May 12, 2013

Fresh Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake

UPDATE (July 14, 2014)I made my strawberry cake yesterday (for someone’s birthday) and thought it would be helpful to show how it looks the second day. It tastes just as good the second day but the strawberries start to show a little through the frosting. I took a few snapshots:

Here it is below right after I made it (sorry, I didn’t clean off the plate!):


Here it is the following morning (today) after being refrigerated overnight:


And here’s a closeup of the strawberries, which have turned a little darker and even more juice has soaked into the cake, but again, still tastes great:


(Original posting from May 12, 2013): Good news! You don’t need a co-signer to buy strawberries – they are in season and affordable! I bought a 2 lb. box today for $4.99 and made my scrumpdeliumptous Fresh Strawberry Cake. How does it taste? It’s like the angels came down from the clouds with a gift from the heavens! One bite and it simply melts in your mouth…  it’s that good.

It’s actually a fairly easy recipe – a white cake (as healthy as I can make it, but it does have butter) filled with macerated strawberries so the juices soak into the cake, and the whole thing is covered head to toe with whipped cream. It’s definitely a special occasion dessert recipe but it is a show stopper and they will beg you to make it again. Somebody already asked me to make another one. Oh… right… that was me. Click here for the recipe. (And let me know if you make it!) – Jenny Jones

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50 Comments on "Fresh Strawberry Cake"

  1. Christopher Blackwell

    Making this for a Valentine’s Day Party

  2. Laurie

    I’m making this for my grand daughter’s birthday today…looks so delicious! I’m thinking of using the So Delicious brand of organic Coco whip to decrease the fat content…just thaw it and replace the heavy whipping cream with it. Any thoughts? Anyone else tried this exchange?

  3. Pat

    Want to make this recipe and do just the cakes ahead of time and refrigerate. Then finish another day. How long can I refrigerate the cakes prior?

    • Pat

      It should be fine for a couple days. You might be able to freeze it. And the day before you make it. Take it out and keep it in the fridge.

  4. Jule

    I made it for a .. Special Family Member .. Absolutely Delicious!! Plum Beautiful ?

  5. glenda dickerson

    this strawberry cake looks good got to try it.I’m getting in to making my cakes from scratch and this is one I need to try. will let you know how it turns out

  6. Cheesecake maker

    Making today for my mom, it’s Mother’s Day!! Thanks for this receipe.

  7. Debra

    Excellent cake. Light and not too sweet. My 4th time making it. Like a strawberry shortcake but much better. The 2 cups of heavy cream is a must for me to cover the cake.

  8. Darlene

    I’ve made this cake a few times but have never had luck with layer cakes (just a personal thing) so I”ve made it as a 9×11. I put all the strawberries on top and kept it in the pan (it was traveling to work as a special treat) and layered the whipped cream on. This made it scrumptious ratio of cream/berries/cake as well as easy to store in fridge and travel to work. Not as fancy as a layer cake, but OMG….very delish just the same.

  9. Rickie

    My cake did not rise very much. It has a good taste but is more dense. Is this the way it should be?

    • Janet

      Check the expiration date on your baking me powder?

    • Jenny

      If your baking powder is fresh, be sure to follow the recipe exactly, with the same size of pan, and with all your ingredients at room temperature (except the whipping cream of course). This cake should not be dense.

      • AngelHope


        Do you have a recipe for homemade heavy cream as well as whipping cream?

        I don’t have heavy cream and I’m wanting to make orange cream icecream.

        Thank You,

  10. becky stanley

    Am making this cake for my granddaughter ~ Nevaeh s tenth b-day. She usually request a store bought cake
    This year asked for a strawberry cake …..
    I’ll let you know how it turns out !
    Sounds yummy !! 1/13/2017

  11. Debbe

    G’day, love this cake i have made it twice so far. my husband doesn’t like strawberries, loves this cake, he’s hooked on it. Thank you for sharing. P.S as far as Jim is concerned, he doesn’t know how to follow directions, if he did, he would find this cake amazing, like all the POSITIVE feedback that you have and are receiving. Need more recipes like this fresh strawberry cake.
    Cheers from down under…Australia.

