Oct 22, 2014

My Cookbook is Free for Everyone

Cookbook_5306Thanks to my publisher, anyone can now download my cookbook for free. It was published in 2006 but since then I have evolved as a cook and have simplified and improved the way I cook. Most of the recipes from the book are posted here on this website, the way I make them today, so there is no need to purchase the book. To download a free copy of this book click here.

(*The download works best on a desktop computer. You can not download this book to a tablet but you should be able to view it there.)

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59 Comments on "My Cookbook is Free for Everyone"

  1. Gwyn Barshinger

    Love your recipes that I have seen…you do things with such ease and it motivates me as I like to cook often but need simpler recipes for now.

    Thanks Jenny.

  2. MaryAnn Main

    I was looking for easy recipes to make with the pantry items I had on hand during the pandemic of 2020 and came upon your YouTube channel. You make cooking fun! Your camera presence was so great I thought “who is this woman” I’m sorry to say it took several links and web searches before I realized I Know Her!
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Thank you especially for being so generous with your time, talent and treasure. God Bless.

  3. Kathy

    Hi Jenny: I just found you on Utube and thank you for such good, easy to follow explanations with a-bit of humor and allowing us the recipes. I just made
    Cinnamon Rolls and Chicken Pot Pie. I was ready to find and pay for your book and here it is. I used to watch your show when I was home having babies. Thank you for all the entertainment. Love your kitchen too. My cooking was a hit!

  4. Mary

    Jenny, thanks for taking the time to share your recipes that even I can successfully make! Your kindness was always apparent on your show, which I loved. Your kindness continues to be apparent as your fans get to know you from your videos! Thanks for being you, Jenny.

  5. Esther Axenty

    I have not read your book still need to download.. I still appreciate having some recipes that are nutritious and new to try..I’ll let you know after I’ve tried some and test it on my Son who’s decided long ago to eat as healthy as he can..

  6. Bonnie

    Jenny (Janina) I have been following since I was a teenager, and now I’m almost 52. I pray you are content in life and doing well. Would love to hear from you and to know you’re doing okay. I certainly miss seeing your face, but I can understand why you want to remain out of the spot light. I miss your funny cooking videos. Your down home realness. I just watched a video on baking bread ,and it made me miss you. We need people like you in the world. Much love from Versailles, Kentucky.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for the kind words. I am fine, just busy with life.

  7. Melba

    Hi! Jenny, I’m so happy to have found your site!! I loved watching your TV show and now equally blessed to have your recipes. You make me feel like I can cook and bake anything. Your recipes are easy, healthy, and fun to make. Thank you for your wit, passion, and sense of humor. I tried to download your book but it doesn’t go past the first page. Yes, I’m on a desktop. I also read your FAQ but, no mention if your bread recipes are adaptable to a bread machine? I’m more interested in your book; the bread machine, I’ll experiment. : ) I just love watching your videos. They bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart when I can recreate one of your dishes. I go to your site pretty much every day. You’re inspirational!!! Wishing you happiness, Melba

    • Jenny Can Cook

      We tested the cookbook download and it appears to be working, but honestly I don’t advise using the book because I am a different cook today and my cooking is simpler and more streamlined. Plus, most of the recipes in the book are already here on this site, improved and simplified, more in line with how I cook today. As for bread machines, I’m sorry I have no experience with them.

      • Melba

        Thank you for your advice. I realized that the reward is in the actual kneading and baking. Though I have some physical difficulties, I love your wonderful recipes and the joy you give.Thanks for I just made your peanut butter cookies and they’re great!

      • EmUrFa

        Hi, Jenny !
        I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your recipes.
        You are the best cook ever, what i love about your recipes it is that they are very easy to make and and exquisite.
        I’ve had never bake bread before but when i watched your videos and you made look so easy i was willing to give it a try and actually it came out pretty good, my children are so happy that i finally know how to bake yeeeyyy.
        I can’t thank enough, i hope you read this comment.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I do look at comments and I appreciate your kind note.

    • Sheila Bottos

      Jenny, you are amazing, I made your ribs over the weekend and they were the best I have ever had!!! Please tell me how to cook everything!!! You are wonderful!!!

  8. Domino

    I love your recipes, and would love to get your cookbook, but can’t seem to download it? Is the link working?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      We tested the link and it is working but make sure you are using a desktop computer. Keep in mind that most of the recipes from the book are already here on this website and have been improved and simplified.

    • John

      I downloaded with old window internet explore 11 while Google chrome and Opera failed.

