Feb 3, 2015

The Best Way to Make Whole Wheat No Knead Bread

No Knead Whole Wheat Bread

Make it overnight. I finally figured out the best way to make whole wheat no knead bread. Start the dough the night before using cold water instead of using the faster method with hot water. The faster method works well with regular bread made with bread flour or all-purpose flour but the faster method using 100% whole wheat flour makes a loaf that was too dense for a lot of people. I happen to love a dense, heavy bread, even those thin-sliced pumpernickel breads that they sell but I think most people will be more satisfied with the overnight method.

But know this: any bread that’s 100% whole wheat, no matter how it’s made, will never be as soft and light as a white bread version. But if you want a healthy, high fiber, nutritious bread, this one takes more time but there’s still nothing to do but wait. There’s no kneading and no shaping. Just start your dough the night before, let it stand at room temperature for 12 hours or more, then continue in the morning.

Here’s the truth about no knead 100% whole wheat bread. It won’t rise as much as the white version. I even took a picture of one I made this morning (started the dough last night) and used a tape measure. The middle of the loaf is no more than 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall but you can see the inside has lots of holes and it has a wonderful crust and soft interior. For anyone trying to avoid white flour, this is still the easiest and best 100% whole wheat bread you can make. You just need a little more time but it’s so worth it. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Frank

    Hi Jenny,
    I love the idea of no Knead, as i dont do so well with kneading and knowing when its done. i make a lot of Wholemeal soda bread and like the texture of the flour. Can i substitute wholemeal flour for whole wheat flour, in you recipe, Thank for you help

    • Jenny

      You can make no-knead bread with wholemeal flour but it will be a more dense and heavier loaf than the original no-knead bread made with white flour.

      • Frank

        Hi Jenny,
        i tried the 2 wholemeal flour to 1 white flour, it was still a little dense, but tasty. tried equal parts wholemeal and white flour, better rise, better result. i am wondering if i need more liquid ?

        • Jenny

          If your dough seems stiffer than you see in my video, it’s no problem to add a little more water. I just made my 100% whole wheat version yesterday and needed to add about 2 more tablespoons of water. No matter what mixture of flour you use, you can always be a little flexible with the water.

  2. Josh

    Your method of no knead bead is new to me, but it sounds so much easier! I know it’s weird, but every now and then I like to knead bread, but sometimes you wonder if you have kneaded it too much or not enough.. So, when I’m in a rush this will come in handy! I think I will try your recipe for no knead crusty rolls this weekend. Thanks for all the recipes and great tips!

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