May 30, 2021

Safe Travels, My Little Spatulas

Jenny Can Cook SpatulasCooking is fun. Moving is not. We’ve been looking for a long time and I finally found a dream kitchen that I want to cook in so we’re getting ready to move. I don’t remember the rest of the house but it had a bunch of rooms so I’m sure it’s going to be good. 😀  I’m excited about my new kitchen but it will take time to set things up just right so you won’t see any new recipes for a while. I’ll still be checking in every day as usual, posting your photos and answering questions when I can.

I’ve learned a few things while packing to move:

  1. I don’t wear belts any more.
  2. I thought I was doing a better job of dusting.
  3. There may be a family of squirrels living in our garage.
  4. A man can be emotionally attached to a broken vacuum hose.
  5. Moving is a good way to test your marriage. ❤️
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11 Comments on "Safe Travels, My Little Spatulas"

  1. D Smith

    So true!Just love your sense of humor….you’ve inspired me to trying new recipes again! Thank you!

  2. JIWA

    It has been a while since I checked your blog–been busy myself. I sure can relate to your posted picture, as well as your comment about dusting. I was amazed at the amount of dusting I didn’t do, but thought I did, when packing to move last time I moved as well. I am more aware of what I do’t do now, but still am not as diligent as I could be. I hope that you have been able to settle into your new Kitchen (and the rest of the house) and are coming up with new recipes for us to devour. Thanks so much for all your insights.

  3. Rhonda

    Aww, congrats on your new home and dream kitchen. You deserve it. I’m glad to know you’ve thought of yourself to do this and get what you’ve wanted. A dream kitchen would be nice since you seem to spend a lot a time cooking. I loved your old kitchen set up. A lot of extra space to get around. I’m sure your next kitchen will be perfect for you 👍
    Oh and btw, make sure you leave those squirrels at bay. Maybe just maybe you won’t have as much of a problem in your new home with those annoying rodents. I’m sorry but those are the most destructive animals I’ve alway have seen and had to deal with…
    Take care, Jenny

  4. Stef

    I sure would love to see pictures of you new kitchen when you can! Forget about the rest of the house 🙂

  5. mary

    Congratulations on finding a house with the perfect kitchen. I just loved your old kitchen. I also love your use of color. Good Luck! Looking forward to more videos!!!

  6. Bev

    Congrats and best wishes! How exciting to start fresh in a brand new kitchen that’s everything you’ve dreamed of. May you have many happy years in your new home.😊

  7. Maria H

    I just found a belt and thought the same thing!
    The broken vacuum hose is true, too!

    Yay, for your dream kitchen, Jenny!

    I have a dream kitchen but the man I live with can only see a big mess while they make my dream come true.

  8. Tabitha

    Congratulations!!! 🍾❤️

  9. Dalila G.

    Good morning Ms. Jenny! 🌞
    Fabulous news, a new house is always sweet!
    I hate packing too, but I’m always surprised at all of my “lost” treasures that I find when packing….LOL! I wish you and Denis much joy and happiness on your new adventure!! Looking forward to …..maybe….seeing your new kitchen.
    My kitchen is our main hub, everyone gathers there.
    Wishing you the best!!

  10. Linda

    Hi, Jenny.

    Congratulations on the new home!

  11. Gloria

    Ha ha, Jenny! Best wishes in your new home. It’s good to get rid of stuff!
    Happy travels, beloved spatulas…

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