Feb 24, 2023

I’m sad, no I’m glad, but I’m mad!

I’m sad but glad, and mad (at Google!). When I started seeing less and less photos coming in to my “Your Photos” sections, I was sad. I was always excited when someone took the time to send a photo so I posted them myself with a personal note. But oh well, I thought, other websites are popping up and my recipes won’t be popular forever. Then last week, a nice person named Ann Marie posted that her photo was returned.

I let my administrator know and after a lot of checking, it turns out that a new Google algorithm update has been marking most of the photos as spam… for months… maybe longer! When I looked in the spam folder, I found so many pictures there I cried. I was sad but glad because people still cared enough to send me their photos. Then I got mad at Google for doing this update. I thought about boycotting Google but decided against it because I sold my Encyclopedia Brittanica. 🤓

I’m so sorry if anyone felt that I ignored them. The photos were lost but only for a while. I’ve been posting them and will continue as long as it takes. I still can’t count them all but it’s well over 100, maybe 200 pictures. If your picture didn’t get posted, please check back. https://www.jennycancook.com/category/your-photos-my-recipes/

I’m so happy to see all of these photos, but I’m still kind of mad at Google. I won’t boycott them but I might call and ask to speak to the manager. 😀

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5 Comments on "I’m sad, no I’m glad, but I’m mad!"

  1. Patty

    No picture,though have my 3rd batch of no knead bread rising now! Wanted just to say that I appreciate you and what you have shared with the public over the decades. I grew up watching you on TV and was delighted to find your no knead bread recipe last Christmas. It was a huge hit and I jumped in trying other recipes on your site. All have been hits with us. I also agree with you, the seeds and everything bagel floring just is not as good as straight up plain! Part of your charm has always been your sweet smile, honest opinion, and welcoming nature. Thank you for sharing your kitchen too!

    Much love and best wishes to you, Jenny!

  2. Thomas

    I smiled when I read this because you had all of those photos waiting for you. Google is a mess. We’ll all need to get away from Google some day, at least with email. All the best to you.

  3. SUE

    Screw google.. switch to DuckDuckGo!! They block sites too invading your privacy.

  4. Dalila G.

    Hi Jenny!
    OMGoodness!! I bet you did go bonkers with the mess Google made.
    This explains why I wasn’t able to see anything from me to you.
    I thought you might of closed shop, so to speak.
    I love your site and your recipes are fantastic!
    Best of luck to you in getting things straightened.
    Hope you and Denis are doing well and enjoying some sunshine!

  5. Ei

    I hate Google.They seem to be controlling us . Wish there was other platforms . You are my favourite person for easy healthy recipes and I learn a lot from you . So sad I haven’t seen any new recipes on utube . Please continue to teach us . Thank you Jenny you are the best

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