Aug 2, 2020

Chewy Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip CookiesThere are always fresh homemade cookies in this house and it’s usually what we have for dessert. Oatmeal cookies are my favorite because oats provide good fiber and even dark chocolate has health benefits, so this is a win-win recipe. There’s no butter in this easy recipe – I use avocado oil instead – but you can use another vegetable oil if you like.

I’m always torn about how long to bake them. The less you bake them the softer they will be but I also like browned edges so I left the baking time open to between 12 and 14 minutes. I also realize that all ovens and baking sheets are different so you can judge the baking time that works for you. Either way it’s a simple recipe for old fashioned oatmeal cookies but with new fashioned dark chocolate chunks. My husband says, “Everything is better with chocolate!” He’s after me for a chocolate meat loaf! I don’t see it happening. Click here for the recipe. (not the chocolate meatloaf, the cookies! ?) – jenny jones

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3 Comments on "Chewy Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies"

  1. Treezza

    You’re right . . . not everything is better with chocolate. My mom used to send us to school with bologna sandwiches. I told her I didn’t like them and they made me sick, but we got them anyway. So one time I thought, I’ll put the chocolate bar on it to hide the awful bologna taste. Well, my stomach didn’t agree that was better, and sent it back!

  2. Susan

    Mexican Mole‘ Meatloaf? It has chocolate in it.

  3. Joan

    Love your videos and your recipes. But, Please do you have to take the Lord’s name in vain??

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