Feb 19, 2013

Hash Browns

When hash browns are just right, there’s nothing better with breakfast… crisp and golden on the outside (especially those crunchy edges!) and moist and tender on the inside… that’s how perfect hash browns from scratch should be. And you can do this! This may be my only recipe with just ONE ingredient so you know it can’t be hard. There are just a couple of things that can make hash browns foolproof every time. You’ll see…

Click here for the recipe.

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8 Comments on "Hash Browns"

  1. Stacy Fletcher

    Seasoning?? That’s the only problem..plus I love onions in my hash brown potatoes. Maybe onion powder would keep them dry..?

  2. Linda Unkenholz

    I discovered your site this morning by accident. My heavens, I love it. Great recipes and you are so funny ! I can’t wait to try many of your recipes. I have never been able to cook hash browns right. I can’t wait to do this one !

  3. Hmm

    Pft. Those hashbrowns are awful looking. They’re close to be burned, too crispy. That is NOT how hashbrowns should be. It’s really a shame because the one thing that’s consistent with searching for how to make hashbrowns is that everyone’s hashbrowns look different and for the most part, awful.

    It’s too bad none of the masterchefs have their own webpage describing how to make hashbrowns….i guess it’s for peasants.

    • Jenny

      You’re right, everyone’s hash browns are different, so it’s not worth being upset over it. Let’s agree to like different kinds of hash browns and we can still be kind to each other. Plus stress interferes with the digestion of starches!

    • Stacy Fletcher

      Seems to me rather them being so unkind to someone trying to share RECIPES THAT ACTUALLY WORK, and saying thank you, you could just flip YOUR hash browns a little sooner than 15min if those look too brown…your comment wasn’t really helpful or necessary..try saying something nice or nothing at all..

    • Tena

      And here I was, thinking I would cook mine a little longer, because I like them darker. LOL! The sad thing is that there are so many people like you, who don’t realize that recipes like this are not set in stone. Baking, as in cakes, and other deserts, has to be pretty precise, but cooking is a matter of taste. If you don’t like yours as brown, Don’t cook them as long. If you want more or different seasonings, use them the way you like. Most recipes are easy to customize to individual taste.

    • bob bride

      Miss Disgruntlement Hope she wasn’t looking for something more in the morning when the hubby rolled over …or maybe that’s the problem. Lol

  4. Rhonda

    I love this video. You showed your trick in here. I’m not saying though. You guys will have to watch. Oh and I love the duck timer. It made me chuckle…lol…cute! 😆
    So simple and the crunchy, crispy sound you hash browns make is what I love about them. Waffle House makes the best in town around here but from your video I would say you just was crowned queen of the hash browns in my book…lol…seriously 😉 🙂
    I’m going to make these soon 😀

    Oh and Btw Jenny you scared me again with getting a little to close to the grater. You scared me before with the mixer but good job! You almost grated the whole potato…lol…I was thinking “careful Jenny” with one eye closed. Scared to look…lol…I couldn’t have gotten that close to those blades on the box grater. Those scare me, but I do use it anyway. I just don’t get so close…

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