  12. Jim Bobbins

    I have made lot of your breads and even the banana cake and they were all awesome. But something was wrong with this cake. The cake itself was extremely sweet which surprised me because all you baking goodies come out perfectly with they advised amount of sugar but this cake was insanely sweet. The other thing was that when i whippedup the heavy cream with sugar it it turned nicely like icing and hard but once i finished in the first layer of the cake and moved on to the top layer to work, the whipped cream started to turn into liquid again and drizzled all over the side of the cake. It turned into a mushy cake and some some of my friends still loved the taste but i found this cake extremely sweet. It is also on the unhealthier side compared to mos of your other recipes. The amount of cream thatis called for alone has over 100 grams of fat (most of it saturated) and the amount of sugar in the cake is insane. I am going to try this cake again with half the sugar and just with the strawberries and perhaps top the serving slice with some store bought whipping cream.

    • Debbe

      How rude are you? The lady posted this recipe for others to try. You have stated you tried, and it was too sweet for you, you sound like a sour person who needs some sugar. There are ways of leaving comments and yours was rude, yes i said it again. you owe that lady an apology for how you came across in your comment! and after all that you are willing to try again, you’re kidding right? oh please.

    • Suzy

      There have been many sites I have visited for recipes and not all of them came out very good at all. It’s not life ending, it just didn’t work out for me so, I let it go and move on without the “need” to state my case. Some things are better left unsaid, especially when the recipient of your thoughts has only the best intentions. The old adage, “You can’t please everyone” is an old adage for a reason. It’s true and that’s okay! btw, store bought whipping cream is not healthy. Perhaps you can start your own blog and share your healthy recipes with us! Peace Jim!

  13. jig

    Made this for birthday/retirement celebration. Excellent recipe. To keep the strawberries from weeping, I added a cornstarch slurry to part of the strawberries and cooked until thickened; than added the majority of the berries. I also stabilized the whipped cream. I used a 9″ springform pan as a previous reader had. This cake could have stayed in the refrig for several days without any noticeable change. I plan on making this cake for an annual event we host every June for between 40-60 people. I plan to put in a 9×13 with the same process. A true winner.
    My grandparents came from Poland…although I had only seen them but twice, I had heard about her pierogies. She used dry cottage cheese for the filling. I am anxious to try your recipe for the pierogie dough.

  14. Jacquie

    Most people don’t have buttermilk on the regular. I have a small can of dried buttermilk in my cupboard and it lasts forever! We use it for biscuits, ranch dressing etc.. It is available on Amazon

    Jenny, you have the patience of a Saint 🙂 Remember folks, baking IS a science if you mess with the baking components and don’t follow the directions, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t turn out. General cooking is much more forgiving. Happy Baking

  15. Brian

    Pay no attention to the critics!! I made this cake for my wife today for Mother’s Day and it blew us both away 🙂

    It will definitely be made again when I want to show off at the reunions!

  16. Amy

    I made this cake for daughter and I could not get the whipping cream stiff enough…so I added powdered sugar and that still didn’t work. The end result was I just drizzled the frosting over the whole cake and it was a huge hit.

    My neighbor now wants the recipe and it is a MUST to make it again.
    I do have to admit though, I used a box cake mix :}
    So sorry :}

    • Jenny

      I have never known real whipping cream not to thicken if beaten. Next time be sure it’s not half & half but only “heavy whipping cream” and give it a few minutes – it should thicken up nicely. I make it all the time.

      • Colleen

        The whipping cream – is this liquid whipping cream like you would find in the milk section of the store or whip cream like Cool Whip in a tub??
        Thank you.

        • Jenny

          It’s liquid whipping cream – I never Cool Whip.

    • Diane

      I like to make my whipping cream as stiff as possible like a bakery cake. I came across a suggestion on the web and it worked great. I put instant vanilla pudding in the whipping cream. Google it and get the directions.

    • Theresa

      I too would like to use a box cake mix, how did it turn out?
      Did ou use round cake pans or flat oblong pan?

