Mar 18, 2015

Apple Pie

Apple pie doesn’t have to be full of butter and shortening to be awesome. My healthier apple pie uses an easy oil crust and I use extra-light olive oil for that. And the filling! OMG, it’s so good!! I use three pounds of granny smith apples with a deep dish pie pan.

Homemade apple pie is something special and I hope my video shows that it’s not hard to make, especially with an oil crust. I used to make pie crusts with shortening and ice water, etc. so forget that method. It’s too much trouble. An oil crust is healthier, way easier, and bakes up beautifully.

So I hope this video gets you to make the ultimate American dessert – apple pie. Once you taste this delicious & healthier pie, you will make it again. I also find it to be a useful negotiating tool. “Honey, I’m thinking about making apple pie today. How is that garage coming along?” Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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11 Comments on "Apple Pie"

  1. Chris

    My wife made your delicious apple pie. It was soooooooo good. We both had 2 pcs each. When you were peeling the apples, I heard you mentioned your dad. Just to let you know, I worked for your dad at the bridal store in London from 1969 to 1972 and I met you at 3 different occasions. I remember your father’s famous cabbage rolls. Also your dad and Roula were guests at our wedding 46 years ago in Toronto. Looking forward hearing from you.Now I am ready to have another piece of your amazing apple pie. Thank you.

  2. Ruth Ann

    Hi Jenny, I find your videos informative and fun. You take the anxst out of cooking. Your enthusiasm is delightful and contagious. I’ve been making your no knead bread and pizza dough with great success. I’m no longer intimidated by dough. My next challenge will be the elusive pie crust. But with your video I can now say “I got this” .
    Keep easy recipes coming and never change your approach. You are so much fun!
    Warmest Regards,

  3. Lisa

    Hi Jenny, would it make a difference if you used brown sugar or a combination of brown/white sugar in the recipe?

    • Jenny

      Brown sugar in the crust would make it too heavy and in the filling, it would probably add a molasses flavor to the apple filling, which would not be my choice.

  4. jackie

    Looks amazing and easy I have never made a pie because of the dough but this one looks so easy.
    1 question can I use more spices in the apples?

  5. Rhonda

    One word…Yum!…

  6. Ren

    This apple pie looks pretty amazing. Will be trying it really soon. If its anything like your usual gems, it’s gonna be superb.

  7. Pam Gonzalez

    Jenny I love your videos. Your recipes are good ones. I’ve made several of them. You are way more fun than Martha Stewart!! You’re always excited about what you’re making. I feel the same way and I like that you’re not perfect. Makes me feel like I can do it!! Thanks for being so nice!!

  8. Rebecca

    Found your videos on Pinterest after I searched crab cakes……..I have just sent the last two hours watching your videos!!! Your recipes are great!!! Can’t wait to try some:) Thank you for sharing your cooking skills with us!!!

  9. Michael Corden

    I’m a subscriber and get your recipe emails, but open them infrequently (it will become clear why). Your recent Granny Smith (it’s my only apple) recipe, I will do for sure, but instead of crust, I will use aluminum foil. It’s those carbs, ya know, and I’m just in it for the apples.

    Before I go, I’ve got to tell you that you’re a dear and charming woman and I love you madly…and always have the same reaction.

    Love your videos, love you.
    Many cheers from Happy Wet Eyes.

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