Aug 13, 2013

Easy Potato Pancakes

By popular demand, here is a new video showing how I make my easy potato pancakes. Using a food processor makes this healthy recipe incredibly easy to do but you can also shred the potatoes the old-fashioned way using a box grater. Even then it’s still an easy recipe. After years of ordering potato pancakes in restaurants to have them bring me a greasy, practically deep-fried mass of mush, I decided I had to learn to make my own. And it was a labor of love because I love my potatoes!

The best potato pancakes need a thick batter and the trick I am sharing in this video is how to drain the potatoes of their juice but keep the starch and that takes just five minutes, but it’s a must-do for these delicious little patties. My dad used to make potato pancakes all the time and serve them with sour cream – lots of sour cream –  but now I use less of it, and the reduced fat kind. Oh, and my mother would slice up leftover potato pancakes and stir them into scrambled eggs. I still love that for breakfast! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Michelle

    So good Jenny! Thanks for sharing.

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