cast iron skillet pizza

Jul 14, 2013

Easy Pan Pizza Recipe

Cast Iron Pan Pizza RecipeAnyone with a cast iron pan can make this easy, healthy, low fat, delicious pan pizza at home. Pizza in a cast iron pan? Absolutely! The crust is key to a good pizza and using cast iron is a foolproof way to get the easiest, golden, crispy crust, ready to hold all the toppings of your choice. There’s no kneading, no rolling… no work at all to make this easy pan pizza dough. You can either start it the night before or a few hours ahead.

The dough slowly rises and then you just put it in the pan, add your toppings, and go! It comes out perfect every time and it’s by far the best deep dish pizza I’ve ever had.  Plus it’s low fat so there’s no grease to blot… unless of course you use regular pepperoni instead of my choice of healthy toppings like reduced fat turkey pepperoni, peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

There’s no reason to avoid pizza when you can make an easy, healthy, low fat pan pizza at home and if you use my toppings, you’ll also get a few vegetables in every slice. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones