May 21, 2014

Easy Chicken & Mushrooms

Essy Recipe Chicken & Mushrooms

It never fails. It always impresses. And it’s quick and easy. This is my go-to chicken dinner for weeknights and also for company because it feels like something from a fancy restaurant but wait until you see how quick and easy it is.  It’s basically chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce that only tastes rich but it’s made with low-fat milk and no butter. I like this because it cooks in 15 minutes with only three main ingredients: chicken, mushrooms, and green onions. I normally serve it over rice but it’s also good with noodles.

Mushrooms have many health benefits including immune support, that hard-to-get vitamin D, many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like selenium for disease prevention. But here’s my problem with mushrooms: They’re squishy when you cook ’em. I love the smell and the taste but can’t bring myself to chew a squishy mushroom. Solution: I chop them up really tiny and there’s no problem. I left them sliced for the photo but I normally make this recipe with tiny bits of mushroom so I can enjoy this delicious meal.

No meal is complete for me without vegetables and I usually serve my chicken & mushrooms with steamed broccoli. If you like that idea, here’s an easy way to do it. I put my rice on to cook in a pot on the stove and about five minutes before it’s done, I quickly lift off the lid, toss the broccoli on top of the rice, lid back on, and finish the rice. Uncle Ben’s converted rice cooks in 20 minutes and then you let it stand for a few more and that’s just enough time to steam the broccoli with no extra dishes or pots. I love it!

Try my quick and easy chicken & mushrooms. It has never failed me and everyone loves it. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones 

5 Comments on "Easy Chicken & Mushrooms"

  1. deb

    Just fair warning……I’m NOT a good cook! This was just okay, and I want to find a way to make it good! What kind of mushrooms do you suggest? Would you recommend any particular herb be included for more flavor? And, for times milk needs to be omitted, would you think chicken broth could be mixed with flour?
    Thanks Jenny, love the simplicity!

    • Moe

      I am not a good cook either! But I season the chicken with paprika and sauté the mushrooms in a bit of teriyaki sauce. Always serve with buttered noodles. My husband loves this dish!

  2. Robin Kinley

    Mmm! Made it last night and my picky husband scarfed it down!

  3. Kevin

    Love the recipes especially on the Polish side my grandparents on my mother’s side are polish but when it comes to like the rice try to find Jasmine rice at most grocery stores and use a rice cooker and it complements the dish tremendously.

  4. jvackiv

    Mr. Picky loved this! Definitely a keeper and so easy to make. Thanks, Jenny! <3

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