    • Domino

      Yep! Chrome and Firefox were a fail, but internet explorer worked. Thanks. Got it.

  9. Olga

    I love to watch you cook as you are so pleasant and make it so easy that I want to try all the recipes. I am going to try your apple pie as it sounds so easy and delicious.
    I make hard boiled eggs and when you take them off the stove, run them under the cold water tap, drain, and put the cover on your pot and give it a couple of good shakes, and the shell just slides off if you squeeze it. Magic!
    No tiny bits of shell to contend with.
    Gook luck in trying!
    Thanks for being such a wonderful help with all your recipes.

  10. JudyLynne

    Jenny I “tripped” into your cooking video one day and was hooked. When my dad was alive he made the best meatloaf, and mine was awful every time. I tried yours and love it! I double the recipe and share or freeze the other. It really is the best! Thank you so very much for your free cookbook. You are such a blessing!!

  11. Teresa

    Thank you so much for sharing your cook book. As a person completely new to cooking and baking.. I love your recipes so much; very easy and delicious!

  12. Nancy Benigni

    Jenny I was looking up some recipes on buttermilk biscuits when I saw your video on it. I remember you from TV you had a talk show. It was so nice to see you and I love your recipes. you make it so easy. I would love to get your book. How can I get it. Thanks, Nancy

  13. Saffy

    Hi Jenny

    I made the Nachos recipe. It turned out delicious. .Thank you. We had to take a picture. Love your video and Recipes.Oh. I almost forgot. Also, I made the Brownies
    using World Market Chocolate bar and the same Cocoa as you used on video. They are unbelievable delicious. ..

  14. Norm

    can u send me cookbook ,don’t have computer. I have always loved it show,glad u r doing well

    • Jenny

      I am not able to send a book. It’s only free on my website.

      • Jean Siegrist

        Jenny, I love all of your recipes, especially your Best Ever Meatloaf. I am 76 years old and really enjoy how easy it is to make your recipes. Of course, I also love being able to watch your videos on the Internet. Meanwhile, how can I find your cookbook on the Internet or in what local stores is your book available?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          My cookbook is out of print but you don’t need it because all the best recipes from the book are already here on this site.

    • Vanitha Rigatos

      Thank you for your time! You are awesome! Please let me know if you have a cookbook out to purchase. I watch your utube videos but would like to have your book!!Thank you,

  15. Chin-Chin

    Thank you, Ms. Jenny for a free cookbook. You are awesome!

  16. Tom

    First off let me say thank you for all your help that made me want to cook
    you are wonderful…thank you !!!
    I can’t download your free cook book ??
    I’ve tried 2 times to down load to my main computer !1
    am I to late for that offer ?
    I just found it on your site

    • Aroha

      Me either, hopefully we get a response on how to fix it!

      • Jenny

        I’m sorry but we are unable to figure out why most people have no problem downloading the free cookbook while some are unable. All we can think of is that it should be done on a desktop computer and not a mobile device or tablet. It may help to know that a lot of the recipes from the book are already on this site and I will continue to add more recipes from the book with new photos and usually improvements to the recipes as well.

        • Danguole

          Jenny, I love your book and have given hard copies to my cookbook-loving friends. Your photography is beautiful! ❤

          Might have a helpful tip. Couldn’t download your book onto my computer when it first was available but have since purchased an upgraded Adobe Acrobat program. My computer and Android phone are linked, and I just downloaded your cookbook on my phone as a pdf file. I don’the know how, but … Hurray!

          Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your passion for good food and good health. And for sharing your artistic talents! The time and care is truly evident. Your photos are the best. ~ D.

  17. Vida

    Downloaded without a problem. Thanks for the cookbook and more recipes to try!

  18. Salwa

    Hi I love your recipes I am tying to download your e book but it failed so please how can you help me .many thanks

    • Jenny

      The download works best on a desktop computer. You can not download this book to a tablet but you should be able to view it there.

  19. DB

    Jenny, Thank you for the cookbook. I love watching you on your YouTube videos and enjoy the content of your WebSite as well. Looks like you enjoy your kitchen and cooking as much as I enjoy mine. Making recipes better, healthier and faster is what we are all try to do so your techniques and recipes are so welcome. Keep up the great work. -DB

  20. Evelyn

    Hi Jenny

    I am Evelyn. I live in Sri Lanka. Thank you for the wonderful recipes you share with us. Your recipes look so yummy, and the colors are so awesome in your kitchen. I love those different spatulas and knives and the little colored bowls and dishes you use. I also like the white pantry cupboards. And I also like the aprons you wear – esp the white and black polka dotted one. That video reminds me of fairyland and fairytales.

