Jan 18, 2017

Five Foods Known to Cause Cancer

I saw this in USA Today and thought it was worth sharing. Here are five foods they say are known to cause cancer:
1. Processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, ham, and sausages. Limit your intake.
2. Highly salted foods like pickles. A high intake is linked to stomach cancer. Less is better than more.
3. Alcohol. It can raise your risk of mouth, colorectal & breast cancer. Limit intake to one drink a day for women, two for men.
4. Charred meat. High heat + meat = DNA-damaging compounds. Cook at lower temperatures and flip meat frequently to avoid charring.
5. Scalding hot beverages. Routinely drinking very hot tea, coffee, or soup is linked to a greater risk of esophageal cancer.

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  1. cheryl

    I really thank you for that information. I did not know about the charred meat at all. Never heard of it. I love what you do. Especially your baking. I am not a big bread eater until my husband made your wheat bread and rolls. I had read that bread is good for nerves stuff. I had a cervical spine surgery (c2-c8) that went really bad, other than being alive. I am completely incontinent and ended up after 3 years after the surgery with a Ileostomy bag cause all my sphincter nerves are toast. But I’ve done a little reading about bread and my issues. If you know anything about it could you let me know? Thank you again.

  2. Dalila G.

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for sharing this bit of information with us.
    Now a days there’s just so much out there that does a human body harm.
    Back in the day, dating myself here, food was much “cleaner”, not so many additives in it. It’s really wild reading all the things put into food these days.
    Of course, everyone knows you have to limit yourself with all foods.
    It’s always been the right and healthy thing to do.
    It’s just not an easy thing for me to do. 🙁
    Unfortunately, I have a hard time saying no to sweets, LOL!
    They (sweets) are my dear friends and at the same time my worst enemies.
    I definitely have a love-hate relationship with sweets.
    I’m safe with #3, I never drink any alcohol, I just do not like the taste at all.
    Have a nice evening Jenny!

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