can i make strawberry cake in advance

May 12, 2013

Fresh Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake

UPDATE (July 14, 2014)I made my strawberry cake yesterday (for someone’s birthday) and thought it would be helpful to show how it looks the second day. It tastes just as good the second day but the strawberries start to show a little through the frosting. I took a few snapshots:

Here it is below right after I made it (sorry, I didn’t clean off the plate!):


Here it is the following morning (today) after being refrigerated overnight:


And here’s a closeup of the strawberries, which have turned a little darker and even more juice has soaked into the cake, but again, still tastes great:


(Original posting from May 12, 2013): Good news! You don’t need a co-signer to buy strawberries – they are in season and affordable! I bought a 2 lb. box today for $4.99 and made my scrumpdeliumptous Fresh Strawberry Cake. How does it taste? It’s like the angels came down from the clouds with a gift from the heavens! One bite and it simply melts in your mouth…  it’s that good.

It’s actually a fairly easy recipe – a white cake (as healthy as I can make it, but it does have butter) filled with macerated strawberries so the juices soak into the cake, and the whole thing is covered head to toe with whipped cream. It’s definitely a special occasion dessert recipe but it is a show stopper and they will beg you to make it again. Somebody already asked me to make another one. Oh… right… that was me. Click here for the recipe. (And let me know if you make it!) – Jenny Jones

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