Apr 17, 2020

You Can Bake Bread Without Yeast

Quick Easy Bread No Yeast

Can’t find yeast? Need to make bread? Here is a bread recipe that uses no yeast, instead using baking soda and buttermilk for a fast and easy loaf, good for sandwiches or toast. When I say “fast” check this: without yeast there is no rising time so the whole recipe, start to finish, takes 35 minutes!

This is basically my version of Irish soda bread so don’t expect it to taste like yeast bread. It might remind you of buttermilk biscuits. I used it for a salmon sandwich yesterday and had it toasted today with breakfast. Most soda breads don’t use eggs but I found that adding the egg makes it lighter and rise more; otherwise, it turned out more dense.

And I tried it with both real buttermilk and with a substitute of milk + white vinegar and I preferred the real buttermilk version. On the bright side, buttermilk should be easier to find than yeast these days. So bottom line, you’ll get the best result using real buttermilk and the egg but if you want to avoid the egg there are lots of Irish soda bread recipes available online for you to choose.

Bread made with yeast is ideal but for anyone in quarantine who can’t find yeast, this is my best version of bread without yeast. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

19 Comments on "You Can Bake Bread Without Yeast"

  1. Grannyrsh

    I’m buying buttermilk and giving this a try. I was hoping to find a soda cracker recipe on your website that has little or no fat. But ran across this bread recipe. I’ll let you know how it turns out! Thanks Jenny

  2. carol

    I want to try this bread, can I add a little sugar to it?

  3. Denise Jones

    I made the no yeast bread. It turned out great. Thanks for the recipe. Also, the no-egg chocolate cake is amazing!!! It’s the moistest cake I have ever eaten.

  4. Clara Richards

    Hi Jenny…..I remember watching ur show when I was teenager…u r still as bubbly as ever… but I must say…Iove ur cooking and baking even more….ur recipes are simple and delish and just easy to make and follow. Keep on doing a great job..we need ur recipes especially now with COVID19..Big hugssss?♥️

  5. DEE

    I just want to say I absolutely love Jenny can cook recipes. I love watching the videos because she has such a animated personality and makes the food look so easy to make. I have made her chicken pot pie recipe for my daughter and granddaughter and they cannot get enough.My granddaughter bought her own pie dish so she could have her own chicken pot pie to herself. I’m loving it. LOL

  6. Dorothy McCarthy

    I just love making all your receipts that are on YouTube. I’ve Ben looking for your wonderful cookbook but can’t seem to find it, can you direct me to where I can find it, Dorothy McCarthy thank you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My cookbook is out of print and there is no need to look for it because it’s also out of date. I am a better cook today and all of my best recipes are here on this website.

  7. alma alsip

    Hi Jenny,

    I made bread bowls from your crusty roll recipe, they were great.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Barb A

    It took me 3 weeks to get yeast. omg. I was beginning to think I’d never see yeast again. My neighbor found a 5# bag of AP flour for me last week. YAY! But I was holding out for bread flour. I finally got two 5# bags of bread flour 2 days ago! Hooray! Yesterday I made a loaf of bread. omg… finally!!

    And today we’ll toast the rest of it and have it with breakfast. And then I’ll make a loaf of bread…

    As far as Buttermilk substitutes – Have you tried Saco Cultured Buttermilk Blend? It’s so easy and convenient! I keep some in the fridge when I have the urge to make buttermilk biscuits or if a recipe calls for buttermilk. Works great!

  9. Dale W Aden Sr

    Thank you Jenny! You’re an inspiration.

  10. Janice D.

    Thank you, Jenny, you have rescued many of us who are running out of our stash of yeast! Love all your recipes and especially your videos.

  11. Sheila

    Hey Jenny!,

    I am writing from your hometown of lovely London Ontario. Thank you so much for your amazing recipes. We especially love your quick rise bread and your pizza dough. There is no surprise that people are loving your recipes. They are easy to follow and consistently produce amazing food.

    Please keep healthy and happy
    All the very best!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you and hello back to you in London! ??

  12. Donna

    Hi, Jenny! No need to answer. I just wanted to thank you for your recipes and to tell you you have the BEST personality!
    Love you!!!

  13. Linda C

    Made my first chicken pot pie today using your recipe. It was delicious and will definitely try some more of your recipes. Thank You

  14. KathieP

    Hi Jenny! Hope you are well. Just one question about this bread recipe: Can I make it with whole wheat flour? There seems like a shortage of flour in my area, but I do have whole wheat flour on hand.
    Thanks so much. I really enjoy your recipes!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I made it with half and half whole wheat + a/p flours and I was pleased with it. I don’t know about 100% whole wheat though…

      • Kathiep

        OK, thanks Jenny! I will try 1/2 and 1/2 and see how it turns out. Love all your recipes!

  15. Terri

    Just want to say thank you, Jenny for this and all the wonderful recipes.
    I have made many of your recipes and I am your #1 fan!!!
    Quarantining here in OKC and baking your wonderful bread recipes.

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