Apr 30, 2014

Sardine Cakes

Sardine Cakes RecipeNot a fan of sardines? My sardine cakes may just change your mind. ┬áThese delicious mashed potato patties are filled with bits of green onions, parsley, and fish, and they can be ready to eat in 30 minutes (make that 10 minutes if you have leftover mashed potatoes). This healthy recipe starts with a big russet potato, which you boil and mash, and then you mix in a few ingredients, shape the patties, pat them into bread crumbs and brown in olive oil. I make my own plain whole wheat crumbs but you can use store-bought either plain or seasoned. I don’t season the crumbs because there is so much flavor in the patties, it’s almost too much.

Let’s talk about why they call them “health food in a can.” Sardines are full of omega-3 fatty acids to protect the heart and are one of the few foods that contain coenzyme-Q10, which also helps prevent heart disease. Besides being a good source of protein, sardines also support bone health by providing calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. But wait… there’s more. They also have iron, selenium, ┬ápotassium, zinc, all the B vitamins.

Clearly, sardines are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. And when made into delicious fish cakes like this, one of the tastiest. For my sardine cakes recipe, click here. – Jenny Jones

5 Comments on "Sardine Cakes"

  1. Stan

    How do you work the bread crumbs into the mixture?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I spread the crumbs onto wax paper and use a spatula to lift it onto the crumbs. I’m glad you asked so I can clarify the recipe.

  2. Alicia

    Hi jenny, how can I make these without frying? Is there a baked sardine cake recipe adjustment? Love you! ?

  3. Dan

    Thanks for the healthy idea. I will check out your recipe. We eat potatoes and fresh water fish I catch. Nice to incorporate other ingredients. Enjoy your passion and sharing your family recipes on Polish cooking.

  4. Sue

    Those look fantastic!!!!

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