Dec 15, 2019

Easy One Pan Dinner

Easy One Pan DinnerI’m loving my easy one pan meals, especially now around the holidays when there’s lots to do so recipes like this are just what I need. Everything cooks in the pan and it couldn’t be any easier. The marinade is simple… just olive oil, fresh lemon juice, lots of garlic, oregano and salt. Did I mention it’s Greek style? (oregano = Greek!).

There’s no fuss with this easy sheet pan dinner. I marinate the chicken and potatoes while the oven heats up and then when they bake in the marinade, they soak up all those wonderful flavors. It bakes all by itself so you can do other things, like make a salad. You only stir it once when you add the beans.

Speaking of beans, I don’t know what happened to regular green beans lately but they are terrible, usually dry, full of dark spots and sometime even hollow inside. I actually stopped eating green beans until I discovered French ones. French green beans usually come in a bag with no preparation needed and they are smaller, more tender, they cook faster, taste better, and they definitely look better.

If you’re as busy as I am this month, try this easy one pan Greek Lemon Chicken, Potatoes, and Green Beans. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

6 Comments on "Easy One Pan Dinner"

  1. Gloria Cabeen

    Hi Jenny, Happy New Year!
    I was just wondering if you follow the rule of No Snacking between meals and eat only at mealtimes, with just water, tea or coffee between meals.
    It’s the new year and I’m trying to follow this rule, which I started a couple of months ago (not always successfully).
    God bless, Gloria

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t follow any particular rules or diets. I eat when I’m hungry, usually every 3-4 hours, even right before bed. If by snacking you mean things like chips, etc., I don’t do that. I stay full be eating small healthy meals throughout the day and a snack would be crudite or nuts with fruit. That works for me but may not be right for someone else.

  2. Dalila G.

    Good morning Ms. Jenny!!
    I have made many of your recipes and I must tell you, again, that they always turn out FANTASTIC!!! No hassles, no mess and sooooo tasty!!
    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to experiment with healthy cooking and baking for us, you’re the BEST!!
    Also….LOVIN’ your Christmas picture on your homepage, just too cute!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you and Merry Christmas back to you.

  3. Urbanite


    I’ve learned so much from you and your videos. You’re a ray of sunshine. I’ve always been a fan, but wanted you to know just how special and sparkly you are.


  4. Barb A

    mmm.. thanks, Jenny!

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