Sep 23, 2018

What’s For Breakfast?

Healthy Cinnamon RollsI made cinnamon rolls with breakfast. Notice I say “with” and not “for.” That’s because cinnamon rolls FOR breakfast is a no-no. But once you have your eggs and whole grain toast and a little fruit, you’re allowed to have a cinnamon roll. At least that’s the rule around here because it’s my kitchen and I am in charge!  This is an easy one-rise recipe that I make without butter but you can use butter in the filling if you like. It’s one of my most popular recipes. Click here for my cinnamon rolls recipe. – Jenny Jones

5 Comments on "What’s For Breakfast?"

  1. Becky

    Jenny I grew up with my grandmother’s polish cooking and she always made pierogies (potatoes and cheese). Fo you have a good recipe on how to make them? I have tried for years and then never really accomplished it. I am so excited to find a Polish cook in my memories Grandma’s house was the best place to eat.

  2. Carol Gavin

    Hi Jenny, I’m a 78 yr.old broad living near Niagara Falls, Canada in Welland, Ontario. I would like to know about the “colorful” surface you use to prepare your great dishes on. some are Blue, pink, yellow, etc. I wonder where I could purchase one. Sure love your recipes & have printed out several. I also like your sense of humor. thanks for whatever help you can give .


    • Jenny Can Cook

      I covered the tables with plain fabric. If it’s a particular board, please let me know which video as they are all different. Thank you.

  3. Healthy baking

    Hi Jenny. I must be one of your biggest fans! I love your recipes and your practical tips. I have made dozens of your recipes. My husband and our friends love them all. When we get together with our friends I bring dessert. They love everything i bring and I love to remind them how much healthier your recipes are without compromising taste. I am 100% Polish. Thank you for working on healthier recipes to promote our health in the process. God bless you!

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