. Bread baked beautifully with a chewy texture and a crispy crusty. I made sandwiches with it tonight for dinner and I was able to slice it nicely thin without it falling apart or breaking down from the mayo and mustard etc. I’ll make this again for sure!

  111. Pamela

    Just made this today, delicious and loved the texture too!

  112. Nancy Saxton

    Here it is Oct 2019 and I still use your great recipes. I watch and re-watch your videos! How nice it would be to watch you make a new recipe along with the humour you exude.

  113. Jess Gillis

    Jenny! I tried this bread yesterday. Used brand new yeast, followed the directions exactly, and it came out the way ALL of my breads come out: dense, a bit yeasty, and very heavy. It’s edible, but I want it lighter and fluffy like yours!

    Any ideas? All I can think is that I’m in a basement and my place is too humid?

  114. Liz

    Oh my gosh, I never knew you cooked…..I am soooo happy to have found your you tube video by accident. This made my day, really! You have always been my favorite. I am going to make this bread soon. Thanks for loving to cook and sharing with us!

    • Louise Strickland

      I just saw Jenny Jones No Knead Bread yesterday! I wrote down the recipe and made 3 loaves today! Wow! Quick, easy, and delicious! I’m so glad I saw this! I used Pyrex and Corning Ware bowls, with lids, to make the bread! I don’t have a Dutch oven and these worked great! I love this recipe and finding Jenny! Awesome!
      Just like you, this works great!

      • Helga

        I used Corning with a glass lid and the bread was perfect

  115. Joni

    I made this exactly as written and although it was gorgeous…it lacked taste….I thought next time I should use more than 1 tsp salt…until I read the comments…I always use kosher salt for all my cooking and baking….and Jenny said always use table salt….guess that was my problem!

  116. CP

    I am trying this no dutch oven bread right now and my oven is preheating. But is it 3/4 cup very hot water in 3 to 4 muffin cups (3 cups water total) or is it 3/4 cups very hot water divided between 3-4 muffin cups?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s 3/4 cups hot water total. I hope your bread turned out.

  117. Amelia

    Can I just mix it all and leave it to rise overnight to bake in the morning, or must I let it rise for the three hours, shape it, and then leave it overnight?

  118. JC

    Will this work with gluten free all purpose flour? Thanks

    • P

      I’ll be using GF all purpose flour with ground flax to make it look like grain. I’ll let you know how it turns out ?

  119. Maria

    I started making this a 7pm last night before doing the time math in my head and realizing I wouldn’t want to be up until midnight baking. So I left it to on the counter to rise overnight, and it’s now baking. But I just realized I forgot to score the top, and I’m (gently) kicking myself. Scoring isn’t very important, is it?
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your recipe and method and the long FAQ. Obviously I haven’t tasted it yet, but my kitchen smells so good this morning!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      There is no scoring in my recipe. I hope it turned out.

      • Maria

        It did, thank you! It’s delicious!

      • Penny Lane

        Dear Jenny, I have made your crusty bread rolls, the newer quick bread, the regular fast yeast crusty bread, he not scored and scored, in a dutch oven and just on heavy cook sheet on parchment, and with muffin pan loaded with boiling water, sometimes just 6 cups filled and sometimes 12! They all absolutely turn out. Yor are Totally right, it is IMPERATIVE to sedate the flour. I have been making you recipes for quite sometime now and they are healthy and delicious! I have not done a flop yet on anything. The bow tie cookies present a problem for me lol it the tiring them. A tad of brandy or cognac in them is delicious.
        Thank you so much for your vids and sharing. Nancy, in Missouri

        • Penny Lane

          Silly spell check….it’s suppose to be AERATE FLOUR IS IMPERATIVE. nancy

    • Maria

      You do not need to score the top.

  120. Juergen

    Jenny – I use your Dutch Oven recipe and just love it! I’m not a white bread guy so I opted for the Whole Wheat. I find it to taste like an old rye that I got at a German bakery years ago. My family loves it. I also found that putting it on top of the oven at low heat about an hour before baking helps it to rise better. It seems to work for me. Thanks for turning me on to this simple recipe!

  121. Judy

    How do you double this recipe??

    • Juergen

      If you find an answer please let us know. There seems to be plenty of room in my dutch oven and I would love a larger loaf. I may just try it and see what happens!

    • Peter Newton

      I have basically just doubled the quantities to make a larger loaf and it seems to work well. It may need a little longer baking time but if so I haven’t quantified it. Just don’t cut it short!

    • Tnep

      Easy , just fold in half .
      Or do the math .

