Aug 1, 2017

Sharing Your Pictures (August)

This is my favorite thing to see – photos of my recipes made all over the world!  Feel free to share where you are from and please send your photo to:

“Hi Jenny! Today was my first attempt at making bread from scratch. I followed your video step by step. It was so easy. I used cast iron loaf pans and the browning was so even. I’m going to try your crusty Dutch oven loaf next. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to try it. So much fun.”

~ Congratulations on your first homemade bread! Thanks for the lovely photos. ~ jenny

“Hey Jenny, I decided to bake a cake for my brother’s birthday. Found your recipe and gave it a whirl. It was my first time baking a cake and I went big with 2 cakes layered, instead of a single one. The cake was super moist and the frosting went perfectly with the cake. My family certainly enjoyed it as well. Not the prettiest frosting job, but like you said, “If they smell good and don’t have flies landing on them, they’re okay with me.” Can’t wait to try more of your recipes! – Kyle from Florida.”

~ Your frosting is perfect. That’s exactly what mine looks like. Thanks for sharing. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny, I just needed to let you know that my 12 yr old daughter saw this recipe and wanted to make this for the county fair (minus the raisins) and it turned out so fantastic that she received a blue ribbon.  She has made this 3 times now and has her grandma requesting this as well!  Thank you for sharing this recipe! This photo was taken right after my 12 yr old daughter Dahn iced the bread so it’s a bit messy. But it was delicious and still beautiful.”

~ Dahn, congratulations on the blue ribbon and on being such an amazing young baker. Great job! ~ jenny

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  1. Betty Horne

    As I said earlier, my White Bread was in the Microwave for its rising. You did say approximately 1 Hour and that was perfect Mine was done @ about 55 minutes. I did put the foil tent over it, after 15 minutes to keep the top from browning too much…I finished baking and then, OMG!!! cool down a bit, cut a nice slice added butter and ” Voila” O.M.G. !!! the Best Bread I have ever had.
    thanks, so much,
    Betty Horne

  2. Ana

    Thank you for the great recipe. So easy to follow and so delicious. Will definitely make it again !

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