Jun 24, 2015

Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake

I finally made another video! I had to show how easy this cake recipe is and how simple the ingredients are. With no butter or eggs, you likely have everything you need right now to make it. Flour, sugar, and cocoa are the main ingredients with some baking soda, oil, lemon juice, and vanilla. That’s it.

Even if you don’t bake much, it’s hard to mess this up. You don’t need a mixer but I do recommend using Dutch process cocoa (I use it for all my chocolate baking). It’s darker but it’s less bitter than the regular stuff. I find it (Droste brand) at my grocery store and also at World Market. That’s why this cake it so dark and rich looking.

Oh, it’s rich tasting too. You’ll be amazed how moist it is without any butter or eggs. The cake itself is made without butter and you can either frost it with my super-easy one-minute frosting made with a little butter or you can go totally butter free and vegan by just eliminating the butter and turn it into a glaze. That’s why you will find two recipes for this cake. Both recipes use the exact same cake but the “Simple Chocolate Cake Without Butter” is made with a butter-free glaze and the “Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake” has my frosting made with just 2 tablespoons of butter. Click here for the recipe.  – Jenny Jones

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11 Comments on "Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake"

  1. Exter Johansson

    Yum. Failproof. Thanks, JJo!!!

  2. Jules

    Easiest little cake . . . . ever! And, delicious to boot. I, too, am trying to use very little if any butter or eggs in cooking. I’m so happy to find this recipe. Wish I could upload a picture of this beautiful cake. I made spoons swirls in the frosting and sliced a whole strawberry for the center. Perfect!

  3. Josh

    Jenny, this cake looks out of this world! I have to admit when I saw the photo I almost cussed, but that is a testament to not only your recipes but your wonderful photography skills!

    I’m also excited to try this, because as you know I’m a vegetarian and I try to avoid things like eggs. I’ve had a lot of success with making vegan cupcakes and cookies, however I have never been able to make a vegan cake that has come out like it should. It’s either too hard or falls apart once you cut it, so I’m extremely excited to try this one, and I’m sure this will be a success.

  4. Julia

    Just finished baking your 1 bowl chocolate cake. DELICIOUS!!! So nice to make a dessert without a big fuss (or mess). Didn’t make the icing though, serving it with vanilla ice cream, yum!
    LOVE the videos ( along with the humor) and the simple, healthy, yummy recipes. DON’ T STOP JEN, LOVE EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING!

  5. Pauline47

    I made your cake after watching the video and it was excellent! My husband said that was the best chocolate cake he’s had in a long while. Also like the smaller size, which still allowed me to freeze a few pieces for next week.
    Thanks Jenny, that’s another 5-star recipe!

  6. Bernadette

    I made this cake with vinegar. SO DELICIOUS!
    For the icing; if you like the taste of butter just use liquid butter to thin your icing. Wilton makes clear butter flavoring.

  7. Frank Graves

    Looks goood to me.

  8. GailinVa

    Looks just delicious. You talked about doubling the icing to have two layers…I would like your opinion on just doubling the cake ingredients for a two layer.Would it work?
    Thank you for another visit and great recipe and video.

  9. Francine

    Hi!jenny this cake look super good!yum.

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