  122. Ang

    Can you double the recipes? I have a 7 quart dutch oven.

  123. Walter Mokos

    Jenny the no need bread is that good.this is some of the things I add to mine
    3 tbls. chopped dry onion flakes. 1 tbls. minced garlic. 1/2 tsp.salt.1/2 tsp.
    accent. 1/2 tsp. seasoned salt. 1 tbls. cranuska on line penny spices.
    I make mine with cold water and at night 9 o’clock the next morning it is done
    Thank you so very much for all the great rec.ipes

  124. Andrea

    Hi Jenny,

    Can I just say wow! My dad uses this recipe for his bread and passed it over to us kids ( lol we are all in our 40’s & 50’s lol) anyhooo. Bread bakng has always been something I wanted to do but failed miserably at every time. Bread machine was ok but the strange shape and paddle hole turned my family off.
    But I used this recipe yesterday, it was easy, no kneading was AMAZING, and my hubby and mother in law loved it. My sons are low carb..that is diffeent bread making success this week.
    But thank you so much for this loved loved loved it!!

    • Shauna

      Andrea, I love this recipe for my kids. But I am doing keto myself. Have you had luck with low carb bread? I would love to hear about that!

  125. Christina

    Loved this recipe! Super simple and delicious. I had one small issue that I was hoping to get advice on however. After cutting open the baked and rested bread, I found that there were a few small pockets of flour that hadn’t been incorporated into the dough, which I assume is due to the lack of kneading in this recipe.

    Any advice on how to avoid this? Maybe working the mixture a little longer and more thoroughly before the first prove?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It seems to me this is from not mixing it together well enough in the beginning, and not from the lack of kneading.

      • CP

        I think the pockets of flour are from using too much flour when turning the risen dough.

  126. G.A. Vaughn

    I’ve always been afraid of working with yeast! I thought it was scary.
    Anyhow, Jenny, I’ve made your recipe 3 times now (current batch was just made).
    Recipe is easy to follow, excellent directions, and most of all the bread tastes delicious!! Thanks for helping me get over my fear of using yeast recipes. Your videos are great!

  127. Carmen Peters

    The bread baked nicely. Good texture, easy to make, but flavorless. Any ideas to remedy this? I’m a bit disappointed, this is such a great recipe and easy method! Would adding rosemary and oil packed black olives alter things?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You could start with just increasing the salt, which is the main source of flavor in bread.

  128. Mary

    Thanks for your quick response. Sorry I didn’t see first your 10 Grains No Knead Bread Recipe because that’s exactly what I was looking for a soaking flour bread recipe. From what I gathered from all the confusing YouTube videos and info on internet this should work out fantastic. This so great!

  129. Mary

    I love your easy recipes. Do you have a recipe for soaked flour bread, like soaked sprouted wheat flour? If not hoping you would create a soaked sprouted flour bread recipe. I just recently learned about sprouted wheat flour and fermentation for better digestibility. I prefer sourdough bread, just love the taste and texture but do not care for the starter part mess. I saw on Youtube videos for soaking flour using raw kefir or yogurt for fermentation that will probably give bread the sourdough flavor but no bread recipe or recipes are lacking & confusing. I don’t have a dutch oven, I’m 65 and don’t want to invest in one because they are so heavy. I am really wanting to try your no knead no dutch oven bread using soaked sprouted wheat but have limited experience with the soaking flour. I’ve only used soaked flour to make pumpkin waffles.

  130. Alana

    Hi, I’m new to baking and I recently decided to make this recipe and came across a problem. I followed the direction exactly and my bread looked pretty good. but once I cut into it (after letting it cool) I released it was a fake rise, if that’s a term.
    So it was a little wet with a huge air bubble that looked like the bread had risen in the oven but in reality was rather flat. I don’t know what I did wrong.

  131. SWkat

    Can this bread be made with sourdough starter rather than yeast?

    • Elliott

      A BIG YES!!! Just add about a half cup of your starter instead of the yeast. I just started using my homemade starter and every loaf turned out Great!!!

  132. Nancy

    Hello Jenny, I really thought this recipe was going to be fool proof but for me it has been a nightmare. I have tried it 10 times with no luck. I have tried different yeasts, the 4hr and overnight recipe.I tried all purpose four and bread flour. I have a cast iron dutch oven that I baked it in. Om my….I guess I am going to have to admit defeat,lol. It turns out very heavy and doughy. It didn’t really get the dotted top after sitting for 3 hrs. I’m just wondering if maybe it needs more yeast?? The bottom of the bread is so hard that you can’t even cut it. You make it look so easy. Why would it be so heavy and doughy inside? Thanks for your answers in advance.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This recipe does not use a Dutch oven but whether for this recipe or the Dutch oven recipe, please look at the FAQs, which should address most of your questions. Let me know if you still have questions after you read the FAQs.

