Sep 12, 2017

Time for More Breadsticks

Homemade BreadsticksI ran out of breadsticks again so it was time to make more. They keep disappearing because I have a breadstick with every salad and I have a salad every day. This time I made them using 100% all purpose flour and they are super crunchy. I make them so often I even bought a breadstick pan that’s perforated to help them bake up crispy with grooves so the sticks stay round.

This is one of the recipes I make the most because no one sells breadsticks that even come close to this good. The ones that come in a package are a waste of time and the occasional bakery that sells them – well they just don’t measure up. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. HollyS

    Could you give me this Recipe in English? PULPECIKI W SOSIE KOPERKOWO-POMIDOROWYM…

    I believe it is Chicken Meatballs, with full or Mushroom sauce..

    I can’t find the translated version..

    I would be so grateful..

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