Dec 17, 2018

Healthier Christmas Sugar Cookies

Easy Christmas Sugar CookiesThere are too many temptations during the holidays! Sweets are everywhere but they don’t all have to be bad for you. My sugar cookies use half the butter, are low in sugar and you can make them using part whole wheat pastry flour. And by the way, I can not tell the difference between the all purpose flour version and the whole wheat version.

Everyone loves these cookies so I make a lot. That’s why I usually use a cookie press because I need lots of cookies and it’s just faster. They’re not as pretty as the cutouts but they taste just as good. One of the best things about these sugar cookies is they keep well and travel well so they are perfect to give as gifts with no worry that they won’t be fresh.  They also freeze well.

Either cutouts or cookie pressed, why not make Christmas cookies a little healthier for everyone? Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Susan

    Those look yummy! Pressed cookies make me nostalgic. We’e offering less tradition cookies this year (old fashioned date bars, Hungarian nut fold-overs, decorated Italian ricotta drop cookies and a new edition — Harris Ranch Pecan Cookies (with no flour, butter, shortening or oil!) that taste sorta pecan-pie-ish. Merry Christmas, Jenny!

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