Jan 2, 2013

How to get the best (crispy) pizza crust

Pizza crust_8403If you like a super crispy pizza crust like I do, then a pizza stone is the way to go. Last night I was craving a plain cheese pizza but it had to be well done and crispy so I used my favorite pizza stone (yes, I have more than one!). This one is black so it absorbs heat really well. I placed it in the oven and preheated it as high as it would go – 500 degrees. Those commercial ovens go a lot higher than that but I preheated the oven and stone for almost an hour and put my pizza in there using a wooden peel. I used to sprinkle the peel with cornmeal but now I just use parchment paper. I cover the peel with parchment, place my pizza dough on top and spread the sauce and cheese. Then I slide it onto the stone, paper and all, and later on when it’s almost done, I remove the paper and let it finish. In this photo I had just removed the paper and I still baked it another couple of minutes for an even more well done crust. Then… no fork, no plate… just slice, pick up, and into the pie hole!

8 Comments on "How to get the best (crispy) pizza crust"

  1. Marie B from Canada

    Our favorite is cheese pizza, that looks heavenly. What brand of pizza stone do you have? Marie

  2. Eileen

    Hi Jenny,
    I just found your website and I’m loving all your tips and recipes (we can all eat healthier)
    Thank you so much!!

    Always loved watching your talk shows 🙂

  3. robin

    How long did you bake the pizza at 500 for it to look like it does in the picture? What a gorgeous pizza!

  4. Rita

    how do you print your recipes. I wanted to print the pizza one and I couldn”t.

    • admin

      To print a recipe, simply navigate to the individual recipe page (https://www.jennycancook.com/recipes/pepperoni-pizza/ ), and next to title of the recipe ( “Pepperoni Pizza” ) there is a “Download & Print PDF” option. Click on “Download & Print” and it should give you the option to either open the file or save it to your computer. After opening the file you should be able to print it as you would normally print any .pdf document.

  5. Sue

    Wow that looks too good to be true! I hate seeing people eating pizza with a knife and fork! It just irks me! It was meant to be eaten with your hands!! It just reminds me of that old Seinfeld episode when George was eating a snickers bar with a knife and fork to look…I don’t know? Like an ass? But funny!! 🙂


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