Oct 24, 2019

Save Cleanup With Wax Paper

How To Save Cleanup with Wax PaperMy thanks to Annie Y. for sharing this terrific helpful hint. I tried it myself and loved it, especially with my no knead crusty rolls that make a sticky mess on the counter. She said, “I don’t have a large wood board, so I taped a piece of waxed paper to the counter top and floured it, allowing me to work and form the dough easily and making clean up a breeze.” Thank you, Annie.

4 Comments on "Save Cleanup With Wax Paper"

  1. Mimi

    Jenny, love your show and recipes so much. Thank you. Could you share the recipe for the soft butter. You say it is mixed with canola oil. What are the portions? I couldn’t find it in the recipes. Thank you again.

  2. Cindy

    Happy New Years Jenny! Thank you for another great recipe with video. You are a great inspiration. Watching your video on caramel corn, was much fun. We had an evening of watching the ball drop and eating yummy caramel corn:)

  3. Lori

    We grew up always using wax paper on the counter for baking everything — my mom was a home ec major in the 1950s and that’s what she taught us.

  4. Barb A

    Always happy to see a new blog post from you in my daily feed. Jenny! I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.

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