Jun 12, 2016

English Muffins for Breakfast

How To Make English Muffins at HomeSunday breakfast usually means there’s time to make something special. Today I made English muffins and as soon as I tasted them I remembered why I never buy them at the store. They’re delicious! You don’t need an oven to make these because they cook on a griddle or large pan. This first photo above is how they look just before cooking. And below is how they look after about 15 minutes on the grill, seven minutes per side…

English Muffins2_1200_9348My recipe is simple. You make a yeast dough, let it rest for 10 minutes, then roll and cut out six circles. You dust them with cornmeal and once they rise in a warm spot, you cook them on a griddle – no oven. I preheat the griddle and just rub it with a stick of butter. They cook for seven minutes per side and now you have your own homemade English muffins, ready to split in half and toast. And yes, there are lots of nooks and crannies!

If you’ve never tasted homemade English muffins, I will say they taste nothing like the ones in the package. They’re a hundred, million, zillion times better! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

7 Comments on "English Muffins for Breakfast"

  1. Shirley Jones

    I made your English Muffins recipe and agree that I’ll never buy them again! I make them a little larger, so that they fit in my Breakfast Sandwich maker and they fit beautifully! I enjoy your No Knead breads and have tried several varieties. Not used to eating spaghetti, I once ruined a favourite dress and wondered at your video, being brave enough to wear white. I needed to see how you did it and watched the video right to the end, where you demonstrated how you eat spaghetti, thinking it would be a good tip, but when you demonstrated your method, I burst out laughing – what a good sport you are! I always enjoyed your afternoon shows and love your positive attitude and enthusiasm. Well done!!!!!!

  2. sandy

    In your English muffin recipe you state In a small bowl combine the milk water, and oil Heat the milk mixture to 120 F and add to flour mixture

    my question is do I just heat the milk, or all of the ingredients. Thanks

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You heat the entire mixture of milk, water, and oil. I will clarify the recipe.

  3. sandy

    do you have a video on English muffins?

  4. Bud

    Which Corn Meal would recommend for the English Muffins?

  5. Marilyn Warren

    I have watched a lot of your videos and have tried some of the recipes. I love English Muffins and I will try them in the morning tomorrow. I love your sense of humor!

  6. Cathy

    Wow, they look good. ?I love all your cooking videos when are you going to make more? ??❤️❣????

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