Aug 15, 2014

My Everyday Cookies

Healthy Whole Grain Cookies Recipe

These healthy cookies are always on hand in my kitchen because I love sweets but they have to be as healthy as I can make them. And these are. They are 100% whole grain made with whole wheat pastry flour and oats. Then I add oil (I prefer avocado oil these days) and this is a cookie I can eat every day (and I do!). The truth is that most of the time, dessert in my house is just a cookie and it’s this cookie more than any other. It’s sweet and satisfying and might actually do you some good. It has lots of fiber, heart healthy fat, and no butter or white flour. Did I mention a few mini chocolate chips?

I tried to decide what to call this… Oatmeal Cookies, Whole Grain Cookies, Healthy Cookies, Cookies I Eat Every Day, but then I settled on Everyday Cookies because I have them just about every day. Sure, they are dessert after dinner but why not after breakfast? They have oats and whole grains and nuts – isn’t that what’s in a granola bar? And my granola bar recipe has chocolate chips too.

These are some crispy cookies, which is good because they keep really well. I keep them in a covered container, mostly in the fridge by the second day, but they don’t last long. With two of us here they disappear fast and when they’re gone, I make more. If you’re looking for a crispy, healthier cookie, one that you can eat every day that might even do you some good, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

13 Comments on "My Everyday Cookies"

  1. Bella dittburner

    Jenny first I have to say I love your cooking videos My question is can I substitute baking soda in your recipes…My husband has congestive heart failure and on a no salt diet…

    Thank Jenny
    Bella Dittburner
    Ontario Canada

  2. Cecelia Perri

    This goes with the burned cookies comment. They were Everyday Cookies. Forgot to mention name of cookie.

  3. Cecelia Perri

    I put the cookies on 2 pans & 2 shelves & switched shelves at 6 mins. At that point I said I smell something burning. When I took them out at 12 mins. they were burned. Could it be because I made the dough the night before & put it in the frig over nite ? I did not let the dough get to room temp. I used veg oil.

  4. Richard J

    In the directions for your everyday cookies you say to shape into 1 1/2″
    balls. If I use a portion scoop what size would recommend. I am very new to baking and very old to try it.
    Thank you for all of your help and comments.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My suggestion would be to roll one ball by hand into 1 1/2-inches across. Once you have that, you can test out your different scoops to see which one produces about the same size. Also, you can make the cookies any size. They will still bake at about the same length of time – just keep an eye on them towards the end, which is a good idea with all cookies anyway since every oven is different. Good luck!

  5. Sylvia

    Love these cookies! Have made them twice, but have great difficulty getting dough to hold together. Dough seems to need more of the moist ingredients……help.

    • Jenny

      I wonder if you might be using whole wheat flour rather than whole wheat pastry flour because that might cause the dough to be too dry. Otherwise, it might be the way you are measuring the flour. It’s important to aerate the flour before measuring since it can settle in the container or bag and if you just scoop it up, you would be getting too much flour and that would cause the dough to be dry. Let me know…

      • Sylvia

        Thankyou so much Jenny….you are correct, I did not use whole wheat cake and pastry flour….I used all purpose whole wheat flour!
        I cooked the last of the dough as crumbs. I ate it with a spoon, it was like granola…….just delicious.
        I appreciate your quick response, and will definitely try again.

  6. Unyime

    I’m in Nigeria and don’t understand this rolled up oats. What do I replace with?

    • Jenny

      The term “rolled oats” refers to whole grains of oats that are steamed to make them soft and pliable, and then pressed between rollers and dried. This makes them cook faster that oats that are not rolled, only chopped. They are very common here in the U.S. and they are often cooked with water to make oatmeal. Here is a picture of how they look:

  7. Dan

    They sound so good! Thanks for the health option. We have been using Pancakes as our cookie. I like your email/webb page ease. Otherwise I typically would find it more difficult to respond. I guess you have figured out most people do not. I prefer to say, a Good morning! greeting , exa, in person .
    I did make the cabbage and beet soup dish, My wife really liked it. It was a beauty! Have a great day! Later, Dan

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