Jul 1, 2011

Homemade Barbeque Sauce

I’ll be doing what everybody else is doing this weekend – barbeque!

It’s going to be 100 degrees on Sunday so cooking indoors?… not a good idea.

I’m sharing my recipe for this 4th of July weekend and it’s really, really easy. Basically everything in one pot & cook it.

I usually make baby back ribs but my homemade sauce is great on chicken, too.  I cook my ribs for 2 1/2 to 3 hours and they fall off the bone.

Have a great 4th of July weekend, everybody. Enjoy my recipe, and some fireworks too.

The only fireworks we will see is after I cook all day and Denis says, “You know we could have gone out and got ribs.”

“What did you just say?!?”

He defends himself by saying he doesn’t want me to work too hard (at something I love!)… He just doesn’t know any better. But I still love him. Happy 4th! And Happy Canada Day!

Click here for the recipe.


24 Comments on "Homemade Barbeque Sauce"

  1. Louise

    Can not seem to get your Barbecue Sauce recipe It keeps coming up page not found.Could you just give me the ingredients.Thank You

    • Jenny

      Thanks to your note, we found there was a problem with the link. It is now fixed so please try the link again.
      p.s. If you ever can’t find a recipe again, enter it into the “Search Box” at the top, or go the the proper recipe category and you can find it that way. Thanks again for alerting us to the glitch.

  2. Tiffie Rui

    Hello everyone,

    I got home extremely late this evening from a family trip to Lake Erie and I can’t believe everything I’ve missed. Sue, I would feel awful if you left because of anything that happened, regarding myself. I can tell through your photos and comments that you are definitely not a brass lady at heart. Everything can be read one hundred different ways and I think that’s what happened. I do not hold any harsh feelings towards you. 😀 Besides, I’ve yet to make one of your honey barbeque chicken tacos and what will I do if I have a question if, you’re M.I.A.? 😀

    Please stay and we’ll have some fun 😀

    ~Tiffie Rui

    • Sue

      Thanks Tiffie!! And I do hope you try those honey bbq tacos, they are sooo good!

      I’m so happy this whole thing has been resolved. 🙂


  3. sue

    I just wanted to say good bye to everyone. I feel very uncomfortable since Mike made his comment months ago that put everyone in an uproar. I hope Tiffie comes back and Heather, which he wasn’t even mad at, can try to understand. I tried to be friends with everyone, but, it’s a worthless cause. I think the best thing for me to do is just leave. And I truly am sorry that Mike caused such chaos over some stupid misunderstanding. I just wish people would go back and read old posts. I think it would relieve some peoples unfriendlieness towards me. I agreed with mrs. news, mountains out of mohills!! I would like to think that I would be missed, but ??? JJ, I hope you enjoyed the funny cards I sent you on your joke site, I just wanted to make you laugh after all the times you made me laugh. No. I didn’t create them, but I thought they would put a smile on your face. Anyways, Take Care. Sue, Teka and Kya and Riley. I guess our pics can come off too.

    • Jenny

      Sue, I guess you’re referring to the Sept. 17, 2010 posting “I’m Allergic to Macy’s.” I’m sorry to see you go and surprised since it was so long ago and I thought everyone had moved on. But I will honor your wishes and have your photos removed (I will have to wait for Damon to do it when he’s back to work on Tuesday). I’ve enjoyed your company here and your great sense of humor. I’m sorry to see you go and you will certainly be missed by me.

    • Rhonda

      Sue, I hate to see you go. I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable. I think you made it clesr to us what happened and I also thought we’ve moved forward and left that behind us all. If you must go, I wanted you to know I enjoyed talking to you as well. Give Teka and Kya and Riley hugs. You will be missed…bye my friend 🙁

      Jenny, I think Sue’s referring to your blog on Mar 27, 2011 “Saturday night fun” (Target photo)…

      • Jenny

        Oh, I think that exchange started March 25th “I Need Advice.” Thanks for clarifying.

        • sue

          Jenny and Rhonda,
          I was speaking of when Mike made his dumb comment to Tiffie Rue and it had everyone in an uproar. I guess I’m being oversensitive. Thank you Jenny and Rhonda. I would rather stay around and continue being friends. I’m up this early because this is the only time I can take Teka and Kya for a walk before it gets too hot for them. Again, thanks you guys and I promise to never bring it up again.


