Jan 31, 2020

Healthy Mexican Black Bean Casserole

Healthy Mexican Black Bean CasseroleI love casseroles. Cook once / eat twice /or three times. And casseroles are always flexible: a little more of this, a little less of that, and they still turn out. This is a little like my Spicy Mexican Casserole but made not spicy using an Anaheim pepper, with corn tortillas and added vegetables. I always try to include as many vegetables as possible in every meal, besides the salads I make every day.

Vegetables are the key to good health so besides lots of fresh tomatoes, I include antioxidant-rich bell pepper along with the Anaheim green chili pepper. Anaheim peppers (also called long peppers) are green and measure about 7 inches long.These peppers are great for anyone not liking anything too spicy but who does like a flavorful pepper. Of course you can use Jalapeño peppers instead but the Anaheim pepper is perfect for me.

This recipe is high in fiber from the black beans and corn tortillas. All corn tortillas are not the same, in fact they can be very different. I tried Whole Foods 365 brand and they were dry and disappointing. My preference is Guerrero brand if you can find them.

You can make lots of variations with this recipe, using cheddar cheese instead of monterey jack, pinto beans instead of black beans, and you can add spices if you like, but I do recommend staying with the fresh tomatoes. They add moisture and fresh taste to this easy casserole.

UPDATE June 3, 2020: I found myself using less and less tomatoes in this recipe and I now prefer it that way. It also means less chopping! 👍 I suggest trying it with only about 3/4 pound of tomatoes.

Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

9 Comments on "Healthy Mexican Black Bean Casserole"

  1. Yavonae

    We’re all getting fat now due to the lockdown (Covid19) and your recipes. I’m up 10 pounds ?. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Molly A Spradley

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for another delicious, healthy recipe that doesn’t follow the fad of the day. Your recipes can always be trusted to give us healthy options to reduce bad fats and trim a few calories here and there but still create satisfying foods and meals.

  3. Gina

    Thanks Jenny! I’m trying this one. I’ve been looking for more high protein, meatless meals. Will serve this with chopped green onion on top, along with the sour cream. Guacamole or chopped avocado on the side. I really enjoy getting each new recipe from you!

  4. Mac


    Glad to see you’re still at it creating delicious, healthy food that’s easy to prepare.
    I understand you are retired and no longer have a crew to produce the YouTube videos. I do miss them, they were informative and extremely entertaining!

    Best wishes to you, lovely lady!

  5. Barb A

    So nice to see you in my new blog post feed this morning, Jenny!

  6. Leonora

    I know you have a life outside of your recipes but…I do love when I see a notification from you! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

  7. Peggy

    Do you publish dietary information on recipes? I would like to know the sodium content of the Black Bean Casserole to make sure it is safe for a low sodium diet.

  8. Merrilyn (Merri) McElderry

    You are wonderful!!! I do not get your posts ..so let me know how to get those or emails. The recipes are wonderful, but YOU are the most fun , most cool and most amazing lady to watch in the kitchen!!!! With you cooking is fun, and easy. Let me know how to keep getting these please. Thank YOU!!!!! chow now.. Merri in Northfield Minnesota

  9. Janir

    We love all your recipes & your unique but, thank goodness, yummy but easy strategies! Thanks so much!

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