Dec 14, 2015

I can’t stop eating my sugar cookies!

Christmas Sugar Cookies Less ButterThere’s something addictive about these Christmas sugar cookies because I can’t stop eating them. So this will be my first batch because I’m not sharing. I’ll make more if anybody else wants some – but these are mine. I used a cookie press because it’s faster and I like that the cookies are tiny, no more than 2 inches across. So these are one-bite cookies but I am never able to eat just one.

For anyone using a cookie press, try to get very fine sprinkles because these mini cookies hold fine sprinkles better than some of the bigger cookie decorations, which seem to roll right off. I like mixing my colors and using blue and purple too. My recipe uses only half the butter of most others. These easy Christmas cookies keep really well. They can be refrigerated and stay nice and fresh for at least a week and I have frozen some for months and they are still good.

For me, Christmas sugar cookies are just part of holiday decorating but it’s decorations you can eat.  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

3 Comments on "I can’t stop eating my sugar cookies!"

  1. kathee jl

    Jenny I bought your cookbook but it does not have a recipe for pirogi’s and not any other polish recipes’s ???? I think you need to publish one.

  2. sue

    I make these cookies for every holiday! ! My family and friends LOVE them!!!

  3. Syl

    Thank you for sharing these recipes. Everything that I try is delicious! Such a pleasure to have found your videos and website. I am giving your fudge brownies to my children as part of their Christmas gifts.

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