  133. suzau

    Oh I love these videos. Making the fast no dutch oven one now. Jenny please keep up the great job.

    Thanks kid….

  134. Lkat

    How do you suggest aerating the flour?

  135. suedul

    this is the 1st time for a long time that i have made bread. I’m going all out for my beautiful daughter dinner for her 39th birthday. Made Cheesecake now bread have no plastic wrap can i use a cover the bread?? help clueless

  136. Betty Horne

    NO question!! just want you to know how great you are!!
    love ya,

  137. Emma

    I made this bread in my itty bitty kitchen. It was so tasty and easy. The texture was perfect.

  138. Sandy

    I made this and it looked wonderful. Just wondering, why would it be a bit “wet”/sticky in spots. It was still good. I just cut and put under the broiler for a bit. Could it be that I did not use enough flour?

  139. k

    Thanks for the great video on youtube. You made it look so easy that I was inspired to make my first loaf of bread EVER that was not made in a bread maker. I used whey from my homemade yogurt in place of the water. Tastes great. I am 54 years old and have always wanted to make bread in my dutch oven but never thought I could do it. Thank you.

  140. Stevie-girl

    I have a 12 qt. dutch oven. Can I double this recipe?

  141. Nancy Tomek Saxton

    Have been making your recipe for 3 hour no knead bread. Excellent. My sons step- grandmother makes the “bow tie” cookie and puts a tablespoon or so of brandy or cognac in the recipe that looks near your recipe. She is from Chicago and maiden name Babinski. Her parents ran polish grocery store. A beautifully talented lady. And she married a Czech! My son’s Gramps.
    Thank you for your videos and recipes. You have made this ole lady’s life so much easier. Thank you.

    • Nancy Tomek Saxton

      PS I have dough rising now on cabinet! Next come the crusty dinner rolls to make. Will tackle that one tomorrow! Again, thank you. It is so easy to see you very much enjoy people and doing what you do. Nancy Tomek Saxton

  142. Linda

    Hi Jenny. You sure CAN COOK. I’m hooked on your site. I have been making the no knead crusty bread for a little while. Love it. I first made the 3hr recipe, but since am using the 2 hour. I’m making them and giving them to family and friends. SO Delicious. Also makes great toast in the morning Thank you. So glad I found your site. Definitely a keeper, My husband is Polish. Our last name ends in Greek, I am so accustomed to making Greek food nd pastries. No Polish recipes to make from his family. Now, am going to surprise him with many for sure. You take the hard work out of cooking and baking. Wesotych Swiat…

  143. Marty 39

    I am half polish and when I found your website it just got me all excited. I love all your recipes. By the way I enjoy watching you in the videos,you make everything seem so easy. Thank you for taking me down memory lane when I was living with my babci.

  144. Kiimberly

    Wonderful! Great recipe! Thank you!

  145. Adriana

    The recipe was so easy and the video also helped before I decided to try it. My bread came out just like if I had bought it at the bakery. Thank you Jenny!

  146. Don Fare

    My active yeast packets indicate that each contains 1/4 ounce which equals
    2 1/4 teaspoons.

    So does this recipe call for 1/4 tsp. or 1/4 oz.?

    • Jenny

      The recipe and video are correct. (1/4 teaspoon of yeast)

  147. VWC57

    This is the easiest bread I have ever made and my husband of 39 years can’t get enough!

  148. Judy G

    I have made the bread in the Dutch oven many times. We love it. This time I decided to add Asiego cheese(2oz)To my surprise when I removed the bread the pan was line with what looked like cheese. It harden immediately and it took 20 minutes to remove it. It came out in 1 piece.

    Have you ever made the bread with cheese?

    • Jenny

      No I have not.

    • Denise

      I saw on another site to add the Asiago cheese to the dry ingredients before mixing in the water (I use about a cup of shredded Asiago). I didn’t have any issues with it sticking to the bottom of the pan. Also, after I took it out of the oven, I put some shredded Asiago cheese on top of the bread so it would melt. YUM! Can’t wait to have it with some homemade Zuppa Toscana soup (Olive Garden soup).

  149. Paiger

    I love your cooking style , martha has nothing on you. But one question? Why do people have a hard time with the easy steps you give . Dah?..

  150. Patti williams

    I have been baking for years and years,,this recipe is simple and delious.