    • Gwen Amedee

      Had that happen to me but now I chill my metal mixing bowl in freezer, add cream, mix, put back in freezer for a minute, finish mixing and comes out super stiff with just a dash of confectioners sugar and vanilla. Never gets thin as long as is refrigerated 🙂

  17. Maria Rosa

    Looks very delicious and I’m planning to
    do it myself. Thanks for this recipe, I’m always collect good recipes.
    Maria Rosa

  18. Nancy

    I am going to try this “Scratch” version soon but I have been making a version of this same Dessert for years and I can offer a quick shortcut! This is helpful for those of us that aren’t real bakers! Start off with a box of White Cake Mix (Pillsbury is my choice). For added Moistness, substitute 1 Cup of Mayonnaise instead of the oil. (I do this for all my cakes and it keeps them moist for up to a week!)

    • mary

      You need to let people know that you have used mayo instead of oil. I am someone that is allergic to vinegar and mayo has vinegar in it.

      I have eaten some desserts and never could figure out why I broke out in hives, this could be why.

  19. Sheri

    Do I really have to use buttermilk? I have none.

    • Jenny

      All of my recipes are better without changes so if you can get real buttermilk I suggest you use the real thing. If you can not find it, please see the “Substitutions” in my blog.

    • Jacquie

      Most people don’t have buttermilk on the regular. I have a small can of dried buttermilk in my cupboard and it lasts forever! We use it for biscuits, ranch dressing etc.. It is available on Amazon

      Jenny, you have the patience of a Saint 🙂 Remember folks, baking IS a science if you mess with the baking components and don’t follow the directions, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t turn out. General cooking is much more forgiving. Happy Baking

  20. Juanice

    I can’t find the recipe for this cake

  21. Nia


    would it be best to build the cake the day before? also, if i were to put a thin layer of cake on top before i put whipped cream topping would that help with the color bleed from the strawberries?

    • Jenny

      It it not best to build the cake the day before so do it only if you have to. But you can bake the cakes the day before and then finish the day you are serving. Also, putting a thin layer of cake on top of the strawberries does not sound like a good idea because the strawberries need to infuse down into the cake and since it’s on top of the berries, it would not get soaked with the berries. I think it would probably interfere with the experience of cutting into the super soft top consisting of whipped cream and berries. I hope that helps.

  22. Jenn

    I dont know what I did wrong, cake turned out pretty stiff. Could I have over beaten the egg whites? The egg whites were not room temperature when I added it to the creamed butter mixture. The cake came out with brown edges and with a lot of small “holes” inside the cake.

    • Jenny

      Baking is an exact science and even the smallest change can cause a recipe to fail. First, I want to make sure you did not beat the egg whites separately but just added them into the batter. Other than that, there could be a number of reasons like not using real buttermilk, expired baking powder or baking soda, not alternating the additions at the end, oven was too hot, pans were dark, or even measuring flour without aerating it first. Let me know if you think any of these might be the problem and I will try to help.

  23. cherie

    Have you thought about layering this in a spring form pan?

    • Jenny

      I never have but since the sides are frosted, it seems that a regular plate would be better.

  24. Rhonda

    Okay just so you and others know. Strawberries are even lower in price this week. I bought some today at work-(Walmart) for $1.78 for a pound container and the 2 pound container is $2.98(I hope that’s right) It may vary by store…I find cherries and blueberries being way to expensive right now. I bought the cherries anyway. I wanted them so bad. Next will be the blueberries regardless what I have to pay. I will take turns on the more expensive fruit. They are good for you and well worth the money is how I see it…

  25. Sue

    I made this cake on Saturday for Mother’s Day. It was requested by my family. Every year I make dinner and desert so my mom and sister don’t have to. I made homemade baked ziti, salad, Italian bread and your awesome cake! Everyone loved it. My mom called me this morning at work to thank me for everything and she said she had some for breakfast!! 🙂 Best cake ever!


  26. Rhonda

    Oh my God! Looks so yummy. Almost can taste it just by the photo you took and I wonder why that is? I’m guessing because it’s made with no mistakes. It’s perfect and to me it looks like a strawberry shortcake cake…

    Oh and Jenny strawberries are in season and you are right they are affordable right now. The pass 2 days I’ve bought half of what you bought for $2 at Walmart of course. I had them for lunch and didn’t need that many but the next day I wanted more…lol…

  27. Patricia

    I have made this recipe before and it is everything you say – my family loves loves it! They ask for it on birthdays. Please do more cakes like this.

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