Jan 22, 2013

Welcome to my New Website!

JennyInKitchen_600x450I love to cook. And I really love to bake. I created this site to share my best recipes, hoping to motivate more people to cook at home and make eating healthy foods and meals (and desserts) a priority. It’s hard to do if you don’t cook at home. Mine are simple recipes, mostly comfort foods, and they are as healthy as I can make them. I always try to:

  • Incorporate as many vegetables as possible
  • Avoid saturated and trans fats
  • Use less sugar & little to no butter in my baking
  • Bake with whole grains when possible
  • Reduce unhealthy fats
  • Increase fiber

I’m not selling anything and you’ll never see ads on this site.

I invite you to try my recipes and send me your comments. You can also share your own healthy recipes here. Well, thanks for visiting and I hope you like it. 🙂

p.s. I also transferred all my cooking posts from the jennyjones.com archives so there’s tons of stuff to see.

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8 Comments on "Welcome to my New Website!"

  1. M holman

    What can I use instead of a crock pot?
    I would like to make your bread, but I don’t have a croak.
    Bread looks delicious. I make bread a lot, but not in a crock.

  2. Rita

    I love your recipes. I met you in Toronto at a book promotion of your cookbook ‘Look Good Feel Great Cooknook’ where I bought your book when it first came out. I have made many of your recipes and have to ask you, where do you get oven gloves? I have looked but only find oven mitts. I look forward to trying many more of your recipes. Thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I remember that book promotion because I was so nervous as an unproven cook. I get the oven gloves at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  3. Kim

    Jenny jones;
    Hi,i went through your recipes and i chose to make your christmas snowballs recipe as my first recipe from your website,and i watched your video on how to make these cookies which looks pretty easy to make at home.Can your snowball cookies be doubled and frozen after i cook my first 2 batches of the snowball cookies?what is the best way to freeze the cookies and thaw them out before eating them with my mom,niece and nephew?
    Mom and i also enjoyed watching you on the jenny jones show.

  4. Rhonda

    Jenny, I’m liking your new website. As a fan I thank you for giving us the entertainment and info from both your websites and Facebook. You are awesome and so is Damon. 😀

  5. Andy

    Love the site, Jenny. I’m going to try to vegetable pasta!

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