My Everyday Cookies

My Everyday Cookies

These 100% whole grain cookies are super crispy and perfect to keep around for a healthy dessert. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Makes: 12 to 14 cookies

My Everyday Cookies


  • 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups rolled oats (not quick oats)

  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil (I use avocado oil)
  • 1/3 cup white sugar
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup chopped toasted walnuts and/or pecans


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Combine flour, baking soda, salt & oats in a bowl.
  3. In another bowl beat oil, sugars, egg & vanilla with an electric mixer on medium-high speed for 2 minutes until thickened.
  4. With mixer on low speed add flour mixture to egg mixture, followed by chocolate chips & nuts.
  5. Shape into 1 1/2" balls & place at least 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Press them flat with a wet fork.
  6. Bake for 13 to 15 minutes. Remove to a wire rack to cool.

No whole wheat pastry flour? See Substitutions in my blog.

Note: For more on this recipe in my blog click here.

76 Comments on "My Everyday Cookies"

  1. Greg

    Hi Jenny – these are on regular rotation now – so delicous! Wondering if you have ever looked into adding a “keep open” to you recipes – l am not computer savvy at all but have seen on other sites – keeps it from going dark as l am making your recipe and keeps cookie dough off my s teen because l don’t have to keep tapping it to see recipe! Just an idea – hope all is swell. Greg

  2. Greg

    These are so so good – crunchy and substantial – thanks!

  3. Michelle

    Jenny, Jenny, Jenny,
    I wanted an everyday cookie but decided these were not gonna be it even before trying them. I made them. Thought they were “okay” at first taste. Then 4 days later the jar is empty!! They really grow on you! How do you do it?! Also the thinner you make them the more crispier they are AND toasting the chopped up pecans was spot on. I chopped up a 72% chocolate bar for the chocolate bits. Perfection. Thank you! These ARE my everyday cookies. Hope you are well and continue to inspire us in the kitchen!

    • Michelle

      Just tried them again with toasted walnuts. So good! So crunchy! I love that they are “healthy” for a cookie. BTW, regarding the chocolate bar above, I only used about 1/3-1/2 of the 72% chocolate bar, not the entire bar! A little really goes a long way! Yum yum!

  4. Paula W

    Hi Jenny,

    Made these today and added 1 cup of pureed Sunsweet-Kirkland prunes for more fiber (like the 1 cup of chopped prunes in your Breakfast Cookies recipe). Also added 1/4 cup of oat flour to balance-out the extra moisture of the prune puree.

    Will be making these again. Thank you for yet another simply genious recipe.

    – Paula

  5. Mary

    Wow your recipes are out of sight, what is your best cook book on bread making, I want to purchase. Thanks Mary

  6. Sharon

    We absolutely love these cookies! I am making them for the second time but cannot believe that you only get 12 to 14 cookies out of this batch. I am getting 44 and they are quite large! Is it a typo? Am I cookies don’t look thin and brown like your picture. I must be doing something wrong?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s not possible to get 44 large cookies with this recipe. Please review the recipe and see if you might have changed anything.

  7. Donna E

    Hi, Jenny! I recently found your site & have already made your pizza dough, your cinnamon buns & today, your Everyday Cookies. All these recipes were delicious!! Both my Mom & I are fairly accomplished cooks & appreciate a great recipe when we find one. Yours are definitely keepers! Thank you so much!?

  8. Kiki

    I do not have rolled oats but I have
    quick oats – can I use the quick oats
    to make the everyday cookies

  9. Madina Sabri

    I am thinking of substituting Apple sauce for the oils any ideas? Anyone try this?

  10. bernie vessel

    HI Jenny

    your everyday cookie recipe is a classic. They come out perfect every time.

    My question to you is do they freeze well?

    Thank you for your sharing your talents and showing that Canadians can be funny too!


  11. Lonie

    Hi Jenny, just wanted to thank you for sharing this terrific recipe, its so versatile and delicious. Today I substituted 1/2 cup desiccated coconut for same amount of oats (I use unstabilised rolled oats) and I used cocoa nibs instead of choc bits. This further reduces the sugar content. I’m going to try to reduce the sugar even more by substituting rice malt syrup for the white sugar, I always use raw sugar and dark brown when making these and they are so simple, a good one to make with the grandkids.
    Tip: Fan forced oven users; bake at 160 degrees Celcius.

  12. Cinu Skaria

    Hi jenny,
    The bottom of my cookies looks porous and softer than the top. Why is it so?

    • Jenny

      It sounds like your oven is not hot enough or you are using one of those insulated cookie sheets. Give me a little more info on your routine and I will try to help further.

  13. Cindy

    Hello Jenny, thank you for this delicious recipe. My kids loved the cookies! We didn’t miss the butter.

  14. Jeanne

    Hi Jenny, I’m about to make these cookies for the 10th time. They are my favorite. I just bought a big jug of local honey and wonder if that could be substituted for the sugars? Thank you for the great recipes. Anything new on the horizon? I wish you would come out with a kitchen line. I love everything you use in your kitchen. Those really cute floral potholder really caught my eye.

