Feb 25, 2024

Photo of the Month (February)

Best Recipe Homemade RollsThe world needs more people like Rhonda! She made my recipe for white bread into dinner rolls, but look how she shared these rolls and how much good she did in her community…

Rhonda wrote, “I prepared four batches for a total yield of 36 rolls. We made them to share with residents in the 55 and older mobile home park we live in for our first “2nd Friday Soup Social” held this February.  My son suggested we do this dinner event a few months ago as a way of sharing and getting to know our neighbors. He moved here a year ago and has since realized many of the residents are well over 55 years old and don’t socialize much. We posted our invite in the monthly newsletter that is distributed to all 155 homes in our park. Everyone was invited with us knowing the usual turnout for activities is less than 12 people. We provided two homemade soups to choose from – Minestrone and Chicken Noodle – with a homemade roll.

We made enough soup for 24 thinking some might take some home to their neighbor. We provided cardboard soup containers with lids so they could transport their soup easily if they chose to take their soup home to eat or to share. Eighteen people showed up! All 18 stayed to eat their soup and socialize! Several had seconds and a few took soup to their neighbors. We also took soup to a couple of neighbors we knew were convalescing. We had a great time preparing the soups and rolls. We enjoyed socializing with neighbors we knew and met some new people, too.

We plan to repeat this event in March and April, at least. Given the thanks and the compliments we received, we anticipate needing more soup and rolls. Thank you for a delicious and simple recipe for the best rolls. After trying several recipes, your’s delivered the easiest, tastiest and most versatile rolls for our crowd.”

Rhonda is a gift to her community. I’m so proud that my recipe was a part of this generous and welcoming event. Isolation is common with seniors and can lead to numerous health problems. Bringing their neighbors together is such a wonderful thing she and your son are doing. Homemade food is a gift from the heart and by simply bringing people together, she might also be saving lives. I hope others might be inspired to share food and kindness with those who need it.

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3 Comments on "Photo of the Month (February)"

  1. Dalila

    This is by far my favorite “Photo-Of-The-Month” story Jenny!!
    Such a lovely story and so true about seniors in our communties.
    Sending out a HUGE thank you and blessings to Rhonda and her family!
    Thank you Jenny for all of your recipes that reach out to many of us who enjoy baking/cooking!!
    Have a blessed day!!

    • Rhonda

      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words and for taking the time to reply to Jenny’s post. It means so much to see your comments. Our 2nd Soup Social is this Friday and we’re hopeful that our turnout will increase (within reason!). An extra bonus has been having something new to talk about with our neighbors. Bless you, Dalila.

      • Jenny P

        How did the second Soup Social go? I bet it was a blast!

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