Nov 12, 2018

I Made Ribs

Best Baby Back Oven RibsI made ribs this weekend with my own rub and sauce and I can see why the video has 5 million views and 35,000 comments on youtube and why my recipe has garnered over 800 comments here on this website. They are fantastic! I always make them in the oven now because I don’t like cleaning the grill. And this time I couldn’t find the silver skin on the back to remove and they were still just as tender as ever.

In case anyone has not tried this easy, foolproof way to make the most delicious fall-off-the-bone-ribs, try this recipe. Use my rub and sauce and you won’t be disappointed.

I went to bed early last night, planning to have the leftovers for dinner tonight but this morning, two of the ribs are missing. Apparently, my husband decided he needed a midnight snack. ? Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

5 Comments on "I Made Ribs"

  1. Nancy

    Can you use spare ribs?

  2. snyco

    Why do you rub ribs all over with lemon juice?


  3. barclay

    what are the ingredients for your rib sauce ?

  4. Ryan

    Every time I make these, they get rave reviews. Last time I bought ribs, I asked the butcher to remove the membrane for me, and he did it for me. He was happy to do it, and it saved a step!

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