Jan 16, 2013

How to Boost Your Immune System

People always ask me why I never get sick. In fact, I have never taken a sick day in my life, never missed a day of work. My immune system seems to be working very well and I credit my healthy diet and lifestyle. I drink a lot of green tea and combined with the healthy foods I eat every day, something seems to be working. Besides eating healthy foods overall, there are certain foods known to boost the immune system and that can prevent a cold or flu.

So I have put those “superfoods” into a video to motivate everyone to keep your immune system strong during cold and flu season. Now you will know what to eat to prevent the flu or avoid a cold. I also think a positive mental outlook makes a difference, too. If you feel a cold coming on, don’t just accept it. Fight back by eating healthy foods to prevent getting sick.

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