Nov 14, 2017

Fast No Knead Crusty Rolls

Quick & Easy Crusty RollsJust in time for Thanksgiving, here is an even faster way to make my original crusty rolls. And you can make them ahead and freeze. They freeze beautifully and you can re-crisp, directly from freezer to oven, in minutes. They are even more crusty when you freeze and reheat!

The original version takes 4 hours but this one is ready in half the time – TWO hours! Using more yeast and hot water, it’s the fastest way I know to make these fabulous dinner rolls. It’s important that your oven be preheated to 450° F and my oven takes 35 minutes to reach 450. It’s really best to use an oven thermometer to make sure your oven it hot enough as these rolls depend on the first blast of high heat to puff up and rise.

This dough is sticky so it may help to see how to shape the rolls by watching the video attached to my original version of No Knead Crusty Rolls.

These fabulous artisan rolls can be made ahead and nicely re-crisped the next day or better still, make, cool, and freeze and just reheat by placing them directly on the oven rack, preheated to 325 °F, for 10-12 minutes. I’m always excited when I can find a way to make something easier and faster, especially when it’s homemade bread. They’re not just dinner rolls – I had them for breakfast today.

So there are three ways to make these crusty rolls. One is my original 4-hour recipe. Two is the overnight version where you use cold water and let the dough sit out overnight. And third, this new, fastest way ever to make no knead crusty rolls – in two hours!  Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Jean R.

    I mixed up this dough and then had to stop and go somewhere, so I put it in the fridge for a few hours. After I took it out, I let it sit for an hour to come up to room temperature. I thought it had doubled so I went ahead and made the rolls and then turned on the oven to preheat. I ended up with 6 rolls and they were very good. I will continue to use this recipe but plan to double it next time! Easy, nice and crusty!!👍👍

  2. Lisa

    Made these rolls today for the first time. My husband loved the thick crust, and proclaimed them the BEST rolls he had ever eaten! They were so easy, and so delicious with brie and apricot preserves. Definitely a keeper!

  3. Debbie

    My personal “food critics” declared these “Perfection” after my first time using this recpe!
    If they follow this recipe,ANYONE will be able to make bakery style Crusty Hard Rolls THANKS to you, JENNY!!

  4. Maryquinn Rafferty

    Is it possible to convert these crusty rolls to sourdough crusty rolls?

  5. Karen Kizer

    I’m new to bread making and was poking around looking for tips and recipes. I never imagined a no knead 4 ing. Recipe. when I saw that golden crusty ball of perfection you created along with your enthusiasm and fun lovin personality. I said I want what she’s having Lol! When mine came out of the oven I posted a pic and said I’m taking this bread a stick of butter and headed straight to the couch. When my bread came out of the oven my eyes bulged and I said OMG LOOK AT THAT!! then I just giggled because all I heard was your voice from your video saying LOOK AT THAT, LOOK AT THAT OMG! LOOK AT THAT.. Your hilarious. I’ll always go to your recipes first. Whoever said you can’t live on bread alone needs to join the crispy crusty bread club!!! Thanks Jenny! Karen

  6. alma C.

    Hi Jenny
    Love your recipes. I thought I’d share that I made bread bowls for soup from your Crusty Roll recipe and they were delicious. I made two bowls, lowered the oven temp. to 400, and baked until golden brown, Cut the top off, took the center out and filled with broccoli cheese soup, so good. I’ve made them twice now.
    Thanks again for your recipes

    • Karen

      Yum! There’s So many different soups you can use and the bonus is you can even eat the dishes.. trying to be funny.. Karen

  7. llisamac

    Hi! Thanks so much for your awesome recipes! I’ve made these now, a few times. I’m a sesame-a-holic, so I rolled the rolls in the seeds, before allowing to rest 15 minutes and baking. They came out great.

  8. Elle

    I would like to make the rolls for Hamburgers. With this recipe how many can I make Six? or ….
    You are a wonder. I too am Polish- Tomkiewicz

  9. Jacqueline

    Jenny, you CAN COOK!! Your rolls and bread are fantastic and quick. Everything my husband and I have cooked is very good. The fact that your videos are funny and cute is just heavy! Thank you!

  10. Eithne Laffan

    Jenny we had your rolls for thanksgiving and they were delicious, thank you so much

  11. D. Lynn Carmichael (aka Danusia)

    Here is my experience turning these fastest no-knead dinner rolls into a whole wheat version.
    First, I pretty much only use white whole wheat flour in anything bready and yeasty … regular whole wheat flour (different grain type) results in very dense, heavy output that is not appealing.
    Using a straight substitution of half white-whole-wheat flour, and keeping everything else the same: time, temp, amount of liquid, these buns turned out hard as rocks and could have been used as baseballs!
    As I approached the kitchen, I could smell that overbaked odor … could only lol when I took them out of the oven. No dice.
    Did some homework and gave it another shot.
    *King Arthur flour website has a near-thesis on flour subsitutions. In short, they say only substitute half the flour in the recipe with White Whole Wheat (different grain type from regular whole wheat) flour — *otherwise, you have to make other changes, such as amount of liquid etc.
    I looked at many recipes for whole wheat bread buns, most called for half white whole-wheat flour, the other half all-purpose flour. *Importantly, they all used a 375°F oven temperaure, for 20 minutes.
    After making those changes, my fast no-knead whole-wheat buns turned out very nicely.
    Hope this feedback is helpful.

  12. Franca

    Hi Jenny. I have the same question as Joyce. Can we make these whole wheat? If we can how much more of the liquid is needed.

  13. Joyce

    How would you Make these rolls as wheat ? Would you add.more yeast?

    • Theo107

      Hi, Joyce and Franka, To make both Jenny’s quick rolls and Dutch oven bread 100% whole wheat use a 50 / 50 mix of whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour ( also known as white whole wheat flour ) and double the amount of yeast.
      Every other ingredient remains the same.
      The bread and rolls are even more delicious when made with all whole wheat and the extra yeast keeps them from being overly dense and heavy. ENJOY!
      Thanks to Jenny, we can have bread and rolls fresh from the oven any time we wish!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I wanted to try your idea and share my results but white whole wheat flour is not the same as whole wheat pastry flour. They are each made from different kinds of wheat – white whole wheat flour has a lot more gluten than whole wheat pastry flour. Can you please clarify which one you use as I would love to try it. Thank you.

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