May 18, 2020

Photo of the Week

Jenny Can Cook Chocolate Cake

This birthday cake, which was made by Tina in Texas, touched me in many ways. Tina and her husband are both physicians. He is on the front lines daily in the hospital while she is seeing her patients via telemedicine. “I’ve been trying to juggle seeing my patients, oversee distance learning for my kids, and manage my household chores,” she wrote, “and my escape has been trying your recipes in my kitchen (which is my happy place).”

Tina surprised her newly pregnant baby sister on her 33rd birthday with a decorated version of my chocolate cake and 2 minute frosting. She says, “I just topped the cake with a few homemade chocolate covered strawberries and drizzled dark and white chocolate sculptures.” How she found the time and ability to make those beautiful decorations (and the cake) is beyond me! As busy as she is with kids, her own practice, and a husband working in a hospital, she put this wonderful birthday cake together. Tina, the kitchen is my happy place too. ❤️

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  1. Estela Mora

    WOW! what a beautiful cake, thoughtful gift! Thank you health professionals for your selfless service

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