Nov 4, 2015

Too soon?

Christmas Wreath Bread1200_8575Is it too soon to start some Christmas baking? Not at my house. I just made my Christmas wreath bread because it’s never too soon to start testing all my holiday recipes. This slightly sweet egg bread is filled with golden raisins and topped with a light glaze and sprinkles. I love sweet breads and I thought about adding some nuts but I prefer it with only raisins.

It’s very similar to my original holiday bread, which was a braided loaf, but this one is shaped into a circle to make a wreath. Use as much or as little glaze as you like but the sprinkles are what makes it a Christmas bread. If you use pastel sprinkles, it becomes an Easter bread, or make it with no  sprinkles or glaze and it becomes a fabulous toasting bread. I know it’s early but I’ve been waiting all year to start my Christmas baking.

UPDATE: Please note the correct baking temperature is 350 and not 375 as initially posted.

Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

17 Comments on "Too soon?"

  1. marion

    Wondering if you are same Jenny whose mother was Sophia of London(On) I have photos of the most beautiful gown that she created for me in 1959 when I was a nursing student @ ST.Joes and had the gown made so I could attend the MBA Ball with the handsome leading man. We were a knock-out couple-my dress was the show-stopper! Love to hear from you.

    • Jenny

      Yes, my mother was Sophie and the store was named after her. I would love to see a photo of the dress. You can send it through the “Your Photos” link.

  2. Chen

    It looks delicious! I definite am going to make one this Christmas!
    I love your bread recipe. Your 90 minutes whole wheat bread is my to go recipe. I make it all the time and it turns out perfect every time.

  3. Cristina

    Dear Jenny,
    Could you share your healthy Banana Bread/Muffins recipe please. I don’t see any on your videos.

    • Jenny

      I’m working on a healthier banana bread recipe and hope to have it ready soon.

  4. Kim

    Can’t wait to try this bread, Jenny! I plan to do some holiday food testing this weekend as well. Thanks for posting.

  5. Camie

    Hi Jenny…loved making your bread recipe and cinnamon rolls, etc. but have not yet challenged myself to try raisin bread or this beautiful fancy Christmas bread…I can just taste it. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful cooking videos sometimes I just go there because you are so sweet and amusing too, love your great wit. Camie

  6. Kellie65

    Jenny, right about now is perfect. My Mom loves to bake for Christmas and this is the time…she makes tons of cookies and squares but it’s really the Nanaimo bars that everyone in the family fight over 🙂

  7. Patricia A. Mills - Bahamas

    I’ts not too early to start baking………The Christmas Wreath Bread looks wonderful. (am going to try it as well) Am enjoying this site a lot. However, am now looking for a ‘moist rich dark christmas fruit cake’ cant wait to see it only if you have the time. Thank you for everything.

    • Jenny

      I don’t make fruitcake but I know it needs to cure and the longer the better so you should be starting right about now if you find a recipe you like.

  8. Ryan


    I’ve been a huge fan since mid-90s!

    I know your cooking videos are probably hard to make, but do you plan on making any more?

    It seems like you don’t make as many as you used to. I’m not criticizing… I bet they’re difficult to assemble!

    Just know that I wasn’t a cook before I came across this site. Thanks to your videos, I mastered cabbage rolls, baked ziti, meatloaf, stew, and chicken pot pie!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

    • Jenny

      You’re right, the videos take a lot of work, especially for a detail person like me. I’m trying to put another one together but it won’t be anytime soon. Life always gets in the way. 🙂

      • Ryan

        Just curious… how much time does it take to do a video (food prep, filming, ending)? I’m a TV news anchor and know that there is so much more to video production that meets the eye. In my line of work, it takes about five hours worth of work to develop a two minute story! Also, who runs your camera? They do a good job!

        • Jenny

          My assistant runs the camera, audio, and does the editing. I prep and plan for about a week.

      • granmama

        It would be to our delight if you made a Christmas video with your home decorated in the background. Hint. Hint.

  9. Denise

    It looks beautiful. I used to start my holiday baking just before Halloween to get some practice before Christmas.

  10. Granmama11

    Beautiful and sounds delicious! I may try making that tomorrow! Thanks! Oh and NO…….not too early at all. ?

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