    • Jenny

      I have never liked the results when I tried baking with honey but if you routinely bake with honey I guess you could try.

  15. Phyllis Martell

    can i substitute veg oil or canola for everday cookie , Thanks

    • Jenny

      Yes, either one and I adjusted the recipe to show that.

  16. Jeanne

    Oh my Jenny. Made the cookies yesterday and only 6 left! They are the recipe I have been dreaming of. Healthy, crispy and delicious. Yummy. Since my husband loves Oatmeal Raisin I put in raisins in place of the chocolate chips. But next time I am adding the chocolate just because. Just a note; the first batch I lightly pressed with the fork. Second batch I pressed them down really good. Preferred the second batch. More crispy. Who knew you could bake delicious cookies with Olive Oil! Thanks Jenny.

  17. Judy

    Hi Jenny do you have a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies? Thank you 🙂

  18. sylvia

    Try some of your recipe… They were great but this “everyday cookies” is the best….especially for us with medical problem but have a sweet tooth ha-ha.
    If I wanted to double the amount can I just double the recipe or better to bake twice.
    Again thank you so much…

    • Jenny

      I have never doubled it but I believe you can easily double this recipe as long as your mixer can handle the larger, thick dough.

  19. Carine

    Hi Jenny
    can i replace some of the sugar with date syrup ?

    • Jenny

      I have never baked with date syrup so I can’t say how this recipe will turn out but based on years of baking experience, I think that substituting a liquid ingredient for a dry ingredient could cause the recipe to fail.

  20. Kitty in the Ozarks

    Last week I was looking for cookies using no butter and happened upon this recipe. I used regular organic whole wheat flour (not pastry), mostly almond extract (had tiny amount of vanilla), and coconut oil. I didn’t have choco chips so I used what I had at hand – raisins and pecans. I chopped the raisins and pecans small so that they would go further.
    Honestly, these are the best cookies we’ve had in years!

    My fourth dozen are about to come out of the oven and we have both already eaten four while they were warm. You should hear my husband go on about how much he loves them and that I could make a fortune by selling them at bake sales.
    Since everything that I used is organic and it has oats, coconut oil, raisins and pecans, we feel like we are eating healthy (let’s not mention the sugar).

    You are making me look sooooo good!

    ps: they get really crunchy if you leave them in for 15 minutes. I’m cooking them for exactly 13 minutes today and they are perfectly perfect (although the crunchy ones last week were crazy good as well).

  21. Dennis

    Do you have a recipe for maple walnut cookies?

    • Jenny

      No, no such recipe.

      • Dennis

        Since emailing you I found I=lots of recipes for maple walnut cookies online and I also bought them here in Massachsetts.So yes there is such a thing , thanks anyway Jenny

        • Jenny

          By my response I meant that I have no such recipe. Of course I know they exist but I should have been more clear. Some days I get overwhelmed with questions (more than I ever anticipated) and rather than wait too long, I do quick responses. Btw, I grew up in Canada so I should have a maple walnut cookie recipe. Shame on me! 🙂 p.s. My partner’s name is Denis (with one “n”).

          • Dennis

            Are you going to post a maple walnut recipe?

            • Jenny

              I don’t have one at this time but I will if I ever come up with a good one.

  22. Marcia

    Hi Jenny. Would this work if I replace the olive oil for avacado oil?

    • Jenny

      I have never used avocado oil. I think you can but I would be concerned about the strong flavor in these cookies. If you try please report back. Thanks.

    • Beth in Texas

      I just made this recipe for the first time, and used avocado oil because it’s what I had on hand. They were great! Now I need to make a batch with extra-light olive oil to see whether it is better. Tasty experiments! 😀

  23. Aasha

    Hi Jenny can I maKe this with hand and not using electric mixets????

    • Jenny

      I’m not sure but I think it would take a lot of work to make the oil, sugar, and egg mixture thick by hand. I suggest doing a little research and looking around for cookie recipes without an electric mixer and see how they cream the liquid ingredients. I know that you can buy manual mixers that would work if that helps (

  24. Parvin

    Hello Jenny, how can i bake soft cookies?
    Thank you

    • Jenny

      There are a few things than help to make soft cookies:
      1. Bake them for the least amount of time, even if they seem soft in the middle.
      2. Don’t use dark baking pans, only shiny metal ones.
      3. Try reducing the flour just a little.
      4. Try adding an extra egg yolk.
      5. Use more brown sugar and less white sugar.
      6. Use butter and not oil.
      7. Replace part of the butter with shortening.
      8. Remove cookies immediately from pan when done.
      9. Cool the cookies on a flat surface and not a wire rack.
      10. Store them in an air-tight container. If needed, put in a piece of white bread.