    Thank you for the lovely recipes. I have been watching your recipe videos and logging on to your website for the past couple of weeks. They are so amazing.

    I want to thank you for your free cookbook, and I have downloaded same. Its wonderful. Thank you very much

    All the best and look forward to see more lovely recipes


    • Jenny

      Thanks for the nice note. I try to make my videos and pictures as colorful and fun as possible so it’s nice that it is appreciated.

      • Doris

        happen to see yr blog by luck. Love all your colourful spatulas, yr colourful blue workboard for rolling yr dough. where did you buy all those items.
        You’re wonderful cook. Thanks for yr simplified explanation & illustration.

        • Jenny

          I find most of my colorful items at places like Sur La Table, Pier One, World Market, Target, and even some hardware stores. The blue board came from Star Restaurant Supply here in Los Angeles.

  21. Gail

    I am so anxious to try your healthier pumpkin pie and pie crust.
    My sister, my Best Friend , died three years ago …thank you for giving me a Cyber-best friend who is so kind, warm and sharing. I thank you for the awesome cookbook gift, too -:)

    I think I am finally looking forward again to Christmas.
    God bless you and yours,
    Gail. In Virginia

    • Jenny

      Gail, I’m glad that I can bring you a little joy here on the internet. I hope you have a good holiday.

  22. Denise Black

    Hi Jenny, I tried your Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake recipe and it was just awesome!!! My hubby doesn’t like sweet potatoes so I did not tell him what was in the cake. After 2 days, the cake is gone. I told him last night and he was amazed at how good it was and that he never once tasted the sweet potato. Thank you for your wonderful recipes, I look forward to trying as many as I can. Take care,,,,,,

    Denise Black

  23. Gail Moore

    Dear Jenny, thank you so much for all your great recipes! My family and I have tried a lot of them so far. Thank you for your free cook book, you are the greatest. I personally love watching you in your videos and your sweet sense of humor. Gail

  24. Bruce Nelson

    After downloading your new book I found that when I go to search for a word, after typing a couple of letters the pages disappear and it will not go to the word that I search for. I have a Macbook pro and possibly that is the reason.
    That said, thank you for posting your new book. Very professionally done with a wealth of info.

    • Jenny

      I don’t believe that option will work on the downloadable book but on my website you can search for recipes by word (and quite a few of my book recipes are already here on the site).

  25. Hanna

    Thank you very much for these wonderful recipes. Really appreciated it.

    God Bless,

  26. Porsche Leigh

    Thank you 🙂 I especially enjoy your cinnamon rolls recipe <<<< tried it and it works nice.

  27. shirlyn

    Hi Jenny

    Thank you so much for a wonderful gift. Despite your tight schedule, you’ve gone extra-mile to share with us your recipes generously. Kudos to you.

  28. Marianna

    Wow!!! this is great!!! this is just what I needed!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and great recipes!!!

  29. Ana

    Hi! Jenny
    I am very happy we can share all of your recipes and want to say best wishes and congradulations.
    Ana from portugal

  30. Betsy

    Oh, thank you so much, your cookbook looks fantastic – just dying to try your recipes. Good photography too. Thanks a lot.
    Best wishes,

  31. Dianne

    Thank you so so much for your generous gifts.The cookbook, the wonderful recipes and your delightful humor.

  32. Elizabeth

    I love trying out your recipes so this is a real treat . Had to stop looking after the first photo – blueberry pancakes . Got way too hungry looking at it & it ‘s past 10 p.m. . Thank you Jenny – I very much appreciate your kindness !

  33. Eva

    Thank you so much for your generosity, Jenny. You are such an inspirational person and one of the genuine good-guys in this world. Thanks so much for sharing your life and recipes with us.

  34. Jeanene in Mi

    You are awesome. I love your site, videos and your love of cooking. I just tripped over one of your recipes on Pinterest. it lead me to your website. Love it! What a pleasant suprise! It’s so nice to see the true Jenny.
    I confess, I didn’t have any respect for you at the time of the the Jenny Jones show. Even a coworker was a juror on your court case. I could not understand the value of shows like that. Well, that was then. glad to know the new Jenny..
    Thanks for sharing your self.I look forward to you’re emails, videos etc. I am so excited to download your cookbook.
    Thanks, Jenny.

  35. Camie


  36. J Bruce Nelson

    Jenny, you are the best. Your recipes are great and your gift of sharing and giving to others is amazing. From your bio I can see your are a multi-talented woman who loves life and food. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful talents.

    Bruce Nelson

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