Apr 7, 2014

Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake

Sweet Potato Chocolate CakeThis is the ONLY chocolate cake I make. I took a new picture of my sweet potato chocolate cake which was in my cookbook and is now here on my recipes page. This was one of the most popular recipes in the book and this new photo better shows off the moistness and deliciousness of this fabulous dessert.

You should try serving this cake and then ask if anyone can guess what’s in it. It’s such a rich-tasting cake they might think it has lots of butter but the cake is made without butter and with less sugar than most cakes because the sweet potato is naturally sweet. And you can make it with extra light olive oil! The frosting uses only two tablespoons of butter.

It’s pretty easy to make, too. I just chop and boil the sweet potato and either mash it with a fork or put it through a ricer. (it’s easier to clean the fork!) Then I spread the sweet potato out on a dinner plate to cool while I prep the other ingredients. It’s a one-layer cake to it’s easy to frost since you’re just frosting the top and sides. I refuse to give up my desserts so I make them as healthy as I can. This is a healthier chocolate cake and it’s an easy recipe. Good news for me: I had to make the cake to take the picture and there are still 4 slices left!

If you want a moist, delicious, guilt-free dessert, try my amazing sweet potato chocolate cake. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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3 Comments on "Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake"

  1. Fran burke

    Hey Jenny-
    I can’t wait to try this cake; it looks so yummy! I have a tip for you. Instead of boiling the sweet potatoes how about steaming them? I steam them when I make my sweet potato pie. They seem to be not so ‘watery’ and makes my pie come out better. I’m also hoping it helps keep a lot of their nutrition.
    Just a thought. So glad I found your site!

    • Jenny

      I tried steaming the sweet potato for this cake because steaming does retain more nutrients but I found the boiled ones had more moisture and made the cake more moist. I steam all my vegetables for eating but I prefer to boil the sweet potato for this cake.

  2. Paula

    Wow – I’m impressed – this is certainly a cake that I will try.
    Many thanks for keeping us healthy.
    Great fan of your cooking.
    Paula from Brussels, Belguim.

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