Jun 18, 2014

Simple Egg Salad

Simple Egg Salad Recipe

I could live on egg salad! And that’s easy because it takes me five minutes to make my low fat, easy egg salad. I prefer it simple with just yellow mustard and light mayo but I know a lot of people like to add extras like pickle relish, onion, celery, olives, etc. So go ahead. Use my simple, healthy recipe as a starter and then make it your own. But for me, plain old egg salad on some whole grain bread with lots of lettuce and tomato – it’s the perfect breakfast, and a perfect lunch.

For a while people were avoiding eggs because they contain cholesterol but all the latest research indicates that they may contain cholesterol but they do not raise serum cholesterol. This is good news because eggs have so many nutrients including complete protein; lutein for your eyes; and choline (in the yolk) for your brain and to reduce inflammation. They also contain sulphur to give you beautiful hair & skin, and strong nails. Here’s a link to some of the latest research on eggs:¬†http://www.prevention.com/health/health-concerns/latest-research-health-benefits-eggs

Now that eggs are back, you can enjoy this easy and healthy egg salad. But even my delicious egg salad is no fun if it takes ten minutes to peel a boiled egg. So to make things even easier, I can show you how to make perfect, easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs.

For the video on how to boil eggs, click here.

For my blog post with even more info on boiling eggs, click here.

For the latest research on eggs, click here.

And for my Simple Egg Salad Recipe click here.

6 Comments on "Simple Egg Salad"

  1. Jennifer

    I have been trying to tell people since the early 90s that the cholesterol molecule is too big for the body to absorb and that people get high cholesterol from genetics and their diet life style.
    I used to work in a health clinic and I was super thin and ate what ever I wanted (I was a meat and potatoes girl) and a girl I worked with was a little on the heavy side and ate low fat, no red meat, low carb and paid a personal trainer. She went to the gym every day, I never went to the gym. We tested our cholesterol and mine was 168 and hers was 213 ….. she could not understand why I was so thin and my cholesterol was so low with my diet, but that pretty much proved that eating cholesterol does not cause high cholesterol. I have always tried to stay with ‘real’ food …. meat, eggs, butter, etc …. I try to avoid anything in a box or a can.
    I never gave up eggs, but am glad they are back for all to enjoy.

  2. Hannie

    How many eggs do you limit yourself to daily?

  3. Maria

    This is very simple and nutritious recipe. I take good care of my Mom
    who suffered a stroke and try to avoid giving her egg because of cholesterol
    The information about egg you share with us is very helpful, now I can make
    her enjoy recipes that content egg, maybe one egg will be enough once a week. My Mom love salad with egg, now I can start making one for her. Thank you in sharing this healthful information. I wish you well, and always in high spirit. I enjoy watching your video in You tube, and learned a lot from your show. More power and God Bless You.

  4. Roslyn Brown

    Wow! Thank you, a transcript of a recipe instead of video, or both…but like me, those needing to read text instead of viewing videos, this is terrific! Hope it continues…I just the other day opted out, but now will re-subscribe! Thanks, Jen! Loved you on TV and same goes now…great to see you…you look sensational, and love your recipes!

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