May 15, 2014

Lightened Up Potato Salad


It’s 100 degrees outside! That’s potato salad time! And barbeque time! I don’t think I’ve ever made my “fall-off-the-bone” ribs without potato salad. Naturally, I make mine as healthy and low fat as possible and that’s easy to do. I use light mayo in the dressing (Best Foods brand, which is called Hellman’s east of the Rockies) along with low-fat buttermilk. The mayo makes it nice and creamy and the buttermilk gives it some extra tang, and less calories.

My special trick is to soak the still hot potatoes with vinegar and salt before adding the creamy dressing. This quickly infuses the potatoes with extra flavor and just takes a minute to do. I always use red potatoes for my potato salad but other waxy varieties like yellow finn and yukon gold will work too. They hold up better than Russets. When you boil potatoes, try not to over-test them for doneness. And don’t use a fork. It’s best to test a potato with a skinny knife, which won’t allow too much moisture to penetrate the potato and make it waterlogged.

Just a note about celery: to me there is a big difference in the taste of celery hearts and the outside stalks. The hearts are sweeter than the outside parts so try to use the inside hearts of the celery and save the outside bitter stalks for other cooking or making soup. I even chop up some of the tender yellow celery leaves from the very inside, which add some pretty color, too. I’ll be making my lightened-up potato salad all through the summer and I hope it becomes your favorite too. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

3 Comments on "Lightened Up Potato Salad"

  1. Jackie

    Made this potato salad for Thanksgiving-it was delicious. Your special trick with vinegar and salt makes it a keeper. Thank you for making cooking healthy and fun.

  2. sue

    Jenny this potato salad looked so amazing I had to make it!! OMG! It’s awesome. The way I used to make it was with red wine vinegar and vidalia onion and let that marinate for a couple hours then add the celery and hellmans light mayo. Can you use the red wine vinegar with this recipe too?

    • Jenny

      Any vinegar at all will work. I used to make it with cider vinegar, too.

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