Jan 6, 2018

Simple Pea Soup – It’s Fat Free

Best Split Pea Soup RecipeWhen it’s cold outside, make soup. This thick and hearty soup is just right for a cold winter’s day. You only need six ingredients and water – no fat, no ham hock, nothing you don’t want.

This is my version of Andersen’s famous (in California) split pea soup only I simplified it a bit and it’s deeeelicious! I like this soup thick but you can make it thinner using more water if you like. Or test it out and you can just add some hot water at the end of you want it thinner. The creamy texture comes from straining the soup through a fine sieve and it’s really easy using a soup ladle to press it through. I do not recommend using a blender or food processor because it creates too much foam.

Besides fiber and protein, pea soup has lots of nutrients including iron, potassium, isoflavones, vitamins B1, B5, K, folate, iron, magnesium, and zinc. What’s not to love? Click here for the recipe.  – Jenny Jones

18 Comments on "Simple Pea Soup – It’s Fat Free"

  1. Pam Reno-Kemp

    Love Andersons Pea Soup; but have you tried adding cabbage. Takes it to a whole new place! Plus cabbage has health benefits also.
    Love “Jenny Can Cook”; but I’m obsessed with your “Look Good Feel Great Cookbook”. Thank you for everything you have done for so many. 💖
    Wish you were still active on you tube. Any new recipes and your quirky humor are sorely missed!

  2. Dawn

    I just wanted to say I was excited to get Andersen’s soup by the bad and their seasoning….but the shipping was ridiculous!!! (22.95 on a $13 order) Sadly, I guess I will continue to make my own split soup the usual way

  3. Marilyn

    Hi Jennie, My Mother was a great cook just like you. She made a lot of Polish recipes because my Father is Polish. Her pea soup was thick and delicious. My aunt made a cream of asparagus soup (fresh from the garden) and it was white, a little thick, and creamy. Do you have a recipe for this soup, especially how to make it so creamy? Thanks.

  4. Vee

    Hello Jenny…I enjoy your cooking videos!!! I would like to make this pea soup but I don’t have a sieve…what can I use??? Thanks.☺

    • Jodi P

      You can just eat it without using the sieve. You’ll actually get a bit more fiber, that way.

  5. Brittany

    Why did you stop posting on YouTube? I loved watching your videos!

  6. Gary

    I have seen many recipes for cabbage rolls. Why is the green cabbage used instead of red cabbage?


  7. Delphine

    Thanks for the soup recipe. Can’t wait to try it. I made your caramel corn and cinnamon rolls recipe for Christmas as well as your spritz cookies. A big hit! Thanks for all of your recipes and the time you take to help us all out. Your videos are the best!! Happy New Year, Jenny and God bless.

  8. Mikey

    Yummm pea soup and a big old BURP hummm again

  9. Barbo

    Hi Jen,
    Thanks for the simplification of A’s SP Soup.
    You can certainly add cubed ham or lace it with bacon.
    I’ve been eating at Anderson’s for many years. Am 85 now
    and started eating there decades ago. They used to always
    have a Greek seasoning for the tables. It was a great addition
    to their fabulous soup.

  10. Joanie

    Hi Jenny,

    I watched you so many years ago on television and loved your show and then I started watching cooking videos and I found you here on YouTube and I was delighted . I have watched so many of your videos and I am constantly checking to see if you have any new ones out there. I hope you will make some more videos because you are so humorous but yet so clear on how to do each recipe. You are an absolute delight to watch and you are so good at giving instructions , I hope to see some new videos soon. Thank you for all you have done .

  11. Marsha

    Jenny I made your soup today so so good! I would like to join in requesting that you make more of your videos They are funny have clear step by step directions and your encouragement and humour make people want to jump in and cook healthy!

  12. Cathy

    Thank you for this recipe I am looking forward to making it. I plan to add boneless pork shoulder.
    I love your recipes keep them coming everything you make is delicious cathy

  13. Jo Ann

    Is the recipe using dried split? If so, does it not require soaking before cooking?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      They are dried and I clarified the recipe. No soaking is needed.

  14. Jeanne

    Jenny, Another wonderful recipe! Just when its freezing cold outside we get ‘soup’! Making it today. Happy New Year!

  15. Kiki

    Jenny I love your recipes! But I really, really miss your videos! Please do more videos your so good at doing them! Love your humor!

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