          • Jenny

            I’m glad you came back. 🙂

            • Josh

              I’m glad too!

            • sue

              Thanks Jenny! I really do like being friends with you and everyone else. I would definately miss this. And thanks Rhonda too for the sweet things you said, you really are a true friend.

              Much Love!
              Sue 🙂

        • Rhonda

          You’re Welcome Jenny 🙂

  4. Rhonda

    Your dressing for your cabbage salad is really good and I’m sure your bbq sauce is delicious as well. I’m not cooking this weekend but will be at my sister’s for a bbq and by the pool as well, but I will try this the next time I make ribs or take your advice and put it on chicken. If I was the one making a dinner you can be sure this is what I would be using…

    Thank you Jenny for sharing all your recipes with us. Your cook book is my favorite to cook from. I like Rachel Ray but your recipes take the prize with me because they are healthier and seem easier to put together, so I’m sure this one will be no different 😉

    Ah Jenny lighten up on Denis. He’s just trying to be nice and treat you, because he loves you. He probably just wants you to relax and enjoy a free weekend of propping you feet up. I know you love cooking as much as you love your camera and this might be a silly question, but have you always cooked your own meal?

    Happy 4th of July everyone. Please stay safe 😀

    • Jenny

      Yes, I have always cooked my own meals – no personal chef.

      • Rhonda

        I read in your book that you did your own cooking but I didn’t know if at anytime you didn’t and boy Jenny having a talk show and cooking kept you busy I’m sure, but I know you enjoyed them both…

        I’m really glad you have made your life easier now by what you have accomplished. Now you can enjoy what you have worked so hard for…
        You deserve to take it easy and do what makes you happy 🙂

  5. Have a good holiday weekend. I will not be at a BBQ….but transporting a dog to my home from TX who was found dragging his back legs down the side of the road…so soon I will have a 2nd min pin in wheels at my house….couldn’t think of anything better to do this weekend but to help a pup. =)

    • Jenny

      Bless you for that. Your weekend will be more rewarding than mine!

      • Thanks Jenny. Hope you have a great weekend full of fun!! =) I can’t wait to meet this new little dog. I am very excited

    • sue

      Heather, what a beautiful thing you are doing!! And I wish you the best of health and happiness for this awesome animal! My life is all about my dogs and giving them the best I can possibly provide for them. What you are doing is going to be sooooo rewarding, not only to you, but to your beautiful soul 🙂 Dog spelled backwards is GOD, so good for you for getting it!! We are so dog driven in our family, so any beautiful story like this makes me want to say “You are awesome”

      xoxo Sue

      • Thanks……I do it because I love it and I think I get more out of it than the dogs do. LOL I just posted a pic of the paralized min pin on Jenny’s facebook for people to see. I can’t wait to get him and make him mobile ….a wheelchair for the little man will come soon. We made a chipIn for his vetting bills since I know he has a long road ahead. Wilbur was found pulling his back legs behind him going down the road. We ar not sure if his history. So next week we have vetting appointments to get x-rays, his neuter, physical therapy evalution and a fitting for the wheelchair. It will be a good few months of vetting before we can get him ready to be adopted. I can’t wait to meet him!!

        Jenny…..the BBQ sauce looks great BTW….I have never thought of making my own. I am sure it tastes much better than store bought. YUM!

  6. sue

    Happy 4th to the both of you!! When I make my chicken that falls off the bones I cook it in water first. Do you do that?? You have to be careful ofcourse because if you leave it in water too long….well you know, it’s hard to keep it on the bones! 🙂 My birthday was yesterday, June 30th and I accepted my parents invitation to go out to dinner. What do you think they did with eight of us at the table? they had the servers sing “Happy Birthday”…. OMG!! I was so embarrassed! I did apologize to the tables surrounding us but they didn’t seem to mind? I brought in my homemade chocolate chip cookies to work and they were gone by 2 p.m. (that made me feel good) 🙂 Thanks for the recipe, we will use it this weekend, everything you make is soooooo yummmy!!



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