Feb 24, 2014

Thanks for All the Thumbs Ups


It means so much to me when anyone takes the time to post a comment about one of my recipes. So I just want to say “thank you” to all of you who let me know that by sharing my home cooking, I’m making a difference. I don’t allow ads on this site or accept any sponsors so the only reason I created this place was so I can share what I love. So thank you for your comments and please continue to send your feedback on my recipes. I appreciate it so much!

Now, a little trivia…

~My most popular recipe on Youtube is Pepperoni Pizza with over 190,000 views.

~My most popular recipe on Pinterest is Beef Stew with over 50,000 pins.

~The recipe that generated the most comments on this site is Cabbage Rolls.

~People from 143 countries have visited this site.

~The number of people who post,”You look so familiar. Have you ever been on TV?” – five. 🙂

I wish you all good health and happy cooking!


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One Comment on "Thanks for All the Thumbs Ups"

  1. Paola Mirella

    My ! am I glad I found you on uTubes …best, but best and most enjoyable of all cooks, chefs and wannabes in the kitchen. Thank you ! let’s have more of you,please.

    Paola Mirella Wright in Rovigo, Italy.

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