  151. Denise

    Just found your site love it and all your great recipe s. Always afraid to try homemade breads but you make it so easy. Keep cooking and thank you so much.

  152. MelanySings

    Thank you for the BEST recipes and FUN too!
    I am now making this bread for pennies, a couple times a week!!! My husband, me, my sister and father-in-law all live together and we love this bread.
    The other day I made it with whole wheat, Herbes de Provence and some garlic powder…. YUMMY!!! It went perfectly with my baked spaghetti.

    Big hugs to a lovely, funny, and super talented woman!

  153. Larry

    OMG Jenny, I am so in love with this recipe! I spend DAYS and I mean DAYS making this bread, and now I can do it in hours! I thought you were full of it when you said it tasted like sourdough, but you were not wrong. I grilled it tonight with a bit of olive oil and, well lets just say that the loaf in no longer around!

    Thank you, and will be continuing to try some more of your recipes! Already a huge fan of your Polish recipes!

  154. James

    I’ve made no knead bread before…I’m at odds with the amount of water used
    I had to add almost a 1/2 cup of flour to make it manageable more to make the ball….after three hours it rose but the top was flat …added more flour
    made the ball..let it rise for two hours…folloed your instructions for baking…all went very well…thanking in advance for any advice….

    • Jenny

      Which recipe are you referencing?

      • James

        the no knead (no dutch oven)

      • miriam

        if i make the dough at nite and leave it for the morning, what do i do to the dough in the morning just shape it round and place it on the parchment paper on the sheet tray and the tin foil tray with hot water next to it or below it correct and then bake it the same time and temp ??? please advise thanks

        • Jenny

          You would just continue with everything it says to do at Step #3 (except after 3 hours, it would be after 8-12 hours…)

  155. betsyros

    Loved making this bread and especially love it toasted. Great that all you need (pun intended) is a bowl and a wooden spoon. Great to have fresh bread in the oven living in Maine on a frigid winter’s day. Thank you. Love your recipes and your enthusiasm.

  156. Gorette

    Love your recipes.Your breads are easy and delicious .Thank you.Keep making more.

  157. Brad S

    The hot link provided with the email I received said that the recipe was for “whole wheat” bread, yet when I clicked on it, this recipe came up which calls for “bread flour” or “all purpose flour”.
    I am a novice & not sure what to do about this. Please help. Thanks.

  158. DAVID J. SCHULtz

    Jenny can cook, there is no doubt about it your recipe for meatloaf was absolutely killer. No one should have to ever add or delete any of your ingredients for this great comfort food. And if you do then go back to your TV dinners and forget you ever tried making this wonderful simple recipe for this simple comfort food meatloaf. I’m off to the store your bread is next!! You know Jenny, just a side note I’m afraid that the word is getting out that I’m such a good cook,because of you and your recipes. Some lady is going to try to marry me and that would ruin my jam… Schultz’y

  159. Patty

    Jenny… are the best!!

  160. Marianne

    I’m planning to use my cast iron dutch oven with lid. What are your thoughts? Any hints will be appreciated

    • Getmaine

      Marianne, I use a black cast iron pan all the time. It works great to bake all the no knead breads!

    • Patricia

      Her original recipe was for using a Dutch oven with lid…this is a variation…go to her site and look for it

    • Charlie

      The only dutch oven I have is a Lodge 10 in chicken fryer with lid and that is what I use. Works great.

    • Daphne

      You can use any pan you want. I’ve used a pizza pan, a ceramic lasagna pan, a tin foil cake pan that was pretty beat up, a pie plate, a sheet of aluminum foil laid on top of my oven rails, and a loaf pan, among other containers I’ve had around. You don’t need a Dutch oven and you don’t need the water business in the oven. Your bread will be fine.

  161. Evelyn Jepson

    I dont have a dutch oven, but am going to use my french white that is the same size. I check with the good people at Corning and they said that is what it was meant for, oven use. My mother-in-law said, that after the bowl I use comes out of the oven, make sure its on a rack because if I put it on a cold surface, it will crack. The rack will let air beneath it and it will cool evenly.

    • Priscilla

      Evelyn…your mom is spot on! I have a stainless steel griddle top on my stove and move my hot french casserole to that. I turned away and as I did ..I heard a weird ‘pop’. Thankfully the contents were congealed and it did not create a major mess. But it was the loss of a nice cooking bowl. If you look on youtube at others using this will find a few that do it with great success.. Good luck..:)

    • Patricia

      The recipe above is for NO-DUTCH OVEN! She does have a recipe, using a cast iron dutch oven, but this one does not need one. Just read the title of the recipe

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