  25. Rae

    Just made these cookies and they are awesome!! I am a new diabetic and with the fiber, they will fit into my low carb plan just fine. Thanks for helping me adjust to a new way of eating. I have made numerous recipes from your website and have NEVER been disappointed. Thanks Jenny

  26. Alice Ludlow

    These biscuits were so good! Would you be able to tell me how many calories were in these cookies? Trying to find less calorific biscuits!!

    • Jenny

      Sorry, I don’t have the calorie information for my cookies.

  27. Monica

    These look delicious. Have you tried replacing some of the oil with applesauce? Just wondering if it would work. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Jenny

      I’ve tried baking with applesauce and never liked the results. By using oil at least I’m able to avoid butter in most of my baking.

  28. Ness

    hi Jenny gonna try your bikkies, I’m a diabetic. Do you think they would be any good for me? They sound just like the bikkies I would like my kids to have for school. I always play around with the singer content when I bake

    • Jenny

      I know that oats and other fibers are good for stabilizing blood sugar so these cookies would certainly be a better choice for anyone with diabetes.

  29. Cindy

    Hi, can I omit white sugar ? I prefer ‘not so sweet’ cookies. Will it taste odd?

    • Jenny

      I also prefer “not so sweet” cookies and these are perfect for me. With only 1/3 cup of brown sugar, they might not be sweet enough and they also might not be crispy. But you can certainly try to leave out the white sugar and if they’re not sweet enough for you, try making them again and increase the brown sugar a little. Good luck! (I’m making these tonight myself)

  30. elvie

    Thanks for the recipe. Just done making it and WOW! Finished 1 pc of it 3 mins after I take it out from the oven. I din’t put chocolate chips and I used toasted almond bits. So crunchy! Will be making it again following your recipe exactly. I used canola oil because I don’t have Olive oil. Again, thanks for your healthier recipes.

  31. Andy

    thank you for making the recipe.

  32. Vittoria

    These cookies look delicious! Do you have the calories , carbs, fat ect.. For one cookie?

    Thank you! 🙂

  33. khabirah

    Just made these and I must say that the toasted nuts make all the difference! They taste so good!

  34. Ewa

    Hello. Is there any reason why not to use quick oats. I have a whole pack and would like to use them…Thanks.

    • Jenny

      I find that using regular rolled oats gives you a better texture and the cookies are more chewy but you can use quick oats if you like. UPDATE: I just made them with quick oats and they did turn out but they do not have the body and chewiness that you get with the regular rolled oats. They were a little crumbly but they still taste just as good. Let me know how yours turn out.

  35. Maria campagnolo

    I love all your recipes except your delicious pizza flat crust is a little confusing. After you let it rest for 10 minutes, do I let it rise or just start rolling it out….I know I let it rise and the pizza was delicious . Which way is the correct way. Thank you, Maria

    • Jenny

      After the 10-minute rest you can start rolling and shaping the pizza right away but if you’re not ready you can let it rest for longer – even an hour.

      • Maria campagnolo

        Thank you. I am dying to make your everyday cookies later on today. Any recipe I tried have been so delicious.

        Thanks again for replying to me.

  36. Ethan

    For step two, do we whisk the flour mixture before adding it to the egg mixture in the mixing bowl? For how long and what should it look like?

    • Jenny

      It’s pretty hard to whisk oats so I just combine the mixture a little with a spatula or spoon. Come to think of it, sometimes I don’t even combine them at all – I just toss the dry ingredients into a bowl and add the whole thing to the egg mixture. These are sturdy cookies and don’t need to be babied. But if you’re an anxious baker, feel free to stir up the dry ingredients until the mixture is evenly blended – it should only take a few seconds.

  37. Anna Cronin

    Hi Jenny, do you know if these can be made with plain all purpose
    white flour? I have to drive 50 miles one way to Whole Foods to
    find whole wheat 🙁

  38. vivian gerard

    i made the beef stew which turned out just great an also the cinnomon buns were just perfect for 1or 2 people love your recipes

  39. John

    I had my granddaughter sleep over last night and made the cookies this morning. As always, with all your recipes, turned out fantastic. Thank you

  40. Pauline

    I made them yesterday and everyone raved about them. I haven’t tried any of your recipes that aren’t exceptional. You are awesome!

  41. Lisa

    I made these today..They were awesome…

  42. Camie

    Sounds like a recipe I would definitely try and know I will like!

  43. Madhavi

    They look very yum, I definitely try them. But Do we need to use whole wheat pastry flour or wheat flour is fine? And 1 more what could we use to substitute egg in this recipe. Could you please get back to me regarding this.
    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,

    • Jenny

      You could try whole wheat flour if that’s all you have but whole wheat pastry flour will give you a lighter cookie. If it’s too heavy with regular whole wheat you could try mixing part whole wheat and part all purpose flour. I have no experience using egg substitute so you might try searching online for an alternative.

  44. Mariana Mill

    I don’t know why I like “crunch”, but I always have. These certainly fit the bill to always be handy for that crispy crunch which does satisfy & is so healthy also.

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