Feb 24, 2023

I’m sad, no I’m glad, but I’m mad

I’m sad but glad, and mad (at Google!). When I started seeing less and less photos coming in to my “Your Photos” sections, I was sad. I was always excited when someone took the time to send a photo so I posted them myself with a personal note. But oh well, I thought, other websites are popping up and my recipes won’t be popular forever. Then last week, a nice person named Ann Marie posted that her photo was returned.

I let my administrator know and after a lot of checking, it turns out that a new Google algorithm update has been marking most of the photos as spam… for months… maybe longer! When I looked in the spam folder, I found so many pictures there I cried. I was sad but glad because people still cared enough to send me their photos. Then I got mad at Google for doing this update. I thought about boycotting Google but decided against it because I sold my Encyclopedia Brittanica. 🤓

I’m so sorry if anyone felt that I ignored them. The photos were lost but only for a while. I’ve been posting them and will continue as long as it takes. I still can’t count them all but it’s well over 100, maybe 200 pictures. If your picture didn’t get posted, please check back. https://www.jennycancook.com/category/your-photos-my-recipes/

I’m so happy to see all of these photos, but I’m still kind of mad at Google. I won’t boycott them but I might call and ask to speak to the manager. 😀

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2 Comments on "I’m sad, no I’m glad, but I’m mad"

  1. Dalila G.

    Hi Jenny!
    OMGoodness!! I bet you did go bonkers with the mess Google made.
    This explains why I wasn’t able to see anything from me to you.
    I thought you might of closed shop, so to speak.
    I love your site and your recipes are fantastic!
    Best of luck to you in getting things straightened.
    Hope you and Denis are doing well and enjoying some sunshine!

  2. Ei

    I hate Google.They seem to be controlling us . Wish there was other platforms . You are my favourite person for easy healthy recipes and I learn a lot from you . So sad I haven’t seen any new recipes on utube . Please continue to teach us . Thank you Jenny you are the best

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