Dec 22, 2013

The best homemade gift

Best Homemade Gifts from your Kitchen“Homemade caramel corn?! For me?? I love you!”┬áCaramel corn has to be the best Christmas gift you can make. I’ve baked cookies and breads and they make great gifts but people start asking about my caramel corn in September! “Are you making caramel corn again this year?” Everyone goes crazy over it, probably because there is no place you can buy anything that even comes close. I try to bring it in person when it’s just out of the oven and by the time I get home, I get a phone call saying it’s all gone and asking when I’m going to make more.

If you’re looking for something to bake for Christmas gifts, consider making homemade caramel corn. It’s easier to make than cookies because it uses less ingredients. And it’s pretty quick the way I do it. I pop the corn in a paper lunch bag in the microwave, which takes less than two minutes (see my video). The syrup cooks on the stove in five minutes and the rest is waiting time while the popcorn and nuts get covered with a sweet, delicious caramel coating.

Watch my how-to video (click here) and for the printable recipe (click here). – Jenny Jones

2 Comments on "The best homemade gift"

  1. sue

    Merry Christmas JJ!! Your cookies were the first to disapear last night!!!

  2. Rhonda

    I’m a excited that Christmas is here. We love getting together. That’s why we have a soup social in the fall to remember Dad. He loved gatherings as well so we continue doing what he loved and us as well. I have a photo of your corn chowder (which they love) I made for the soup social but haven’t had time to send it to you and I’m sorry for that but will send it as soon as I get a chance which will be soon. The end of the year can be quite busy for me. Christmas is an hour away. Well in your case 4 hours way. Merry Christmas to you and Denis once again. Oh and your caramel corn is really good and delicious and the wrapping you do to hand this out as gifts are just adorable. Very creative and cute. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Hugs to you, Jenny…

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