Feb 24, 2015

Tuesday snacking

IMG_1092 copy 2Breakfast today was my buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup… yummy yum yum! In the afternoon I made a big pot of chicken soup. Cooked it for 3 hours! Then I strained it, pulled the good chicken off the bones, and refrigerated the stock so all the fat will rise to the top by tomorrow. Then… chicken-rice soup, chicken-noodle, and one I really love – Greek avgolemono.

My stepmom is Greek so I’ve grown to love Greek food. I’m thinking of posting my recipe for spanakopita sometime soon. After dinner (leftovers) I made a batch of granola bars. I took this picture to show how pretty the bottom of the bars get when they’re done, all glossy and sticky. Now we have these delicious bars around for snacking. Having something healthy to snack on keeps us from snacking on the wrong things. So that’s what I cooked today. ...just sharing… – Jenny Jones

2 Comments on "Tuesday snacking"

  1. Desana

    Hi Jenny,

    I just came across your site by pure accident and I’ve been drooling since I read the first recipe!!!!!! definitely have subscribed and am looking forward to all your newsletters! Your way of cooking is a dream come true – make it simple, delicious, fast and healthy!!!!!! There’s nothing better than a home made delicious food! Love your videos and your comments – some of them so funny! :))) Thank you and can’t wait to try some of your recipes out!!!! All thumbs up to your great site, a resource for new ideas for many of us! 🙂

  2. Nancy

    I enjoy your videos and your recipes. Thanks!

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