Jun 15, 2016

Products I Use

THESE ARE NOT PAID ENDORSEMENTS. I am just sharing some of the products that I use for anyone who is interested.

paperCheaper parchment paper usually sticks but Reynolds brand never sticks.




Jenny Can Cook

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  1. Sandy Pettersen

    PLEASE — what exact board do you use on your counter for kneading bread? Is it wooden, what kind of wood? Does it have a lip to hold it steady? How to keep it clean? What size is big enough?
    I really need this recommendation.

  2. Billie

    Jenny, Just watched the fast bread recipe you put on. I would like to know what brand of Oven Gloves you are wearing that you dyed pink! They look like they fit well and are made with good quality. thank you so much. I love your shows.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m not sure of the brand but I got them at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  3. Beth

    Eggland’s Best eggs contain more lutein than any other brand I have found. That makes them an excellent choice for people at risk for macular degeneration. Although other foods–including kale and spinach–contain lutein, the lutein in eggs is supposedly much more easily absorbed by the body. My personal mantra is, “An EB egg a day just might help keep macular degeneration at bay!”

  4. William

    I like Pompeian products too! 😊

  5. bobbie

    I sure agree with you on the Tillamook cheese! I grew up in the Midwest, and I only knew the Wisconsin Cheddars. When we moved to the great NW, I tried the Tillamook cheddars. They don’t have the slightly bitter back taste I find in the Wisconsin. Oh, and the Santa Cruz peanut butter! That is all I buy since I discovered it.

  6. Charles

    Your Dutch oven bread video rocks! What brand oven gloves do you use?

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